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Borosilicate and Aluminosilicate Glass Solutions offer EMI shielding.

Jan 27, 2017

Enhancing product reliability and scratch resistance, Borosilicate and Aluminosilicate Glass Solutions are used on image and biosensors, displays and touch panels. Borosilicate glass solutions are available in 0.3 to 1.1 mm thickness whereas Aluminosilicate Glass Solutions are available in 0.4 to 0.21 mm thickness. Used as bolt or blond in layers, product can accommodate flexible and non-flat... Read More

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ZCR Coatings are resistant to chemical and heat.

Jan 27, 2017

Used in industrial 3D metrology, gesture recognition and digital imaging applications, ZCR Coatings enable Sensor and Laser Scanners for VIS 425-675nm, VIS-NIR 425-1050nm, SWIR 700-1800nm and LED wavelengths from 405 to 1550nm. Coatings are designed for image sensors and scanners used in machine vision, document scanners and digital imaging applications. Product has oleo/hydrophobic surfaces... Read More

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Diba’s DP3® Probe Polishing Reduces Carryover by up to 75 Percent

Jan 21, 2017

Highly polished probes can save cycle time and ensure consistent fluid handling

Danbury, Conn. (January 19, 2017) – The DP3® polishing process from Diba Industries, Inc. improves the performance of stainless steel and other metallic probes used for IVD and diagnostic instruments. Diba’s proprietary process creates an extremely smooth and durable internal surface that reduces... Read More

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GP4850 Polyaspartic Floor Coating provides uniform and smooth finishing.

Jan 19, 2017

Available in clear and standard packaged colors, GP4850 Polyaspartic Floor Coating minimize potential for roller marks. Providing 15 to 20 minutes setting time, GP4850 offers low-temperature cure, mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Having 6 to 36 hours recoat window, product provides improved flow and leveling characteristics. Coatings can be squeegeed or roll applied on concrete... Read More

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Improve the Performance and Durability of Industrial Surfaces with Metal Protective Coatings

Jan 10, 2017

Metal Protective Coatings are in huge demand across different sectors of a widespread industry. Industries invest a significant amount in procuring vital capital assets that play a primary role in performing various productional and functional duties. Since these equipments are continuously exposed to harsh environmental elements, these become more prone to corrosion and rust which in turn... Read More

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ArmorGalv® Thermal Zinc Diffusion Coating provides zero emissions.

Dec 19, 2016

With 1,000+ hours of corrosion resistance, ArmorGalv® Thermal Zinc Diffusion Coating offers uniform deposition coating. Poised to revolutionize industrial fastener market, unit eliminates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Including dowel bushings, spring dowels, spacers and compression limiters, device is recognized by Environmental Protection Agency. Maximizing corrosion protection, unit... Read More

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Chemline Premium Concrete Coatings Protect Structural Integrity and Reduce Down Time

Dec 13, 2016

St. Louis, MO - Chemline fast-set spray polyurea coatings protect concrete and precast concrete by preventing moisture migration from the surface into the substrate, where it can cause significant corrosion to the internal rebar and impact structural integrity. Chemline coatings also reduce costly down time on the plant floor by allowing for a quick return of treated materials to production.... Read More

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Rigaku Innovative Technologies Announces Precision EUVL Optical Coatings for Manufacturing Reflective Mirrors Used In Semiconductor Printing

Dec 01, 2016

Reflective optics critical for high speed printing of chip patterns onto wafers

Rigaku Innovative Technologies (RIT), a global supplier of high performance multilayer optics, announces a range of precision extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) optical coatings for manufacturing reflective mirrors for semiconductor industry wafer pattern printing. RIT’s reflective optics are critical... Read More

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Dymax Multi-Cure® 9-20557 Conformal Coating Offers Protection Against Thermal Shock

Nov 30, 2016

Torrington, Connecticut - November 30, 2016. Dymax Multi-Cure® 9-20557 is designed for rapid conformal coating of printed circuit boards and other electronic assemblies. This MIL-I-46058C listed product is especially formulated to remain on the edges of difficult-to-wet components and sharp leads, while its low modulus allows it to excel in coating applications where thermal shock... Read More

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Michelman Focuses on High Performance Water-Based Technologies at ChinaCoat 2016

Nov 30, 2016

CINCINNATI, OH (November 23, 2016) - Michelman’s Dr. Daming Cheng, Technology Group Leader of Michelman’s Coatings business group, will lead two presentations at ChinaCoat 2016 focused on the use of high performance water-based additives in coatings and over print varnishes (OPVs). Surface modifiers and additives are part of Michelman’s broad selection of water-based technologies used... Read More

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EUVL Optical Coatings offers low defect rate.

