Pulsation Dampener supports AODD pump applications.

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Constructed of 316L stainless steel with PTFE diaphragm, AODDampener is specifically designed to eliminate pulsations in air operated double diaphragm pump applications. Unit employs automatic air control that utilizes existing compressed air source in AODD pump system for charging. As fluid line pressure increases, air charge in dampener is increased to match it. When line pressure drops, dampener bleeds off charge, keeping dampener optimally charged for maximum dampening effect.

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BLACOH Announces New Dampener Design for AODD Pumps

BLACOH Fluid Control, part of the Blacoh Industries family of companies, recently announced the launch of their AODDampener specifically designed for air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump applications.

Blacoh's newly designed AODDampener constructed of 316L stainless steel with a PTFE diaphragm, employs an automatic air control that utilizes the existing compressed air source in an AODD pump system for charging. According to Blacoh engineer David McComb, with this single configuration Blacoh's new AODDampener is compatible with over 80% of the existing AODD pump applications in the US.

While AODD pumps are widely used across a variety of industries, fluid transfer is considered the most common. Industrial and municipal water/wastewater treatment plants account for a large number of AODD pumps in operation today due to the pump's rugged, simple design and its ability to handle a variety of fluids, including slurries and caustics used in the water treatment process.

Like other positive displacement pumps, AODD pumps can create damaging pulsations and vibrations due to the interrupted flow coming from the alternate filling and discharging of the two pump chambers. Pulsation dampeners are commonly used to eliminate these pulsations by absorbing the energy from the pulse created on each stroke of the pump. The dampeners are pressurized vessels with a flexible membrane inside that separates the gas charge from the system fluid and work according to the ideal gas law with Isentropic compression: P2=(v1/v2)n *P1 where n~1.4 for compressed air.

When the dampener is installed at the pump's discharge, as the pump discharges fluid it attempts to accelerate all the fluid in the line, increasing the line pressure. As the line pressure increases, the dampener's internal membrane flexes and compresses the gas charge behind it allowing fluid to enter the dampener. When the pump shifts and the flow from its discharge stops momentarily, the line pressure drops. The gas charge in the dampener then pushes fluid out of the dampener into the line. The result is relatively steady, smooth flow downstream of the dampener. If the average line pressure changes, the charge in the dampener needs to be adjusted to keep the dampener performing correctly.

Mr. McComb explained that their new AODDampener's unique automatic air control works with AODD systems where fluid pressures vary substantially on a regular basis. "With the automatic air control, you don't have to adjust the dampener's charge at pump startup or when there is a change in system pressure. Just turn on the pump and the dampener adjusts itself." Another benefit of the dampener's automatic air control is that it doesn't require air unless the average line pressure in the system changes. Compressed air is costly, so Blacoh designed the AODDampener to work with minimal air consumption. As the fluid line pressure increases, the air charge in the dampener is increased to match it. When the line pressure drops, the dampener bleeds off charge, keeping the dampener optimally charged for maximum dampening effect.

For more information on the Blacoh AODDampener visit www.Blacoh.com/AODDampener.

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Blacoh Fluid Control provides a wide range of engineered products to improve the performance and reliability of fluid processing systems, from pulsation dampeners to diaphragm seals and spill containment units to prevent leaks and system failures. Headquartered in Riverside, California, Blacoh has been a leading manufacturer of fluid control products used in industrial and municipal applications worldwide since 1976.

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