Agricultural and Farming Products

Agricultural and Farming Products

Rolling Packer handles demanding ground preparation.

Jul 07, 2004

Featuring tapered lug design, single-drum PRN Wacker has 5 x 3 in. hard faced contact surface on 4 in. high lugs. Coverage width is 6 ft with 36 in. diameter drum. Unit weighs 3,800 lb empty and 6,200 lb when filled with water for ballast. Row design dirt cleaner plates keep lugs from soil build up. Packer can be handled with 70 or more draw hp and is suited for maintenance and preparation of... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Software provides herd management.

May 05, 2004

Cow/Calf v3.0 offers customized tracking of animals or groups by using list creation for performing and tracking activities. It includes 24 EPDs, updates to Red Angus Breed Association interface, and ability to enter new vet treatments on-the-fly. Tip of the Day helps enhance user's product experience. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Aspirators separate and classify particles.

Oct 10, 2003

Multi-Aspirators® remove dust, fines, dockage, infestation, and fragments. Using terminal velocity principle, raw material is fed into top of equipment, falling through 4-6 passes of clean air that blows unwanted particles out of raw material and into cyclone collector for disposal. Each pass of air removes 75% of unwanted fines left from pass before. Applications include milling and grain,... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Accounting Software utilizes Web technology.

Aug 06, 2003

Perception 2004, offered as financial management system for farms and ranches, includes budgeting, reporting, search, and checkbook balancer features. Product also enables users to communicate, via Web, with support department beyond normal daytime working hours. In addition to posting book and market value balances, software also posts modified cash balances for balance sheet information on tax... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Poultry-Picking Fingers reduce physical marking.

Jun 11, 2003

Yellow Poultry Picking Fingers provide resistance to abrasion and premature breakage. Fingers meet all FDA White List requirements for 21 CFR177.2600 and are offered in 5 different hardness grades. Service life is increased by up to 300% over traditional black rubber compounds. Yellow compounds eliminate post-cure surface tack and enable fingers to resist cut growth that often occurs as they are... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Farm Accounting Software tracks user financial situation.

Apr 03, 2003

Perception Accounting 2003 includes Database Wizard for setup of farm/ranch accounts. Additional tool ensures tax reports are complete and checks for missing accounts. AgCHEK 2003 includes option to mark unused/inactive accounts, vendors, customers, and employees as well as ability to edit transactions without having to exit Check Reconciliation screen. Crop and Livestock Module option allows... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Non-Industrial Products

Branch/Tree Cutter is offered in two models.

Mar 31, 2003

Tree Clipper trims and cuts hard-to-reach tree branches or unwanted trees, eliminating need to trim limbs with chain saw from loader bucket or ladder. Mounted to either side of main frame, product is suited for use with tractor loader or skid steer. Unit incorporates welded steel frame and cutting blades built from T-1 steel. Cutting head on unit rotates 113┬░, while head rotator cylinder and... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Transportation Industry Products

Bale Handler stacks large rectangular bales.

Feb 24, 2003

Model RBH-4000 handles and stacks up to two 4 x 4 x 8 ft rectangular bales or three 3 x 3 x 8 ft rectangular bales. Suited for use with tractor loaders, product incorporates heavy-duty UHMW-polyethylene bushings and five 26 in. long forged spears spaced along bottom of unit to help support bales during pick-up and moving. Unit also incorporates six 18 in. long forged spears for uprights. Each... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Controls & Controllers

Pump Controller manages performance in various conditions.

Feb 24, 2003

Technovar® Pump Controller consists of variable frequency drive with integral microprocessor controller that mounts directly on motor. Utilizing variable speed capability, controller adjusts power consumption. Programmable features include over/under voltage protection, overload/overhead protection, and adjustable acceleration/deceleration. Available in 1-30 hp, product allows for staging and... Read More