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PEM® FHL™ and FHLS™ Self-Clinching Flush-Head Studs for Thin Metal Sheets Feature Low-Displacement Head Design Enabling Close-to-Edge Installation

Aug 18, 2017

PEM® FHL™ and FHLS™ self-clinching flush-head studs from PennEngineering® feature a unique low-displacement head design enabling close-to-edge installation of the fasteners in thin metal sheets. The studs provide ideal attachment solutions compared with weld studs and other conventional hardware by promoting easier and cleaner installation with fewer production steps and more reliable... Read More

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PEM® Concealed-Head Self-Clinching Studs and Standoffs for Thin Metals Provide Permanent Mating Threads and Promote Smooth and Unmarred Designs

Mar 25, 2017

PEM® concealed-head self-clinching studs and standoffs from PennEngineering® install permanently in thin metal assemblies to provide strong and reusable threads for mating hardware while preserving a smooth and unmarred appearance on the side of the sheet opposite installation. The concealed-head feature additionally will satisfy strict ingress protection requirements in assemblies where a... Read More

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Flush-Head Studs offer quick mating with plastic fasteners.

Dec 04, 2015

Integrating X-Press™ threads, PEM Type FHX™ Studs enable quick mating with push-on plastic nuts, wire tie products, or other plastic fasteners in thin metal assemblies. Self-clinching units install permanently in metal sheets as thin as 1 mm and press into place using any standard press. Available with 5 mm and 6 mm threads in lengths from 10–25 mm, studs are made from hardened carbon... Read More

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Uniquely Designed Variations of PEM® Self-Clinching Threaded Nuts, Studs, and Standoffs Allow for Close-to-Edge Placement Where Space for Fasteners is Limited

Sep 25, 2015

Uniquely designed variations of PEM® self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs from PennEngineering® allow for close-to-edge placement in thin metal assemblies without compromising host sheet or fastener.  Their engineering effectively reduces the standard minimum distance for "hole-centerline-to-edge" required for successful clinching to provide ideal solutions where space for fasteners... Read More

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Self-Clinching Nuts and Studs work with hard sheet materials.

Dec 08, 2014

PEM® self-clinching nuts and studs, which include SH™ hard panel nuts and HFLH™ hard panel studs, are designed for permanent installation into hard sheet materials and suit automotive component attachment applications. Manufactured from hardened alloy steel, products enable close-to-edge mounting without risking panel buckling, eliminate need for embossing operations, and can be... Read More

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Heavy-Duty Studs clinch permanently into thin metal sheets.

Aug 29, 2014

Available in lengths up to 2 in., PEM® Type THFE™ Studs feature enlarged head diameter that distributes axial tightening force over wide area to minimize compressive stress on host panel, optimize pull through performance, and develop full thread strength. Self-clinching studs install into steel or aluminum sheets as thin as .031 in. with hardness of HRB 85 or less on Rockwell B scale and... Read More

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Self-Clinching Studs attach thin metal assemblies.

Mar 13, 2014

Designed to install permanently using standard press, PEM® Self-Clinching Threaded Studs include flush-head models for use in aluminum or stainless steel sheets as thin as .040 in. and stainless versions for corrosion resistance in even thinner stainless steel assemblies. Other types include low-displacement flush head studs for close-to-edge installation; non-flush studs for sheets as... Read More

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Self-Clinching Flush-Head Studs meet corrosion resistance needs.

Apr 26, 2013

For attachment applications requiring corrosion resistance, PEM® Type FHP™ self-clinching flush-head studs are manufactured from A286 stainless steel and install permanently into stainless steel sheets as thin as .040 in. Products mount flush and permanently, becoming integral parts of assembly with only mating nut required for final component attachment. Studs can be supplied in thread... Read More

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ViperStud Optimized to Meet the New SSMA Criteria or Non Structural Studs and IBC 2009

