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M3-FS "all-in-one" Focus Module Has 3x Better Tilt and Accuracy, Superior Dynamic Stability for Handheld, Portable and Mobile Systems

Aug 28, 2014

Smart module for precision lens motion minimizes pixel shift with changing camera orientations in high-performance industrial, medical and scientific instruments Victor, NY – New Scale Technologies, Inc. (www.newscaletech.com) today announced the M3-FS focus module, its newest miniature all-in-one focus module for high-performance industrial, medical... Read More

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ATK Delivers Backbone of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

Aug 28, 2013

Webb Telescope ATK Hardware Meets Unprecedented Thermal Stability Requirements ATK Designed, Engineered and Constructed more than 10,000 Parts ARLINGTON, Va. – ATK (NYSE: ATK) has shipped the primary mirror backplane support structure (PMBSS) for  NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to Marshall Space Flight Center, completing an important milestone for the most powerful space telescope ever... Read More

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New Scale Rotary Piezoelectric Motors Shine in NASA JPLs' Second-Generation "Cobra" Fiber Positioner for Astronomy

Dec 20, 2012

With small size and high resolution, custom SQUIGGLE motors enable JPL to create a large, densely packed optical fiber positioning array in the spectrograph for the Subaru telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii NEW VIDEO shows the motion of the two-stage Cobra fiber positioner, consisting of two custom rotary piezo SQUIGGLE motors in a theta-phi configuration. Precision motion allows the open-loop system... Read More

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Catamount® Twist Tail® Cable Tie Wins Innovation Showcase Award

Dec 11, 2012

Thomas & Betts Product Cited at TESSCO's Innovation Showcase 2012 MEMPHIS, Tenn.- The Catamount® Twist Tail® Cable Tie from Thomas & Betts was recognized with an Innovation Showcase Award at TESSCO Technology Inc.'s Innovation Showcase, a trade event held in Baltimore on Oct. 2 to 3. TESSCO Technology Inc., a Thomas & Betts distributor, provides products and services for the construction,... Read More

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Motor-Driven Mirror Mount integrates controller and driver.

Apr 25, 2011

Model CONEX-AG-M100D is remote-controllable, piezoelectric-motor-driven mirror mount with 2-axis absolute position sensor. Unit is capable of repeatable or absolute positioning tasks, for scanning and laser beam steering applications, and also enables user to save position into memory and recall it upon startup. In open loop, minimum incremental motion of mount is 2 µrad over ±0.75º... Read More

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Laser Diode Mount includes internal cooling system.

Jul 08, 2010

Handling up to 61 W thermal loads at 25°C, 764H-061 High Power Laser Diode Mount features internal thermoelectric coolers that enable fine wavelength tuning and optimal power output stabilization. Thermistor sensor is embedded into top plate for feedback loop temperature control and device also includes Model 3700 temperature controller. Unit has laser diodes, attached to top copper plate with... Read More

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Mirror Mount is designed for research and OEM applications.

Jun 03, 2009

Maintaining standard 1 in. optical axis height, compact V100-CP CenterPoint(TM) mirror mount holds mirror directly above and inline with mounting hole. Clear quadrant mount is English or Metric mounting compatible and can be rotated to steer reflected beam over 270°. In high-density layouts, product can be positioned on adjacent table mounting holes which are only 1 in. apart. Device is... Read More

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Butterfly Laser Mounting Module has dual-station design.

Dec 13, 2007

Integrated cooling module, DBH-022, facilitates installation/removal of 14-pin butterfly laser packages for quick power on inspection, repair, burn-in, or integration into end products. Solution combines OEM fan mounted heatsink HS-022 with two 14-pin butterfly mounting boards model BA-01. Thermal resistance of 0.22°C/W translates to less than 15°C temperature rise over ambient when loaded... Read More

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Position and Rate Gimbals enable smooth, accurate motion.

Jul 13, 2006

Suitable for directing optics, lasers, antennas, and sensors to precise pointing angles and able to accommodate up to 200 mm dia loads, AMG LP series incorporates low-profile, direct-drive rotary stages. Coupled directly to precision shafts to enable 360° continuous motion, S-series brushless, slotless servomotors feature rare-earth magnets and angular transducers. Typical line gimbal... Read More

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Laser Diode Mounting Kits suit CS mount lasers.

Jan 12, 2006

Turnkey Laser Diode Mounting Kits include 1 aluminum nitride plate and 4 nylon shoulder washers for mounting CS mount or equivalent diodes on cold plates. Plate measures 25 x 25 mm and .635 mm thick with 4 through holes that match diode mounting patterns. It offers thermal conductivity while providing electrical isolation between diode and cold plate. Nylon washers isolate metal screws from diode... Read More

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Mounting and Positioning Equipment provide metric options.

Feb 28, 2003

Adjustable-height, rack and pinion posts mount to M16 holes on positioning stages. Adjustable travel distances are 25 or 45 mm. Locking knob secures post's position. Metric laser holders mount helium neon lasers with twin-ring design. Small metric stage measures 24 x 30 mm and provides total travel of ±5 mm in X, Y, and Z directions. Large stage measures 40 x 60 mm, and provides total travel... Read More