Onsite Wastewater Treatment System works with no electricity.

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Designed for residential and commercial applications, EnviroFin™ passive wastewater treatment and dispersal system has no mechanical parts, does not need chemicals, and has no maintenance contracts. Effluent leaves septic tank and enters EnviroFin™ unit which consists of center Fin Distribution Unit and 8 treatment fins filled with randomly oriented green plastic fibers and perforated pipe acting as air duct. Effluent fills FDU until it enters treatment fin through perforations around FDU.

Original Press Release:

New Passive Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Works with No Electricity, Chemicals, or Maintenance Contracts

Whitefield, NH- Presby Environmental is releasing a new wastewater treatment product called EnviroFin™ to the market in May 2016. EnviroFin™ is a passive onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal system designed with the same principles as Presby’s proven Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES) technology. EnviroFin™ is designed to ship easily (one sixty –five pound box) and will be installed into a smaller space than any other wastewater treatment technology currently on the market- all while maintaining high treatment levels at an affordable price. New Hampshire and Maine are the first states EnviroFin™ is approved in and is available for installation.

EnviroFin™ will be primarily used in residential and commercial applications. Due to the small size of the system, previously small unbuildable lots with many setback requirements will now have a solution. The product has no mechanical parts, does not need chemicals or have energy requirements, and has no costly maintenance contracts. The product passed and exceeded the NSF 40 protocol at the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC) in Sandwich, Massachuessetts.

The effluent leaves the septic tank and enters an EnviroFin™ unit which consist of a  center Fin Distribution Unit (FDU) and eight Treatment Fins filled with randomly oriented green plastic fibers and a perforated pipe acting as an air duct. The effluent fills the FDU until it enters the treatment fin through perforations around the FDU. The unit is buried in System Sand, a C-33 concrete sand, and is installed with differential vents for air flow.

“It is a very exciting time for us,” said Lee Rashkin Vice President of PEI. “The EnviroFin™ will fill a void currently in the onsite wastewater industry by being a small passive wastewater treatment system that will be easier to ship than any onsite treatment product currently on the market. The septic industry will never be the same.”

Presby Environmental, Inc. (PEI)  is the manufacturer of a patented line of  complimentary onsite wastewater treatment technologies since 1995. PEI combines its technical knowledge, field experience, innovative design, and efficient manufacturing processes to support its core products- passive wastewater treatment systems.

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