Sep 22, 2011

MENTOR, Ohio - MarinoWARE, CEMCO & Telling announced today that ViperStud® has been optimized for compliance to meet the new criteria of the SSMA Non Structural Code Compliance Program and the IBC 2009. ViperStud has completed the technical review process with the third-party review organization, Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI), and is now entering the inspection phase of the certification... Read More

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MS/NAS Threaded Inserts, Key Locking Stud Fasteners and Thinwall Threaded Insert Products Now Available from Acme Industrial Company

Sep 20, 2011

CARPENTERSVILLE, IL - Acme Industrial Company, a subsidiary of Jergens, Inc., has announced that three of its product lines are now available to meet Military Specification Standards. The company's MS / NAS Style Threaded Inserts are produced to MS51830, MS51831, MS51832, NAS1394, NAS1395, NAO146, NAO147, NAO148, NAO149, NAO150 AND NAO151. In addition, its Swage-Sert(TM) Thinwall Threaded Inserts... Read More

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Swaging Collar Studs accommodate multiple panels, materials.

Feb 22, 2011

Used for attaching dissimilar panel materials and/or multiple panels, PEM® Type SGPC(TM) studs torque-out resistance and allow for close centerline-to-edge distance to suit limited-space applications. Studs install into sheets as thin as .024 in. and in multiple panels whose total thickness does not exceed max sheet thickness of .047 in. Manufactured from 300 Series stainless steel, products... Read More

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Acme Industrial Receives Government Approval for QSLM of Class 3 Threaded Fasteners

Nov 01, 2010

CARPENTERSVILLE, IL - October 28, 2010 - Acme Industrial Company, a subsidiary of Jergens, Inc., has announced that it has been approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency as a supplier of Class 3 Threaded Fasteners. The Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers (QSLM) approval extends to Acme's keylocking stud products, which provide high pull-out strength and torque-out capability.... Read More

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Key Locking Studs target aerospace and military applications.

May 05, 2010

Available in range of inch and metric sizes, in lightweight and heavy duty versions, Key Locking Studs feature solid one-piece design to provide high pull-out strength and torque-out capabilities. They can be used on soft materials such as aluminum or magnesium and removed using standard screw extractor without damage to parent material. Produced to NAS and SAE Standards (MS51833 and MS51834),... Read More

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High Tensile Strength Studs are made of carbon alloy steel.

Dec 23, 2009

Available in thread sizes up to 5/16-18 or M8 and in lengths up to 1 in. or 25 mm, PEM® Type HFG8(TM) (unified) and HF109(TM) (metric) heat-treated clinch studs achieve tensile strength up to Grade 8 and Property Class 10.9, respectively. RoHS compliant fasteners can be installed permanently in carbon steel or HSLA steel sheets as thin as .040 in. with hardness up to HRB 89 on Rockwell B... Read More

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Self-Clinching Studs come in carbon steel or alloy steel.

Sep 15, 2009

Available in lengths up to 6 in. and thread sizes up to ½ in., PEM® large-sized studs install without welding using any parallel acting press or automated equipment and embed securely and permanently in metal sheets or sections as thin as .036 in. with hardness up to HRB 85/HB 165. Units come with assorted head and clinch styles, including six-lobe, multi-lug, knurl, and hexagonal. They can... Read More

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8" Per Second Threaded Rod and Stud Production

Aug 10, 2009

R&R Engineering has announced a breakthrough in the production of fully threaded studs, double end studs, and single end (bend and non-bent) studs and hooks. New technology has made possible extremely competitive production rates for roll threads up to one inch in diameter. All parts are guaranteed to be gage fit and meet 2A thread tolerances. R&R Engineering specializes in U-Bolt and Threaded... Read More

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Fasnap® Corp. Offers Square Drive Screwstud

Dec 01, 2008

Fasnap® Corp. is committed to offering a wide range of fasteners for various applications. When a square drive (Robertson) screwstud is required, turn to Fasnap's versatile #8x5/8" screwstud in brass/nickel with a self-tapping stainless screw. For more information about our fasteners, contact a sales representative today. FASNAP® CORP. 3500 Reedy Drive Elkhart, IN 46514 800.624.2058... Read More