Nov 24, 2016

Increasing function by number of transistors that can be printed on chip, EUVL Optical Coatings are used inside scanner tools. Made of two independent inline, system can deposit four large optics. Offering 800 millimeters diameter, device is used to achieve coatings on substrates up to 1.5 meters long. With sophisticated 2-dimensional d-spacing distribution pattern, units are used in next... Read More

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40-3907 Epoxy Resin provides resistance to chemicals.

Nov 23, 2016

Ideal for bonding and sealing applications that cannot utilize heat to cure the adhesive, 40-3907 Epoxy Resins are electrically conductive room temperature curing adhesives. Used as repair material for electrical traces, device includes thin film set time of ninety minutes at room temperature and within six hours is close to full hardness (Shore D 78). Film is used for applications like solder... Read More

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Dura-Plate 301 Series Coatings offer low temperature curing.

Nov 16, 2016

Available in 301K Moisture-Tolerant Epoxy and 301W Low-Temperature Cure Moisture-Tolerant Epoxy, Dura-Plate 301 series coatings are good surface and moisture tolerant high solid epoxies for marginally prepared surfaces. Delivering performance over power tool cleaning, abrasive blasting and water jetting, coating are engineered to provide adhesion and anti corrosion and are suitable for oil and... Read More

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Chemline Wood Coatings provide moisture and UV resistance.

Nov 14, 2016

Suitable for protecting wood surfaces in industries like shipping crates and containers, boat hulls and decks, hard wood speaker cabinets, Chemline Wood Coatings are 100% Solids (No VOCs) with rapid curing polyurea (5-10 second gel times). Providing extreme abrasion, impact resistance and low permeability even in -20° F temperature, coatings are Class A fire resistant and give coating... Read More

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Branopac Corrosion Protection Solution ffers damage proof packing.

Nov 14, 2016

Providing highest quality, corrosion protection solution, Branopac VCI Solutions are suitable for automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace, oil & gas and food industries. Including deployment of military goods or manufacturer's inventory, unit matches goods with precise bags, wraps and cases. Solution enables protection from moisture, corrosion, aromas, oxygen or even ultraviolet... Read More

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101X Now Available Through SpecCoat

Nov 11, 2016

SpecCoat ( Specialized Coating Services) Has Partnered with Drywired to offer 101X as a coating solution.

DryWired® 101X is a hydrophobic and oleophobic C6 fluorocarbon-based liquid chemistry designed specifically for PCBs and elctronic assemblies, though has been used for a wide range of applications. 101X provides a water, oil, and weather resistant surface, without compromising... Read More

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Line-X Ultra Coating offers color-matching options and strong UV protection.

Nov 09, 2016

Adhering to any surface, Line-X Ultra Coating provides protection for steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Offering quick return to service and reparability, coating is resistant to impact and abrasion. LINE-X ULTRA is an aliphatic polyuria which is sprayed thinner than elastomer coatings can provide superior strength and reliability. With an application thickness up to 20 mils, coating competes... Read More

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Hybrid Head Scientist Wins Gold Medal from IFIA For Core Technology Patent

Nov 08, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 01, 2016 - Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc. (OTC Pink:HCTI) is pleased to announce that its head scientist, Dr. Oleg Figovsky, has won two gold medals from the International Federation of Inventor’s Association (IFIA) for two of Hybrid’s non-isocyanate polyurethane platform technology patents. The IFIA is a non-profit organization established in 1968 with members in 95... Read More

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Hayden Corp Receives Nadcap Accreditation for Thermal Spray

Oct 27, 2016

Nadcap recognizes Hayden for its commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality West Springfield, MA - Hayden Corp, a leading thermal spray coating and laser cladding company, recently announced it has received Nadcap accreditation for Thermal Spraying  to AMS2437, AMS2447, Mil Std 2138A Mil Std 1687A.  Nadcap accreditation is critical and in many cases is required for companies... Read More

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Ann Arbor, Mich., is Crowned Tnemec 2016 Tank of the Year

Oct 26, 2016

(KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 21, 2016) - The municipal water tank in Ann Arbor, Mich., is this year’s winner of the Tank of the Year competition sponsored by Tnemec Company, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance coatings. The 500,000-gallon elevated water tank was selected by a panel of water tank enthusiasts based on criteria such as artistic value, significance of the tank to the... Read More