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Sewer Pipe Repair Kits reduce wasted time and materials.

Oct 07, 2013

Used for trenchless sewer pipe repairs, Infrastructure Point Repair Kit is built to fit job at hand and offer options for almost any repair situation. Each kit includes pre-cut liner in 1 of 4 different weights in correct diameter and length to fit and mend pipe with airtight seal. Engineered for point repairs, measured and ready to mix resins come in formulations for cold or warm weather and... Read More

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GAF Sienna(TM) Lifetime Designer Shingles Featured on the All-American Cottage

Oct 04, 2013

WAYNE, NJ – GAF, North America's largest roofing manufacturer, is proud to have been featured on The All-American Cottage, a 2,900-square-foot classic style home at Ruskin Square in Greenville, South Carolina. Sponsored by Southern Living and This Old House, the exterior of the home features LP siding on a brick foundation, and approximately 97% of the products used in construction were made in... Read More

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Plastic Cribbing stabilizes machinery during repair.

Oct 03, 2013

Measuring 12 x 24 x 6 in., The Slab consists of 55 lb of recycled plastic and high density polyethylene that is sturdy enough to handle jobs that would splinter, crack, split, and/or break wood cribbing. Triangle patterned surface provides interlock traction at various angles and connects with smaller cribs, making it possible to stack multiple pieces to create large platforms 4–6 ft high. With... Read More

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Tandem Vibratory Rollers feature Tier 4 diesel engines.

Oct 03, 2013

Powered by 73.2 hp Kuboto water-cooled engines, Models BW141AD-5 and BW151AD-5 offer working widths of 59 and 66 in., respectively, and deliver up to 17,760 lb of centrifugal force each. Frame design ensures clear visibility, while ECOMODE helps conserve fuel by controlling engine speed in relation to load. With crab-steer feature, operator can offset rear drum up to 6.7 in. in either direction.... Read More

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Abrasion-Resistant Blades clear sidewalks of snow.

Oct 02, 2013

Designed for mini skid steers/compact tool carriers, Mini Snow Blades are suitable for clearing sidewalks and eliminate hand shoveling. These 50 in. snow blades, available with universal mini skid steer mount or Bobcat MT/Gehl, feature moldboard construction of 10 gauge steel with 3/8 x 6 in. bolt-on cutting edge. Constructed of abrasion-resistant steel, skid shoes are standard equipment. Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies, Machinery & Machining Tools, Material Handling & Storage, Services Announces Free T-Shirt Program with Pipe Freeze Kits

Sep 30, 2013

FREE XL PF T-Shirt with a Cold-Shot Pipe Freeze Kit! Promote Your Pipe Freezing Services to Your Customers If you haven't already seen the capabilities of the Cold-Shot Pipe Freeze Kit, we just want to share with you how profitable it is for your plumbing business. You can easily expand your existing plumbing business by offering pipe freeze services. This portable unit freezes pipe from 1/8" to... Read More

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Crane Controls feature anti-shock technology.

Sep 27, 2013

Designed to automatically stabilize loads by detecting and minimizing rapid increases in motor torque, Anti-Shock technology on IMPULSE®•VG+ Series 4 Controls minimizes potential for crane damage caused by operator-induced load shock. Proactive approach not only protects crane and building, it increases operator safety by minimizing risk for mechanical failure. After stabilizing load,... Read More

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Portable Fall Protection Platform requires no foundation.

Sep 26, 2013

Designed for use where permanent installation of pedestal platform is not suitable, Removable Insta-Rack Platform brings users to predetermined height needed for safe, stable access to tops of tank trucks and railcars. Counter-weighted, 4-post platform features fold-down aluminum gangway and safety enclosure for optimum fall protection. Integration options with skid systems and loading arms... Read More

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RV Jack Pads demonstrate unbreakable strength and grip.

Sep 26, 2013

Hand-machined recreational vehicle (RV) jack pads feature UHMW thermoplastic construction that prevents damage to RVs and trailers by taking load emitted from support jacks or outrigger feet and dispersing it over large, unbreakable surface area. Resulting footprint dissipates excessive stress on both paved surfaces and soft soil while simultaneously eliminating pad bending. Able to handle... Read More

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GAF Shingles are Featured Once Again on Popular DIY Network in Blog Cabin Special

Sep 16, 2013

WAYNE, NJ -- Now in its seventh season, DIY Network’s popular renovation show Blog Cabin has returned, where viewers can vote on design elements that are used to transform cozy cottages into luxurious homes, see the finished results, and even win the home themselves. Hosted by tools expert and do-it-yourself enthusiast Chris Grundy, Blog Cabin promises viewers "You Design It, We Build It, You... Read More

