Lift Gates have 2,500 lb lifting capacity.

Standard duty LHS and LLBS Hide-A-Way(TM) tuck-under style lift gates are offered with wedge platform. Platform dimensions are 72 x 45 in. and 72 x 35 in., with bed heights of 42-56 in. and 36-49 in. respectively, for LHS and LLBS. Lift gates feature marine toggle switch, manual transit lock, pressure compensated flow control, and spring assisted opening and closing. Model LHS incorporates...

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Security Systems

Encryption Solution ensures online transaction security.

Sun Crypto Accelerator 6000 provides Hardware Security Module (HSM) for UltraSPARC®- and AMD Opteron-based Sun Fire(TM) servers running Solaris(TM) OS and Linux. With tamper-resistant secure crypto key store and internal-to-server HSM capabilities, product exceeds FIPS 140-2 Level 3 requirements. It prevents attacks on enterprise networks and servers and features split-key quorum key...

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Sensors / Detectors / Transducers

Surveillance System is suited for military installations.

Falcon Watch(TM) Remote Intrusion Detection and Surveillance system includes RF 5405 Intelligent Gateway communications node that receives alarms from multiple sensors and relays data to command centers. System employs seismic detectors to detect ground vibration caused by vehicles or pedestrians; magnetic detectors to detect the movement of metal objects such as weapons or vehicles; and passive...

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Valve Lockout protects employees from flow reactivation.

Valve Lockout protects employees from flow reactivation.

Seal Tight(TM) Valve Lockout is designed to lock out ball valves from 3/8-4 in. and fits both insulated pipes and valves located with tight clearances. Constructed of PVC polyester fabric and HPDE plastic to withstand corrosive environments, it has operating temperature range of -40 to +250°F. Lockout is applied with wrapping strap and locking mechanism that accepts 4 padlocks or lockout...

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Firewall Appliance provides enterprise-class protection.

Running Nokia IPSO OS, 1RU Nokia IP560 is designed for perimeter or internal network security. Rack-dense firewall appliance, available in flash-based or hybrid configurations, lets 2 appliances be paired in High Availability mode. Using 4-port 1000BaseT Ethernet card, it supports 58,000 connections/sec and delivers over 6 Gbps firewall throughput and 1.9 Gbps throughput of encrypted traffic for...

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Safety Harnesses

Full Body Harness suits roof construction applications.

Crossover-style Model AB108AU is equipped with frontal fall arrest rated D-ring, dorsal fall arrest rated D-ring, and adjustable hip, shoulder, and leg straps for personalized fit. It includes 3 pass-thru buckle closure points and sub-pelvic strap for extra protection. Frontal fall arrest rated D-ring is suited for roof work and industries where workers repeatedly ascend and descend vertical...

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Noise Blocking Earmuffs are designed for all-day wear.
Miscellaneous Protectors

Noise Blocking Earmuffs are designed for all-day wear.

Utilizing Air Flow Control(TM) technology, Viking(TM) Series offers attenuation levels to 25 on V1 model, 27 on V2, and 29 on V3. Multi-position headbands give workers flexibility to wear earmuffs over-the-head, behind-the-head, or under-the-chin, allowing them to be worn with hard hats, face shields, respirators, and other PPE. Along with snap-in ear cushions, earmuffs feature dielectric...

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Data and Database Management Software

Encryption Solution suits mainframe and mid-range platforms.

Part of the unified PGP Universal(TM) Encryption Platform, PGP® Command Line delivers PGP encryption to IBM® zSeries® and IBM iSeries(TM) platforms. Integrated management and security policies allow businesses to integrate encryption into batch processing, network transfers, and backup processes. Product also enables organizations to address compliance with government and...

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Fire and Safety Lights feature photoluminescent lens rings.

Available in both incandescent and Recoil LED(TM) models, Photoluminescent Series features special material in lens ring that maintains charge from exposure to ambient light from almost any source, including light bulbs, sun, or flashlight's own beam. Resulting green glow shines like beacon even after light is switched off, enabling firefighters and other safety professionals who work in...

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Footwear Shoes

Safety Footwear is non-metallic and non-magnetic.

Available in HABOOB S3 low-cut and HURRICANE S3 high-cut versions, HELIUM safety footwear is made of water-resistant full-grain leather and lined with Cambrelle®, a polyamide lining that transfers moisture from skin to exterior and is resistant to abrasion. Undetectable by metal detectors or security scanners, footwear includes TPM protective toecap, anti-slip sole with curved...

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