Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Fractional Electrodeionization Stacks minimize piping.

Jun 12, 2013

Designed to accommodate different feedwater chemistry, MEGA FEDI 2 and MEGA FEDI 2-HF are suited for large capacity, high flow systems normally required in heavy industrial projects such as power, petrochemicals, refinery, and electronics for high-purity water needs. Each stack can handle treated water flow up to 75 gpm, equivalent of 17 m³/hr. Stackable design minimizes piping and facilitates... Read More

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Industrial Granulator processes 10 tons per hour.

Jun 11, 2013

Equipped with 300 or 400 hp drive motor and 80 in. cutting chamber, Saturn Grizzly® Super80 handles variety of recycling materials, including tires, non-ferrous metal, biomass, plastics, and e-scrap recycling. System's 34 in. diameter one-piece forged rotor is supported by double-row spherical roller bearings and housing is lined with replaceable wear-plates. Available with screen sizes... Read More

Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Microvi and Aquatech Break Ground on Large Demonstration System at Aerojet Site in Rancho Cordova, CA

Jun 10, 2013

HAYWARD, Calif. -- Microvi Biotechnologies, in partnering with Aquatech International, has been awarded a contract for a demonstration system for degradation of perchlorate at Aerojet General Corporation's site near Rancho Cordova, California. The demonstration system, which was installed in April 2013, is designed to treat 175,000 gallons of groundwater per day containing perchlorate, a... Read More

Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

TEL Venture Capital Invests in MIOX Corporation

Jun 06, 2013

Patented Technology for Cost-Effective Water Recycle Reuse in Microelectronics Industry Albuquerque, NM – MIOX Corporation today announced a strategic investment by TEL Venture Capital, Inc., the corporate investment arm of Japanese semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer Tokyo Electron Ltd. This marks the first investment by an Asia-based investor in MIOX. The TEL investment complements... Read More

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Rotating Drum Screen has internally fed design.

Jun 04, 2013

Offered in models with drums up to 60 in. dia and 156 in. long, SCREENMASTER® RT employs cylindrical screen constructed with perforated metal, wedgewire, or filter cloth along with weir system. Solids are conveyed to discharge flange, and liquids are drained via outlet port. Supplied in corrosion-resistant T304 or T316 stainless steel, fine screening system comes with screen openings... Read More

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ABG and ComEd Transforming Business Together

Jun 03, 2013

ABG's Transformer Containment Bags* are featured in ComEd's January 23rd, 2013 edition of, "Behind The Lines".   Below is a transcript of the article and a link to a demonstration video: "Transforming The Way We Do Business." Source Link for PDF:  Read More

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Major Benefits of a Water Storage Tank

May 29, 2013

Conroe, TX – In the process of rain harvesting, choosing the right tank is one of the most important decisions. Designing a rain harvest system incorporates a number of factors including the size of the water storage tank and the surface area from which your system will collect. In some areas water rights are very limited if not restricted to public agencies; however in other regions rainwater... Read More

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Waterjet Abrasive Recycling System reduces consumable consumption.

May 24, 2013

Offered as standalone system, WARD Pro extends life of consumables for waterjet companies of all sizes. System takes sludge abrasive (generally collected and disposed of) from tank; separates only good, reusable abrasive; and dries it. At least half of sludge abrasive is typically recoverable as usable abrasive which cuts at same speed with same flow rate as new. Read More

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Scrap Drum features underflow processing system.

May 24, 2013

Using underflow processing, 84 x 60 in. P-Rex84 Scrap Drum optimizes fluff removal and metals recovery. Unit provides maximum edge-to-edge separation and does not decline in performance with heat rise. Permanent magnet extends to edge of drum, while ferrous material is transferred and flipped from magnetic pole to magnetic pole, allowing high-efficiency separation. Product relies on attractive... Read More

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Ahlstrom Introduces Its Expanded Interleaved Sterile Barrier

May 20, 2013

Ahlstrom, a global high performance fiber-based materials company, introduces its expanded interleaved Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) offering, Ahlstrom Reliance® Tandem. This expansion introduces SMS (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond) technology into our offering. The company aims to better meet customers' needs and provide unique SBS solutions. Ahlstrom's sterile barrier systems are a trusted and... Read More

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Inland Pipe Rehabilitation Installs Cured-In-Place Pipe Renewal System at Dallas Water Utility, Saving the City Significant Money and Avoiding Lengthy Shutdown

May 17, 2013

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Inland Pipe Rehabilitation (IPR), the nation's largest privately owned trenchless infrastructure solutions provider, recently installed Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) to renew more than 1,600 ft. of water lines serving a North Dallas suburb water treatment plant. IPR installed its unique pressure pipe renewal system provided by RS Technik using Dow custom formulated... Read More

Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Filtration Media optimizes tertiary effluent quality.

