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Five Notch Crystal Filter enhances sound reproduction.

July 22, 2015

Reducing gain of narrowband of frequency spectrum while leaving surrounding audio unaffected, RNXF-37-15 Notch Crystal Filter allows between 2 and 5 notches with attenuation down to 70 dB with minimal ripple. Frequency range is 1 MHz to 60 N-MHz, while input and output impedance is 50 or 75 Ω. Providing output via pin or BNC/SMA connector, filter comes in 36 x 23 x 12 mm SMD package. Applications include satcom, radar, cellular phone infrastructure, microwave transmission, and more. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Custom Crystal Filters feature insertion loss down to 2.5 dB.

October 21, 2013

Based around fundamental and third overtone mode crystals, IQXF-1000 Series comprises 2 to 12-pole bandpass filters with center frequencies from 1.4–200 MHz. Units can operate over temperature range of -55 to +85°C with bandwidth at 3 dB from ±2 kHz and with passband ripple as low as 0.5 dB. Applications include commercial and military grade mobile radios, microwave link data communications, radar scanning in navigation and avionics, and medical instruments such as MRI machines. Read More

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