Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Mechanical Components and Assemblies

NOV to Exhibit at ACHEMA 2015

Apr 16, 2015

Dayton, Ohio — NOV will exhibit its complete Chemineer™ and Kenics™ product lines featuring the new Chemineer JTF-2 impeller, at ACHEMA 2015, 15-19 June 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany at Hall 5.1, Stand D38. The new Chemineer JTF-2 Impeller has been developed for superior blending in transitional flow. Higher viscosity and non-Newtonian fluids make blending much more challenging. The new... Read More

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Altera to Demonstrate Ultra HD End-to-End Solutions at NAB 2015

Apr 15, 2015

San Jose, Calif. — Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) will offer a host of Ultra HD end-to-end solutions demonstrations at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters convention (NAB) from April 13 to 16, in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Altera booth #SU10707). Featured for the first time will be the Altera multichannel, real-time H.265 hardware codec delivering a high quality... Read More

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Hook and Loop Zipper Closure facilitates opening/resealing.

Apr 14, 2015

Offering alternative closure to press-to-close zipper for dry product applications, QuickZip® closure featuring Aplix fastener system utilizes zipper closure method with hook and loop technology that facilitates opening/resealing. Minimal pressure is required for closing, rigid grips facilitate opening, and precise alignment of zipper is not required. Closure allows for numerous openings and... Read More

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Xilinx and Its Ecosystem Demonstrate 'Any Media over Any Network' Connectivity with All Programmable Professional Video Solutions at NAB 2015

Apr 13, 2015

Xilinx demonstrating 4K/8K video connectivity, video processing and development platforms that support industry's transition to all IP networks SAN JOSE, Calif. — Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) and its ecosystem will demonstrate their 'Any Media over Any Network' connectivity with their All Programmable, professional video solution demonstrations at NAB 2015.  The new All... Read More

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Ladder Stabilizer reduces movement and associated risk.

Apr 10, 2015

Attaching to 2 in. receiver hitch on vehicle by way of Monkeyrack Bolt-on Attachment, Monkeyrack Ladder Stabilization System helps eliminate extension ladder injuries caused by ladder movement. Vehicle acts as anchor to eliminate movement or shifting of extension ladder, and ground level installation provides secure climbing environment from first step. Design automatically sets extension... Read More

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Video over IP Cores/Designs address emerging IP-based networks.

Apr 10, 2015

Targeting broadcast and pro A/V markets, SMPTE ST 2022-1,2 and SMPTE ST 2022-5.6 IP cores and reference designs enable any-media-over-any-network transport capabilities. Cores encapsulate multiple compressed JPEG 2000 or MPEG transport streams or uncompressed SDI streams onto 1 and 10 Gb Ethernet IP networks and offer optional Forward Error Correction (FEC). Solutions enable distribution of... Read More

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VDC Flywheel System delivers over 300 kW energy storage.

Apr 09, 2015

Also delivering over 6,000 kW-sec of storage, VYCON Direct Connect (VDC®) XXE Kinetic Energy Storage System provides 24/7 power protection for data centers and healthcare imaging systems. Scalable, UL/CE listed VDC flywheel system receives charging current from UPS and provides DC current to UPS inverter during discharge. Continuous, regulated DC power is delivered to UPS upon loss of power.... Read More

Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Embedded Vision Processors are fully programmable, configurable.

Apr 08, 2015

DesignWare® EV52 and EV54 implement convolutional neural network (CNN) that can operate at >1,000 GOPS/W, accelerating accurate detection of such objects as faces, pedestrians, and hand gestures. To accelerate application software development, these vision processor IP cores are supported by software programming environment based on existing and emerging embedded vision standards. Multiple... Read More

Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Thin Coils reduce wireless charging device dimensions.

