Abrasive Pads

3M Adds Scotch-Brite Diamond Floor Pads for Commercial Stone Floor Cleaning

3M Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Diamonds ST. PAUL, Minn. - February 21, 2008 - Fifty years after 3M revolutionized the floor maintenance industry by originating the first synthetic, non-woven floor pad, the company today introduces to its U.S. line of floor pads, the Scotch-Brite Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus and the Scotch-Brite Sienna Diamond Floor Pad Plus system. The addition further...

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Disinfection Systems

Medium Pressure UV Replaces Low Pressure Systems at Canadian WWTP

Erlanger, KY (February 22, 2008) - The operators of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Richmond, BC, Canada, have opted to replace the existing low pressure UV disinfection system with a high output medium pressure UV system from Aquionics. The WWTP serves the Riverport Sports and Entertainment Complex and surrounding residential areas in southern Richmond, near Vancouver. The facility...

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Miscellaneous Boards

Development Kit helps build Linux-based embedded systems.

MicroBlaze Development Kit provides design teams with Spartan-3A DSP FPGA development board and complete set of hardware and development tools, including Platform Studio embedded design tool suite which includes Eclipse-based SDK and ISE(TM) WebPACK(TM) design tools. It also includes JTAG download and debug cables, serial and Ethernet cables, power supplies, and reference designs supporting...

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Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance Kit offers wireless solution to first responders.

Rapid Response Video-to-Vehicle Starter Kit enables first responders to set up real-time video surveillance from safe distance and send live footage of scene back to command and control vehicle. FIPS 140-2 Validated(TM) equipment prevents eavesdropping by media, terrorists, criminals, or hackers. Portable wireless kit allows setup and teardown in 15 min, and features 8 hr battery power and hard...

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Data Acquisition Systems

Software offers run-control and off-chip trace data capture.

Designed for use with RealView ICE unit to maximize ARM® processor performance, RealView® Trace 2 capture unit comes with data streaming capability that directly enables hardware platform profiling by RealView Profiler. Fully compatible with RealView Development Suite for connection and control of all ARM processors and ARM debug technology, it offers optional 32-bit wide trace port...

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Cleaning Equipment

Airgas and Street's Announce Marketing Agreement for LCO2 Used in 'Eco-Friendly' Dry Cleaning System

RADNOR, PA and NAPERVILLE, IL - November 13, 2007 - R.R. Street & Co. Inc. (Street's), a 131-year leader in the dry cleaning industry, and Airgas, Inc. (NYSE: ARG), the nation's largest distributor of packaged industrial, specialty, and medical gases, today announced a new marketing agreement. Under the new agreement, Street's Solvair, LLC will offer Airgas' custom-engineered liquid carbon...

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Electronic Boards

Starter Kit facilitates DSP application development.

Part of Xilinx® XtremeDSP(TM) solution, Spartan(TM)-3A DSP FPGA Edition features Spartan-3A DSP 1800 FPGA, which offers more than 20 billion multiply-accumulates/sec, and System Generator for DSP, which enables use of MATLAB® and Simulink® modeling environments when designing with Xilinx FPGAs. Board comes equipped with VGA port for developing video processing algorithms, RS-232...

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Cleaning Compounds and Chemicals

Anpath Group, Inc. Announces Development and Marketing Agreement with Foster- Miller, Inc.

MOORESVILLE, N.C., Feb. 19 - Anpath Group, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: ANPG) , reported today that its wholly owned subsidiary, EnviroSystems, Inc. (ESI) announced completion of a development and marketing agreement with Foster-Miller, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of QinetiQ North America and part of its Technology Solutions Group for the purpose of promoting the joint sales of ESI's disinfectant...

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Mistral's Signal Processing Card Wins Accolades at NASSCOM IT Innovation Awards

Design set to revolutionize the development of defense, medical and communication systems Bangalore, February 19 2008 - Mistral a leading product realization company specializing in real-time embedded solutions; has been awarded the NASSCOM IT Innovation Award - 2008 in the 'Market Facing Innovation - Emerging Companies' category for its defense solution, the V8TS (VME based 8-TigerSHARC and...

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Cleaning Wipes

Wipes Away Disease- New Product Announcement from Kaivac, Inc

Recent scientific tests reveal that the last surface cleaned with a microfiber towel or rag may have two to as much as eight times more soil on it than the first surface cleaned-essentially causing cross contamination instead of preventing it. Now Kaivac introduces KaiWipes(TM), a cost-effective way to wipe away disease. These dry-packed and refillable wipes may be (saturated or soaked) with...

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Precision Fabricating with Over 40 Years of Experience

Precision Fabricating with Over 40 Years of Experience

Quality Sheet Metal specializes in delivering precision, value, and customer service. With a client base that spans many diverse industries and a reputation for excellence that goes back over four decades, our clients know that we can provide the optimal combination of value and flexibility regardless of the challenge. See our video to learn what we can do for you. Through investments in state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, and quality control systems, Quality Sheet Metal remains focused on maintaining a high standard of quality, customer service, and competitive pricing. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, Quality Sheet Metal is dedicated to establishing long-term partnerships, similar to the ones they currently have with their valued clients. If you're looking for a new partner with extensive capabilities in sheet metal fabricating and finishing, look no further.

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