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Infrastructure Point Repair System Reduces Storm Water Overflow while Cutting Costs at North Carolina Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sep 05, 2013

St. Petersburg, FL – The wastewater treatment plant for the City of Newport, North Carolina used to have serious problems with sewage overflow every time it rained more than a quarter inch. Thanks to a repair program that featured 50 Infrastructure Repair Services, Inc. (IRSI) point repairs, flow has steadily decreased and the plant is no longer violating flow limits specified in its National... Read More

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SITECH Technology Dealer Established in Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington and Western Montana to Serve Heavy Civil Construction Contractors

Sep 03, 2013

SITECH Western States Joins the First Fully Dedicated Global Distribution Network for Construction Technology Solutions SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that a SITECH® Technology Dealer has been established in Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington and Western Montana. SITECH Western States joins the premier network of SITECH dealerships - the first fully dedicated... Read More

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Steel Work Platforms feature customizable design.

Aug 09, 2013

Built to meet size, load, and span requirements, Wildeck® Steel Work Platforms range from small light-duty platforms to large-span heavy-duty industrial mezzanines. Platform deck can be designed with moisture-resistant floor, open grating, or heavy-duty surface that will withstand continuous traffic. In addition to 2-rail and 5-rail configurations, railing systems can be custom-designed to... Read More

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Atlas Copco's Air Measurement Survey and Latest Compressor Technology Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint at Rooftile Manufacturer

Aug 06, 2013

Wilrijk – CSR Roofing is manufacturing terracotta roof tiles at its Vermont (Melbourne) factory for over seven decades. To replace its aging compressor, the company recently chose an Atlas Copco VSD (variable speed drive) machine. John Tilli, maintenance manager at the Vermont facility: “I have always been impressed with Atlas Copco’s reliability, but when I saw the results of the air... Read More

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Array Technologies Announces 39 MWs of DuraRack(TM) in Indiana

Aug 05, 2013

Three sites total largest ground-mount DuraRack™ deployment to date ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Array Technologies has been awarded a three-site, 39 MWdc (28.6 MWac) project in Marion County, Indiana, making it the largest single deployment of fixed ground-mount DuraRack™ systems to date. Constructed by international engineering and project management company, AMEC, the electricity generated by the... Read More

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Tandem Vibratory Roller incorporates Tier 4i-compliant engine.

Jul 31, 2013

Powered by 32.6 hp, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine, BOMAG BW100AD-4 delivers up to 8,350 lb of centrifugal force per drum and max frequency of 4,200 vibrations/min for commercial and municipal applications. Suspended operator's platform, along with smart steering wheel, features fuel level indicator and hour meter. Promoting maneuverability around obstructions, standard crab walk allows... Read More

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Barrier Lifts offer capacities from 9,000-40,000 lb.

Jul 30, 2013

Designed to handle precast barrier and curbing, Barrier Lifts enable operators to grab and release wall automatically from inside cab. Systems grip top wall widths from 6–12 in. and have integrated handles so ground personnel can guide lifter into desired position from either side of wall. With narrow profile legs, lifter can be lowered into tight spaces. Elastomer pad area ensures secure grip,... Read More

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Preprufe® Waterproofing System Protects Dublin's Euros410 Million Aviva Stadium

Jul 19, 2013

At the Euros410 million Aviva Stadium in Dublin, more than 8,000m2 of Grace’s Preprufe® waterproofing membrane was chosen to deliver outstanding levels of watertightness - further enhancing the company’s reputation and proven track record for delivering waterproof protection at the world’s most important structures. Designed by architects Populous and Scott Tallon Walker to... Read More

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Compact 78 in. Wide Excavator combines power and convenience.

Jul 15, 2013

Featuring 11.6 in. of tail swing overhang, E63 is powered by 59.4 hp via Tier 4-compliant, diesel engine with high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system, diesel oxidation catalyst, and diesel particulate filter (DPF). This 6.3 metric ton excavator, equipped with blade float, multi-function joysticks, color instrumentation panel, and auto-shift drive system, is engineered to dig to depths of... Read More

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Cat Lift Trucks Named a "Top Green Provider" by Food Logistics Magazine

Jul 09, 2013

HOUSTON – Cat Lift Trucks, a provider of lift trucks known for quality, reliability and customer service, today announced that they have been named a "Top Green Provider" for 2013 by Food Logistics magazine. Each year, Food Logistics recognizes companies whose products, services or exemplary leadership help to enhance sustainability in the food and beverage supply chain. "We are honored that... Read More