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Custom Angular (Right-Angle, 90 Degree) Drives and Motors

Mar 31, 2017

Two-stage angular gearboxes offered by ABM Drives have an efficiency of up to 96 percent. ABM Drives provides the complete assembly including geared motors and integrated motor controller. Typical applications include roller and belt conveyors, container conveyor systems, vertical storage and other material handling logistics. They offer dynamic and reliable operation even in harsh... Read More

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Simotics HV HP Motor offers Short delivery periods.

Nov 18, 2016

Covering power of up to 70 megawatt, Simotics HV HP motor offers optimized base frame to reduce noise and vibrations. Available with gas and dust explosion protection and variety of cooling methods, unit ensures optimum interaction to Sinamics medium-voltage converters within Integrated drive System (IDS). Suitable for use in aggressive and potentially explosive atmospheres, motor meets API,... Read More

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Integrated Drive-Motor simplifies cabling, frees up panel space.

Aug 31, 2012

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000M lets machine builders reduce control-system enclosure size, wiring time, and cabling complexity. Combining Allen-Bradley MP Series food-grade servo motor and Kinetix 6000 multi-axis servo drive technologies, on-machine package offers hybrid/network cable daisy chain that replaces individual power and feedback cables for panel-mounted servo drives. Drive-motor comes in... Read More

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Oriental Motor Now Offers Encoder Options for All Angles of Stepping Motors

Nov 11, 2010

First time offering from Oriental Motor provides customers purchasing stepping motors with more options than ever before. Torrance, CA - Oriental Motor is pleased to announce that encoder options are now available for their 0.36º and 0.72º stepping motors. With the addition of the encoder option to 0.36º and 0.72º stepping motors, Oriental Motor's entire range of stepping motors... Read More

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Microstepping Motor/Drivers offer encoder options.

Apr 10, 2009

CMK Series 2-phase microstepping drive and motor packages include 2.22 in.² round shaft frame size version of PK-P motor as well as standard encoder models with 1.38, 1.65, 1.97, and 2.22 in.² round shaft motor frame sizes. Encoder models are available with 200 or 400 lines and 2 or 3 channels, and motors featuring 1.8°/step and 0.9°/step resolutions are available with encoder... Read More

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Microstepping Motor/Driver offers position accuracy to ±0.17°.

Apr 08, 2003

Nanostep® CFKII Series miniature 5-phase hybrid motor is 0.79 in. sq and produces 3.2 oz-in. of holding torque. Motor/driver package creates microstepping system with low velocity vibration. Open frame modular driver provides 16 user selectable resolution settings up to 125,000 steps per revolution. Open loop driver has mid-frequency resolution suppression circuit and utilizes 24 Vdc and... Read More