Treatment Services

Heat Treating, Degreasing, Welding, Finishing, Forming, Cut Off, and Other Secondary Operations

Weiss-Aug's Heat Treating services include; controlled inert gas processes, thermal profiles up to 1200°F (650°C), documented profile charts available with product shipments if requested and many other annealing and hardened process capabilities available. Our finishing services include; high speed mass finishing process capabilities, low speed finishing processing and various media...

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Engineering Services

Engineering Services cover diverse disciplines.

Serving multiple industries, Central Engineering assists with major capital projects and routine plant maintenance engineering jobs. It can also work with owner's technology provider to integrate new and existing equipment/processes. Expertise envelops mechanical, electrical/controls, process/chemical, and structural/civil engineering disciplines. Ranging from studies/estimate to...

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Recovery Services

Service provides image backup and bare metal recovery.

Designed to protect servers, Automated Backup and Recovery Service consists of set of server configuration files, and bootable disaster recovery image held on CD. Both Windows® and Linux servers can be recovered to identical state at specific point in time, prior to any failure or corruption. Bare metal recovery functionality is provided by software from Cristie and fully managed by PEER 1...

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Service provides mold filling simulation.
Inspection Services

Service provides mold filling simulation.

Requiring 20 lb of specific material, Veri-flo(TM) Material Verification Service benchmarks actual molding conditions versus simulation predictions. Engineers can collect process and material information, compare data to analysis output, and then utilize this information in CAE analysis to provide accurate interpretation of result files.

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Tool and Die Services

Tool System includes self-aligning taps and dies.

Performance Threading System(TM) incorporates Self-Aligning Taps, which align just by placing them in hole, and feature Chip Breaking Technology ensuring clean cuts when threading. System incorporates dies with alignment plate for precise threading on rod or stud; tap socket, which fits any 3/8 in. socket wrench or socket extension, and various drive tools. Tool cases have clear cases and are...

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Internet Services

Web Hosting Service offers fully integrated office tools.

Providing unique look to company's home page and Internet office page, i Cube Office® can show images such as logos of products, as well as names or pictures of staff, departments, or anything that has URL to link or requires login. All correspondence related to particular logged-in user is displayed on screen, and all documents, appointment history, and notes are simultaneously displayed...

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Database Management Services

Online Database provides global lightning information.

Targeting meteorological institutions and other weather-dependent users, real-time GLD360 Global Lightning Dataset provides information on rapidly evolving severe weather situations. Network detects over 2/3 of all lightning strikes coming to surface of earth and provides peak current information for cloud-to-ground lightning events. Additionally, dataset can provide information over oceanic...

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Packaging Services

Assembly Services

Many programs require assembly of multiple stamped and or molded products. In addition to insert molding, we also offer other assembly services including: o Welding o Heat staking o Laser welding o Crimping Components can be assembled in a variety of different ways, and custom assembly operations are developed with the customer to provide the most efficient and cost effective operation. o Manual...

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Retrofitting Services

Retrofit Services upgrade laser technology.

Dedicated to replacing older production lasers with energy-efficient fiber lasers, retrofit services allows companies to utilize existing motion system or transfer line while obtaining optimal technology with minimal risk and downtime. Services are provided by team familiar with system integration and can be utilized to replace CO2 and YAG laser sources on existing production lines for...

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Engineering Services

Engineering Services aid tool and die makers.

Service aims to design engineering programs that produce defect-free product. Able to address multiple disciplines to support every facet of project, design and engineering teams are structured to provide custom support for specific programs. Service brings together team comprised of engineers, program managers, tool makers, and mold makers that assist in developing design. Program managers...

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Simple Connection MGB with EtherNet/IP

The new MGB with EtherNet/IP is a leap forward in access door safety. Designed for easy installation, flawless performance, and long service life, it is engineered with robust features and cutting-edge technology that places it firmly at the leading edge of the door safety device industry. To learn all about the benefits of the Euchner MGB, see our video.

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