May 07, 2013

Designed to remove suspended solids, turbidity, and fine particles, OptiFiber PES-14® Microfiber Pile Cloth Filtration Media helps meet stringent wastewater treatment requirements. Media is suitable for fine polishing applications, and is proven to reduce total phosphorous to 0.1 mg/l or less. Approved by CDPH for use in high quality wastewater reuse applications, media can be used with... Read More

Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Phosphorus Removal Unit counters blue-green algae proliferation.

Apr 29, 2013

Used to remove phosphorus coming from residential wastewater discharges, Self-Cleaning DpEC unit is based on electrocoagulation principle and certified to requirements of standards CAN/BNQ 3680-600 and NQ 3680-910. Industrialized solution activates only when wastewater enters system, minimizing energy consumption. Functionality provides property owners living in sensitive areas with additional... Read More

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Sandvik Selects Volvo Penta Power-Generation Systems for New Tertiary Crushers

Apr 25, 2013

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Sandvik Construction has selected Volvo Penta power-generation engines for its new electric-powered track-mounted tertiary crushers. The new UH450E tertiary crusher was developed by Sandvik in response to market demand and special requests from customers for an electric-powered system. The new-generation UH450E is powered by a Volvo Penta TAD1651GE power-generation engine... Read More

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DELUMPER® DC1082A Ultra-Compact Stainless Steel Crusher

Apr 23, 2013

The DELUMPER Model 1082A is an ultra-compact, rugged, multi-purpose unit that supports both chopping and milling action. It can be mounted anywhere without supports. Flanges provide easy connections to hoppers, process equipment, ducts and pipes. This Delumper is only five inches high and accepts lumps to full 4-1/2 x 6 inch input opening. The DC1082A, constructed entirely of stainless... Read More

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SpinTek Filtration's Aqualescer® Proven to be Effective in Capturing Molecules as a Stand-Alone Coalescer

Apr 23, 2013

Los Alamitos, Calif. – SpinTek Filtration, a leading manufacturer in the filtration industry, continues its success with their innovative Aqualescer® technology. The Aqualescer is a pre-treatment of organic in Solvent Extraction plants for hydrometallurgy applications. This exciting new technology from SpinTek can be used in new mining filter installations, as a pre-treatment to SpinTek's... Read More

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Spray Recovery System has environmentally friendly design.

Apr 23, 2013

CESAR™ (Contain, Evacuate, Separate And Recover) vacuum pattern spray recovery system helps provide cleaner, safer sand foundry work environment. In operation, this closed-loop system executes containment and collection of unused sprayed materials; air-powered, vacuum-evacuation removal of spray fumes; cyclonic separation of usable liquid from the fumes; as well as recovery, recycling, and... Read More

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Particle Shredder reduces product at up to 1,500 ft³/h.

Apr 19, 2013

Featuring max horsepower of 100 hp, Monster Industrial 7 SHRED Grinder comes in 3 cutting chamber sizes of 30, 40, and 50 in. with 10 in. diameter cutters. Unit is horizontally mounted on stand with custom-designed hopper to allow feed of solids from conveyor, sluice, or manual feed. Offering variety of cutter type and thickness options, shredder can process solids such as rocks, wood,... Read More

Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Electrodeionization Products help advance water purification.

Apr 18, 2013

FEDI®-2Rx Fractional Electrodeionization products are designed for pharmaceutical, biomedical, and laboratory applications where installations require hot water sanitization to meet pharmacopoeia standards for Purified Water (PW) and Water For Injection (WFI). With dual voltage technology, FEDI represents next generation of electrodeionization (EDI) technology for production of high-purity... Read More

Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Severn Trent Services Provides Chlorination System for Largest 2012 Tap Water Project in Chengdu, China

Apr 18, 2013

Capital Controls chlorination system will help Seventh Tap Water Plant address the growth of urban water consumption and meet stringent safety requirements. SHANGHAI, China – Severn Trent Services, a leading global supplier of water and wastewater solutions, recently signed a contract to provide its Capital Controls® technology, a turnkey chlorination system, for the first construction phase... Read More