Ecosmob Announce Custom Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Retail Industries

Ecosmob Microsoft Dynamics solutions revitalize retail and put them ahead on the competitive curve.

Ecosmob, with its acclaimed expertise in AI and software development, announced launch of Microsoft Dynamics solution specifically for retail industries. Speaking on the occasion, the company’s VP said that Ecosmob team of MS Dynamic Experts have the capabilities, insights and experience of tailoring the package to bring about coherence. It also ushers in better productivity, better efficiency and a vastly superior customer experience.

For retail startups Ecosmob offers out of the box Dynamics 365 implementations to get them started in a month of less since such retail businesses are starting from scratch. In such cases the team of Ecosmob MS Dynamics experts sets up all wings such as inventory, sales, customer services and data analytics. Existing retail businesses that already have an IT infrastructure may be using siloed applications. In this case Ecosmob team adopts a different approach to integration into the Microsoft Dynamics solution for retail. Customers have the choice of onsite implementation or they can take advantage of the cloud or a hybrid approach. Our team, said the VP, gives a complete analysis of various approaches and collaborates with the client to come up with a superior solution.

The outcome of Ecosmob Microsoft dynamics implementation is better interoperability across various packages from third party vendors, coherence with Microsoft products and consistently familiar, centralized operations. Mobility is woven into the development work of MS Dynamics, integrating field sales and support with logistics as well as inventory. Once the system is operational there will be no disparities or isolated channels such as inventory not being able to fulfill orders or delayed customer support.

One of the greatest bugbears for retail is that they are often saddled with dead inventory since they did not assess right the market intelligence and then the other issue of not anticipating developing trends and thus not being able to take advantage. Microsoft Dynamics and its Artificial Intelligence capabilities are well handled in the integration part to let managers anticipate such developments and take timely action with intelligence right in front of them.

Another area of expertise is automating the vital tasks of inventory management, sourcing and sales with decreased burden on workforce. Employees can focus on core functionality and use the MS Dynamics solution for better purposes and thus drive business.

Ecosmob MS Dynamics solutions for ecommerce extend beyond design, development and implementation. Training is perceived as vital and once the system is operational the MS Dynamics experts at Ecosmob handhold users in how to get the most out of the solution. Using it becomes easy and satisfying with vast performance increases.

Retaining Ecosmob for MS Dynamics development for retail has its advantages. Ecosmob has expertise and thorough knowledge that are utilized to create better solutions. Sometimes, even clients may not know what MS Dynamics can do and what would suit them. Ecosmob team takes the burden off their shoulders and comes up with the best possible integration at the most affordable cost. “Invest in Ecosmob MS Dynamics and you are investing in your future,” said the VP.

Retail businesses interested in transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics may get in touch with Ecosmob by phone on 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on

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