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Xtrakt™ Extraction System improves operator safety.

May 18, 2017

Providing complete extraction of low- and high- viscosity liquids such as lotions, creams and gels, Xtrakt™ Extraction System reduces residual product remain of less than 2 kg in 1,200 L liner. Operates using normal plant air, Grayling Xtrakt liners and Xtrakt drive system are designed to work together. Capable of extracting liquids up to 400,000 cP, product is suitable for personal care,... Read More

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Downdraft Table helps protect firefighters. .

May 11, 2016

Consisting of combination workbench and extraction/filtration system, Plymovent Downdraft Table provides safe and effective workspace where users can pre-clean soiled gear of contaminants. Product can help protect firefighters from exposure to dust and hazardous debris found on turnout gear and boots. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools Gives Away Free Slag Removal Tools

Jul 06, 2009

The free gift is available with the purchase of any set of copper laser slats. Saint Paul, MINN. - June 22, 2009: A company in Minnesota has introduced a successful product in November of 2008 that offered manufacturing companies a substantial discount on custom copper laser slats for laser cutting machinery. The slats are those used in the laser cutting beds that hold material to be laser cut.... Read More

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Hand Tools facilitate removal of damaged studs and nuts.

Oct 03, 2007

Turned with wrench or ratcheting tool, External Cam/Knurl-Type Stud Extractor has internal knurled wheel that grips stud so that it can be loosened. It works on bolts with rusted, corroded, or stripped threads. Internal Cam/Roller-Type Stud Extractor loosens stubborn studs with tight-gripping cam assembly. Using hardened chisel point screw, Nut Splitters remove frozen, corroded, or rusted nuts by... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Stator Removal Tool facilitates pump maintenance.

Nov 07, 2002

Stator Removal Device is designed to be portable within plant facility and is for use at either pump location or in maintenance shop. It enables single maintenance person to remove and replace large stators and rotors, minimizing downtime. Tool is compatible with company's medium to large pumps and pump stators. Read More