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PipeMan Products, Inc. - Now Offers General Wire's Kinetic Water Ram

Aug 30, 2016

PipeMan Products, Inc. has become an approved distributor of the General Wire’s Kinetic Water Rams. Concord, CA – PipeMan Products, Inc. is proud to announce that it has become a distributor of the General Wire Kinetic Water Ram Series of Commercial Plumber’s Tools. The Kinetic Water Ram uses a burst of compressed air that drives a shock wave (kinetic energy) through water to break up... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Mid-Size Rammers prepare jobsites for flat finish.

Dec 27, 2013

Employing GXR120 Honda engine, ATC130H and ATC170H are suited for use in confined spaces, deliver 650–700 blows per minute, and offer 2,800–3,500 lb of impact force. Design incorporates protection for engine, and 3-way throttle lever shuts down engine as well as fuel supply. Along with built-in tachometer and hour meter, rammers offer capacities of up to 3,800 ft²/hr compacted area and are... Read More

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Ram Kit enables application/removal in confined areas.

Nov 26, 2013

Tight Spot Kit (SM14T-KIT) comprises SM0014T Telescoping Mini Ram and Extension Arm for inserting into and removing ram from frame rails, motor mounts, door panels, and other remote/confined areas. Extension Arm is 24 5/8 in. long and 2 in. wide and weighs 1 lb. In addition to supporting ram, arm protects hydraulic hose from scraping and cutting. As 2-stage tool, ram's heights are 2 5/16 in.... Read More

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Hydraulic Rams are built for versatility, long-term reliability.

Feb 01, 2013

Built for maximum flexibility and trouble-free operation, Speed-Midget® Standard Duty Rams, Pull Rams, and Hydro Chief® Heavy Duty Rams can generate instant power in any position. All products feature quick disconnect couplings and U-cup packings as well as ram cylinders and pistons made from tool steel. On models SM0024 and SM0034, ring on top of cylinder wipes dirt from piston upon... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Compact Hydraulic Ram suits remote or confined spaces.

Feb 07, 2012

As 2-stage tool, Porter-Ferguson SM0014T Mini Ram provides auto body repair shops versatility when tackling jobs such as straightening frame rails and motor mounts. Height is 2 5/16 in. with piston fully retracted, 3 5/6 in. with first stage extended, and 4 5/16 in. when fully extended. Built for rough duty, product has max capacity of 4 ton for stage 1 and 1 ton for stage 2. Drop-forged base... Read More

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Grease Gun Rams offer outputs from 6,000 to 10,000 psi.

May 19, 2003

Miniature rams, suited for use with standard grease guns as source of pressure, offer ratings from ½-4 tons and strokes of 1 in. Products may serve as solution for occasional applications requiring large linear force in small, portable package. Grease used in typical application may be recycled and reused for environmental and economic purposes by using recovery valve. Read More