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Harmonic Filters satisfy marine approval requirements.

December 3, 2014

With respective current ratings of 100 and 120 A, ECOsine® Active models FN 3420-100-480-3-GL and FN3420-120-480-3-GL provide systems with opposing corrective current immediately and concurrently compensate harmonics, phase shift, and load-unbalance. Filters dynamically adapt to changing grid and load situations to ensure optimum compensation performance at all times. Suited for oil and gas, marine, and offshore applications, products promote safe, reliable, and enhanced performance. Read More

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High-Current Harmonic Filters help meet IEEE-519 requirements.

July 22, 2014

Operating at over 99% efficiency, Matrix AP 1,600, 2,000, and 2,300 A passive harmonic filters help improve power quality by providing harmonic mitigation. Adaptive Passive technology enables filters to adapt impedance in response to changing electrical loads. These UL- and cUL-Listed products, available in open panel design, have operating range of -40 to +50°C. Read More

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Harmonic Filters include 600 and 690 V variants.

May 29, 2014

Operating at over 99% efficiency, Matrix® AP harmonic filters include 600 V, 60 Hz and 690 V, 50 Hz models that help designs meet IEEE-519 requirements for harmonic distortion regardless of power load. These UL and cUL Listed products employ Adaptive Passive technology and adapt impedance in response to changing electrical loads. Available with 6–786 A ratings, filters operate from -40 to 50°C and have open panel design; 600 V model also comes in NEMA 1/2 and 3R configurations.
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Active Harmonic Filters are optimized for operational efficacy.

May 21, 2014

With magnetics design that lends to compact dimensions and operational efficiency, second generation DPM Active Harmonic Filters suit standalone and MCC applications. Operating efficiency, rated at 98%, helps reduce required cooling and promotes system reliability by creating minimal heat losses during run time. Available in various sizes, filters provide 50–300 A of corrective current in NEMA-1 and panel mounts for MCC applications. Read More

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Modular Passive Harmonic Filters come in high power versions.

January 22, 2014

Available as open frame modules, ECOsine® filters enable high-power AC or DC motor drives to be upgraded to low harmonic drive. Chokes module is designed for placement at bottom of cabinet, while capacitor and RC-damper modules can be placed wherever space is available. While FN3410 filters for 380–500 V, 50 Hz grids are available with standard ratings from 200–400 kW, FN3412 filters for 380–480 V, 60 Hz grids are available for power ratings from 300–500 hp. Read More

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Passive Universal Harmonic Filter outperforms active filter.

December 18, 2013

Matching performance of Active Front Ends (AFEs) or Active Harmonic Filters (AHFs), LINEATOR High Performance (HP) creates efficiency gains of at least 2% and is free of high-frequency harmonics and noise issues associated with inverters used in active solutions. This passive harmonic filter does not inject higher frequency voltage distortion (frequencies above 50th up to 100th harmonic) or higher EMI common-mode voltages and ground currents into electrical supply system. Read More

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Harmonic Filter achieves 5% THD at low loads.

December 10, 2013

When applied at variable frequency drive, HarmonicGuard® Passive Harmonic Filter provides low impedance path for major harmonic currents demanded by drive. Unit offers short circuit current rating of 100 kA and can be configured to operate in environments with background voltage distortion as high as 5%. Filter features hinged access door, generator compatibility, and fused branch circuit to protect capacitors. Read More

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Active Harmonic Filters target 690 V systems.

September 6, 2013

Available for 3-phase TN and IT 500–690 V power grids, ECOsine® Active FN 3420-200-690-3 Harmonic Filters provide up to 200 A of corrective current, compensating harmonics, phase shift, and load-unbalance simultaneously. If more is needed, up to 10 units can be paralleled at same set of current transformers. Housed in IP54-rated cabinets, filters are suited for 3-phase networks used in heavy industry, chemical industry, and mining or oil exploration. Read More