New IceStorm45 Cleaning Technology from Coulson is Portable

Press Release Summary:

  • Ideal for cleaning of electrical components and fungal spore removal
  • Comes with dual ice capability and features gun and nozzle set
  • Can blast and clean with real ice that is used for drinks


Original Press Release:

Coulson Ice Blast Releases New Mass Market System

VANCOUVER, July 9, 2019 /CNW/ - Coulson Ice Blast is excited to announce the next generation of its award winning cleaning technology, IceStorm. The IceStorm45 is smaller, lighter and uses significantly less compressed air, accompanied with the same performance and dual ice capability, making it the preferred cleaning tool for any job site.

Coulson Ice Blast is the only manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment to produce machines that blast and clean with real ice, the same type of ice cubes you can put in your drink. 

"Our goal is to continually evolve and improve our technology to meet the growing needs of the companies and communities we serve. With the launch of IceStorm45, we've made industrial cleaning that much easier and more effective – which is ultimately what our clients want." - Foster Coulson, Coulson Ice Blast.

The new design allows the operator to work anywhere, being 70% lighter in weight makes it much more portable. The dual ice option that was brought to you with last year's IceStorm90+ is now a core feature, further diversifying the range of applications. Ice is readily available, cost effective and more aggressive when needed, and dry ice is ideal for situations such as the cleaning of electrical components and fungal spore removal, where even minimal amounts of moisture are unacceptable.

The IceStorm45 has a newly designed gun and nozzle set making it an all-around better and more effective machine, whether you need a soft wash or an aggressive blast for cleaning, our nozzles allow for either end of the spectrum.

With worldwide distribution partnerships and a new, state of the art 150,000 sqft global headquarters, Coulson Ice Blast is quickly becoming a global leader in industrial equipment manufacturing. The global headquarter for the company is based out of Port Alberni and is a subsidiary of the Coulson Group of Companies.

CONTACT: please contact Coulson Ice Blasts PR Manager; Tashia Potter,, 250.724.7600

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