Coating lets molders choose necessary level of release.

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Flex-Z family lets molders incrementally adjust level of release needed for specific parts and processes. HAP-free Coatings, from 1.0-6.0, provide level of release performance desired, enabling molders to switch between levels of product for different molds or apply simultaneous levels of product to one mold. Formula eliminates streaking across full range of application techniques. It suits open and closed molding processes from wet lay-up to RTM and infusion.

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Flex-Z Debuts Innovative Standard In Customer-Controlled Mold Releases

PARIS - March 30, 2004 - After 15 years of product innovations, Zyvax is breaking new ground again with the launch of Flex-Z, a revolutionary family of products specifically designed to let molders select the level of release needed for specific parts and processes. The Flex-Z system represents the first time molders have been given the ability to incrementally adjust the level of release at their own discretion.

According to company officials, Flex-Z's easy-to-use system of coatings (1.0 - 6.0) means that molds, from small to large, can have the level of release performance desired, and molders can easily make release adjustments when switching between summer and winter resin systems. Molders can apply simultaneous "levels" of product to one mold to achieve the specific type of release needed. For example, one portion of the mold might require 3.0, another uses 1.0 while another part uses 4.0 - all at the same time.

"The wide range of release performance needed for manufacturing polyester parts is well documented," said Nancy Layman, CEO and founder of Zyvax. "Flex-Z is an array platform that solves everything from hard pulls to pre-release problems while maintaining the required high level of gloss. When it comes to giving customers total control and flexibility in their choices for release, there is nothing like it on the market."

Scott Layman of Zyvax explained that the formula eliminates streaking across the full range of application techniques, making retraining unnecessary. The system is suitable for all open and closed molding processes from wet lay-up to RTM and infusion. It is also HAP-free to help molders meet new emission restrictions.

Flex-Z is currently available in North America and in Europe. Package sizes include single cans, pails and drums. For questions about Zyvax products and availability please call (800) 858-4111 in the United States or +34 96 338 43 38 in Europe, or e-mail

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For more than 15 years, Zyvax has supplied a wide range of pacesetting solvent-based and solvent-free mold preparation products. These innovative products fulfill the demands of crucial mold preparation processes, such as cleaning molds, preparing parts for continued processing, mold conditioning to provide uniform surface attributes (even over repairs), and release coatings to deliver consistently dependable release performance. Combined as a system, Zyvax products deliver maximum process efficiency to save molders time and money while increasing productivity. For more information about Zyvax, go online to or email

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