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Semiconductor Wafer addresses classic heat problems.

Available in 10 x 10 mm square pieces, GaN-on-diamond Xero Wafer(TM) consists of gallium nitride layer atomically attached to freestanding, polycrystalline chemical-vapor-deposited diamond substrate measuring 25 microns thick. GaN that is exposed offers atomically smooth surface finish that is epi-ready for further epitaxial deposition. Sub-nanometer proximity of chip's active region to diamond...

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Signal Processors

DSP Cores suit wireless, voice, and multimedia systems.

Featuring cached memory, Models ZSP410, ZSP520 and ZSP560 enable designer to choose how to distribute instructions and data between on-chip and external memory. For IP phones, ATA modules, portable media players, and 2/2.5/3G handsets, large programs can be managed by storing most program code and data off-chip. Voice software for cores includes all G.7XX codecs, as well as algorithms for...

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Ultracapacitors provide energy storage for industrial uses.

BOOSTCAP® Series includes 6 Energy-type cell sizes with capacitances of 350, 650, 1,200, 1,500, 2,000, and 2,600 farads, along with 10 fully integrated multi-cell modules based on cells. Units with capacitance of 650 farads or greater operate at 2.7 V. Ultracapacitors deliver 10 times more power than batteries, require no maintenance, and operate in extreme temperatures. They meet...

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Interface Converter handles 2-way RS232/RS485 conversion.

Bi-directional Model 4010 enables communication between devices with RS232 and RS485 interfaces. It handles RS232 to RS485 as well as RS485 to RS232 data signal conversion. All signals of both types of interfaces are regenerated, maintaining accurate adherence to interface specifications. Wall mount power supply is included. In front panel, 2 LEDs display transmit data signal activity for each...

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Mechanical Wire, Cable and Rope

OSP Cable System suits below-ground and aerial applications.

Targeted for outside plant LANs, Plug & Play(TM) OSP System consists of optical cable pre-installed with network access points at customer-specified intervals. Access points feature overmold closure and flat drop tether cable terminated with environmentally hardened MT connector. Drop options include 12-fiber MTP® Connector, standard connector type, or OptiSheath(TM) Advantage MultiPort...

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Audio Subsystem features both digital and analog inputs.

LM4934 Boomer® stereo audio subsystem integrates audio amplifiers, volume control, mixer, power management control, and 3D stereo sound-enhancement technology into 3.3 x 3.9 mm, 42-bump micro SMDxt package. Unit offers I2S digital and 3 analog inputs, multiplexer IC, 25 mW mono earpiece output, and separate line out to drive external audio devices. LM4934 routes and mixes stereo and mono...

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Signal Processors

SoC Multimedia Processors target mobile video markets.

Series MP830 and MP730 multimedia processors feature 200 MHz ARM926 CPU, video codec supporting MPEG4 and H.263 standards, MP3 decoder, 2D graphics acceleration engine, and interfaces for high-resolution LCD, TV, Ethernet, and USB. MP830 family incorporates power management and internal stacked DRAM, and includes MP831, MP833, and MP835 for 1.3, 3, and 5 megapixel image sensors respectively....

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Electronic Bridges

Access Point suits outdoor applications.

Combining BAT 54 and BAT 54 M, WLAN System BAT 54 can be used as Access Point or Bridge for dual-band operation in accordance with IEEE 802.11a from 5.15-5.825 GHz and b/g from 2.4-2.497 GHz. It provides range of more than 20 km at data rate of 54 Mbit/s. For linking up to local network, device has 10/100 Base-T/TX-port for M12 Ethernet connectors, which is designed for half-duplex and full...

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