Apr 08, 2015

Designed to work within A11 specification of WPC (Qi) standard, A2311 Transmit Coil is based upon true bifilar Tesla coil design and made from stamped aluminum. Thickness, as bare coil or coil mounted to optional ferrite shield, helps designers reduce profile of charging devices. Resistant to damage from vibration and thermal shock, these stamped coils surpass automotive requirements for stress... Read More

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Pratt & Whitney Advanced Technologies Provide Customer Value on PurePower Engine Platform

Apr 08, 2015

EAST HARTFORD, Conn., – Pratt Whitney, a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX) company, has developed and applied a suite of innovative materials technologies that are optimized to improve fuel burn, reduce weight and increase component durability for its PurePower® Geared Turbofan™ (GTF) engine family. The first PurePower production engines are scheduled to be delivered to customers later... Read More

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Lead and Tungsten Make Ideal Counterweights

Apr 03, 2015

Many types of equipment require balancing or counterweights to allow the system work properly. Counterweights can be simple steel plates or they can be designed with complex geometrics because of the compartments in which they need to be placed. When you are designing a product that will require counterweights, there are many factors to consider.     How much counterweight will you need?... Read More

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M&H Helps SASS to Create a New Family of Products

Mar 31, 2015

MH Plastics, part of the RPC Group of companies, has recently produced a wide range of packaging for the SASS brand of intimate care products which has launched in Boots stores throughout the UK. Packaging such a range of sensitive products required a number of different approaches based on whether the contents were serums, cream or gels. MH worked extensively with SASS to ensure that each... Read More

Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Verification IP supports avionics systems.

Mar 31, 2015

Implemented in SystemVerilog with UVM methodology environment, ARINC 429 Verification IP is compliant to ARINC Specification 429 Part 1 to Part 18 (429P1-18), which employs multiple physical, electrical, and protocol techniques to minimize EMI with on-board radio communications and other transmission lines. Product will accelerate test-bench development and enable companies designing next... Read More

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Right Angle RF Adapters suit space-limited applications.

Mar 30, 2015

Used in military and commercial markets, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Right Angle RF Adapters are available with 4 in-series and between-series connector options, including 1.85, 2.4, 2.92, and 3.5 mm. Upper operating frequency ranges from 34.5 GHz with 3.5 mm versions up to 50 GHz with 1.85 mm and 2.4 mm adapter versions. Exhibiting low VSWR from 1.25:1 to 1.5:1, depending on configuration,... Read More

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Xilinx SDAccel and SDNet Software Defined Development Environments Earn Lightwave Innovation Award Distinctions

Mar 30, 2015

Optical Networking Industry Recognizes Xilinx for Technical Excellence for Enabling Systems and Software Engineers to Leverage the Benefits of All Programmable Logic and SoCs SAN JOSE, Calif. – Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) today announced that its SDAccel™ and SDNet™ software defined development environments were each recognized in the 2015 Lightwave Innovation Awards Program for technical... Read More

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MicroTCA Embedded System operates at under 55 dBA.

Mar 27, 2015

Measuring 10.5 x 10 x 10.5 in., 6-slot Model VT898 includes 40 GbE-capable backplane with routing for FCLK and TCLK A-D, 1,000 W AC power supply, Telco Alarm, and JTAG Switch Module. Whisper Cube 6U chassis provides redundant cooling in push/pull front-to-rear airflow configuration. In addition to spring-loaded handle that is flush to top of chassis when not in use, design includes glide strips... Read More

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Forward Error Correction IP accelerates designs.

Mar 26, 2015

Designed for data centers, service providers, and enterprise applications, 100G IEEE 802.3bj RS-FEC LogiCORE™ IP enables emerging optical solutions such as SR4, CWDM4, PSM4, or ER4f. Users can accelerate designs while meeting demands of mobile and cloud traffic. Solution also delivers low latency needed for time-sensitive applications such as high performance computing, and seamlessly... Read More

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Xilinx Highlights All Programmable Solutions for OTN, SDN, and Ethernet at OFC 2015

Mar 24, 2015

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) will highlight All Programmable solutions for OTN, SDN, and Ethernet in a wide array of technology demonstrations and presentations at OFC 2015. Throughout the show floor, Xilinx will showcase its industry-leading solutions enabling and interoperating with multiple wired communications and data center technology offerings from customers and partners.... Read More

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CCtCaP Space Contract Gives Rayotek Stellar View Through Fused Silica

Mar 24, 2015

Rayotek Scientific, Inc. awarded exclusive contract to engineer and fabricate windows for Boeing Commercial Crew Capsule. Spacecraft is envisioned to be transporting manned visits as early as 2017. San Diego, CA - Rayotek Scientific, Inc. is proud to announce it has been awarded an exciting new contract from Boeing for the Commercial Crew Transportation Capability Program (CCtCap).  Rayotek will... Read More