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System provides non-contact temperature measurement.

Nov 16, 2001

Series IM/IMS combines IM Panel Meter with IMS IR Sensor to form complete monitoring system. IM 1/8 DIN panel meter displays temperature from 0 to 1000°F (-18 to 538°C) on 4-digit LED. It provides user-defined 4-20 mA or thermocouple output as well as adjustable dual setpoints and deadband alarm outputs. Infrared Sensors are available with distance-to-target ratio (35:1) or close focus... Read More


Steel Cooler keeps lube oil cool.

Nov 15, 2001

SX2000 is a compact, thermally efficient unit made of carbon steel with copper tubes. Several other tubing materials are available. Cast-iron bonnets, available in single, 2, and 4-pass configurations, are kept in stock, as are cores. Unit is suitable for lube oil cooling and other process-cooling applications, and is dimensionally interchangeable with similar models. Read More


Fume System collects all types of dust.

Nov 15, 2001

Mobile FCS provides up to 99.5% clean air for environments which involve brazing, dry chemicals, machining, laser and plasma cutting, sanding, powders, soldering and welding. It handles carbon, plastic and rubber dust as well as fugitive emissions. Unit has automatic jet pulse system with 5-gal recovery tray, extraction arm that extends to more than 9 ft, and hood with damper and halogen light.... Read More


Cartridge Collectors handle variety of applications.

Nov 15, 2001

Cartridge-type dust collectors are available in large range of machine sizes. Each uses on-line, compressed-air pulse cleaning system with venturis, diaphragm valves and electronically controlled solenoid valves. Fabric filter dust collector uses high inlet with down-flow to force dust-laden air toward hopper, allowing heavier dust to drop out before reaching filter bags. This permits higher air... Read More

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Compressed Air Filters remove oil, mists, vapors and smells.

Nov 15, 2001

D Series includes Type CF high-efficiency coalescing filter that removes oil and aerosols; Type CC general purpose unit, suitable as prefilter for high efficiency filters; Type PF, which takes out fine particulate matter; and Type VF, which removes hydrocarbon vapors and their associated odors and tastes. Each has carousel color-indicating differential pressure gauge, easy element change-out and... Read More

HVAC, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Hot Room heats totes.

Nov 14, 2001

Sahara 6-tote Hot Room can heat up to 6 totes; each tote has one 4 in. port hole for hose. It us suitable for pumping from totes, and its smaller access doors provide access to make connections to pumps without having to open larger doors. Steam or electrically heated, Hot Room features spill containment capacity, temperature control and stainless steel or carbon steel construction. Read More

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Sensors measure micro liquid flow rates.

Nov 08, 2001

Rated for operation up to 500 psig, Series 102 liquid flow sensors measure flow rates from 13 mL/min to 10 L/min (2.6 GPM) with ± 3% full scale accuracy and ±0.2% repeatability. Sensors provide linear 0-5 VDC output signal and have turndown ratio up to 10:1. Series 102T has dual output signals consisting of 0-5 VDC linear and buffered 7.5 V pulse output proportional to flow rate. Read More

HVAC, Test & Measuring Instruments

Temperature Sensors feature lead-wire connections.

Nov 08, 2001

Bolt-On RTD Temperature Sensors are available in 4 models with through-holes and 2 models with threaded bolt designs. Platinum and nickel RTD elements are available to match existing instruments, with temperature ranges up to 550° C. Models with 100 ohm at 0° C platinum (0.00375 TCR) elements and 100 ohm at 0° C nickel elements are also available. Two-wire construction allows use with 4... Read More

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Isolation Systems protect against airborne contaminants.

Nov 08, 2001

AirShelter(TM) Isolation Systems use HEPA-filtered air to create contained, positive-pressure environments. Their main component is American Air Filter's AstroCel® II HEPA filter. The combination of positive pressure ventilation(PPV) and HEPA filtration provides filtration levels greater than 99.97% on 1 to 5 micron particles. AirShelter line includes ceiling and floor-mounted HEPA filtration... Read More