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Notch and Bandpass Filters support Raman spectroscopy.

October 4, 2010

With bandwidth less than 10 cm<sup>-1</sup>, BragGrate(TM) Notch Filters and BragGrate(TM) Bandpass Filters enable measurement of ultra-low frequency Raman bands with standard instruments. Units are based on reflecting volume Bragg gratings formed in photosensitive glass material by holographic techniques with no organic, thermally or optically unstable materials. Able to withstand temperatures to 450°C, filters are available for Raman laser source wavelengths of 488, 514, 532, 633, 785, and 1,064 nm. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Notch Filters provide greater than 99.5% reflectivity at CWL.

February 20, 2009

Offering 92% transmission from 350-2,000 nm, TECHSPEC® OD 6 Rugate Notch Filters are manufactured using single coating layer with continuous sinusoidally varying refractive index. Units feature low ripple of less than 5% and no harmonic reflections, making them suited for broad range of wavelengths. Mounted in black anodized aluminum ring for integration into optical systems, all models have 25 mm diameter, 2.54 mm thickness, and clear 22 mm aperture. Read More

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Thin Film Filters feature deep optical density.

October 13, 2008

Available for 488, 532, 561, and 808 nm wavelengths, StopLine® Deep-Notch Filters achieve optical density greater than 6 with low-ripple passbands that extend from ultraviolet well into near-infrared. E-Grade filters are intended for any application requiring high rejection of one or more laser lines, while transmitting signal light over wide range of wavelengths on either side of laser wavelength. Read More

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