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Electrical Connectors

Heavy-Duty Connectors suit space-limited applications.

Mini-HMC(TM) Connectors feature crescent-shaped metal hood with single action lock. One-touch spring lock enables lever to be smoothly engaged and locked firmly into place. Rectangular I/O connector system carries 7 A, making it suitable for signal and power applications. Measuring .118 in., housings come in modular units of 10 circuits, with max of 40 circuits per side, and can be inserted and...

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Disposable Air Assisted Spray applies 2-component coatings.

Targeted for low pressure spray applications, disposable plastic spray manifold can be used with conventional meter/mix equipment. Reactive coating is mixed within static mixer, then at mixer outlet, air is introduced which atomizes liquid stream. Effective for high viscosity liquids and abrasive suspensions, reactive coating is contained completely within disposable static mixer, minimizing...

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Power Resistor offers 5 W capability in 2818 package.

With resistance range of 1-100 mohms, Model WSH2818 Power Metal Strip® resistor offers inductance values of less than 5 nH and operating temperature range of -65 to +170°C. RoHS compliant, it features terminals with matte tin finish over nickel barrier. All welded metal construction includes nickel-chrome or manganese-copper alloy resistive element with TCR of less than 20...

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Air Actuated Connectors assist with leak testing operations.

CTS Connect(TM) internal or external connectors seal onto smooth, rough, or threaded circular features of part creating a tight, long-lasting seal. Connectors consist of air-driven internal piston that compresses urethane seal material against surface, creating seal that meets all test pressure requirements, regardless of surface shape or finish. They are suited for leak testing, filling,...

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Rectifiers and Diodes

LED Illuminator provides backlighting for level gages.

Suited for transparent level gages, LumaStar Flat Glass LED Illuminator features redundant array of LED lights approximately every Â-½ in. to ensure that multiple bulbs are available for bright, even distribution of light. Unit enables coverage of up to 4 gage sections and allows use of single illuminator and power supply for majority of level gage applications. Offered in 120 and 240 Vac...

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Lighting Ballasts

Electronic Ballast replaces magnetic T12 ballasts.

Designed for use with F96T12ES lamps, Basic-12(TM) B260I120M-A provides same amount of light as magnetic T12 ballasts while reducing energy consumption by more than 20%. It complies with federal ballast efficiency requirements for installation into new fixtures as well as with 2010 requirements for replacement ballasts. Unit features parallel lamp operation so when one lamp fails, other lamps...

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Solid State Relays

Driver suits MOSFET and SCR gate drive applications.

Solid state relay, dual photovoltaic MOSFET driver Model VO1263AB features open circuit voltage up to 14.6 V typ and short-circuit current up to 42 A typ. Housed in DIP-8 package with lead-free terminations, driver consists of 2 LEDs optically coupled to 2 photodiode arrays to provide isolation voltage of 5,300 V. Applications for device include high-side switches, power solid state relays,...

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Electrical Connectors

Appliance Outlets are rated up to 20 A at 250 Vac.

Offered with screw or snap-in mounting, Series 4797 high current appliance outlets are available in 7 variations to suit panel thicknesses from 0.8-3 mm. Connections can be made with 6.3 x 0.8 mm quick-fit terminals or solder tabs. Body is made from flame resistant thermoplastic UL94 V-0 while live parts are made of copper alloy to protect against corrosion. Outlets are built according to IEC...

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Clock Oscillators suit portable electronic applications.

Housed in hermetically sealed 3.2 x 2.5 mm ceramic package, SaRonix S1643 and S1644 quartz crystal clock oscillators feature operating frequencies from 1.8432-106.25 MHz. Powered with 3.3 V or 2.5 V LVCMOS interfaces, crystals use non-PLL clock circuit to achieve low output jitter and current consumption of 8 mA max at up to 50 MHz and 15 mA max at up to 106.25 MHz. Accuracy is ±25 ppm over...

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Electronic Sockets

IC Socket tests high-speed devices.

Mounted in test fixture that suppresses reflection noise and power supply fluctuations, IC Socket employs micro-machining technology, minimizing self-inductance down to less than 0.4 nH. With device interface, high-speed devices with operating frequencies of over 1 GHz can be tested at-speed. Operating from -30 to 125°C, socket supports BGA, FBGA, and CSP packages as well as ball pitch .75,...

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