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GN 2342 Stainless Steel Assembly Pins are compliant to RoHS standards.

Jan 04, 2018

GN 2342 Stainless Steel Assembly Pins are offered with three washer types based on which place the bolt in axial position in its insertion direction. Using retaining cable or ball chain, the loss can be secured when assembly pin, washer with eyelet (Type E), and a spring cotter pin are combined whereas the Types L (washer with mounting shackle) used as loss protection and anti-rotation... Read More

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Aluminum and Stainless Steel microPEM® TackSert® Pins for Compact Electronics Provide Cost-Effective Alternatives to Screws for Attaching Top Panels in Assemblies

Dec 01, 2017

Aluminum and stainless steel microPEM® TackSert® pins from PennEngineering® provide cost-effective alternatives to micro screws for attaching top panels to base panels or chassis in compact electronic assemblies. They will attach top panels of any material to a base or chassis manufactured from common cast metals (such as magnesium and aluminum) or plastics (such as ABS and printed circuit... Read More

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GN 214.2 Metric Size Rapid Release Pins are RoHS compliant.

Oct 04, 2017

GN 214.2 Metric Size Rapid Release Pins are made of steel and zinc plated and come with blue passivated finish. Units offer heat resistance up to 80 °C and feature plastic push button, steel shank, locating and securing pins. Products are suitable for quick assembly, connecting and locking of jig and fixture systems. Pins are integrated with swiveling pull ring.

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6-1/4-in. Long H-Clip is suitable for small roll packages.

Jul 01, 2017

Long H-Clip is available in plastic and aluminum H-channels in various lengths. Ability to stack roll material suspended with 1-inch thick endboards, unit is equipped with gripping barbs. Product provides components for suspending, unitizing and securely interlocking rolls on pallet.

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Retracting Micro Pins come with rap coupler integrated pneumatic cylinder.

Jun 21, 2017

Suitable for small, lightweight parts with minimal side load, Retracting Micro Pins can be used with and without backup. Featuring anodized aluminum construction and weld spatter resistant coating, units are available in 3-12 mm diameter and come with weld-field immune solid state switch.

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Swage Mount PCB Pins are made from brass alloys.

Jun 16, 2017

Designed to be mechanically fastened to board or panel and plugged into sockets or soldered into mating boards in board stacking, Swage Mount PCB Pins are available in six models with various diameters and lengths. Long pin lengths can overcome height of taller board components such as large capacitors, transformers, power supplies and potentiometers. Units come with matte tin over nickel... Read More

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LCP Series Load Pins offer 0.50 percent accuracy.

Apr 20, 2017

Used in tension and compression measurements, LCP Series Load Pins can be applied on clevis pin shackles, loading cranes, lifting fittings, hydraulic presses, sprockets and pulley axles. Capable of measuring up to 30,000 lbs, units feature stainless steel construction and standard connector.

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Load Pins offer overload capacity of up to ±250 kN.

Feb 25, 2017

Available in 5113 and 5117 models in 3 rated capacities ranging in ±25 to ±60 kN. Using foil strain gage sensing technology, units are bonded on to zinc-plated hardened alloy steel body. Model 5113 and 5117 measures 38 mm and 25 mm respectively. Load pins are suitable for off-road vehicles, plowing vehicles, cranes, hoisting gear, pulley shafts and winches. Load pins provide reliable and... Read More

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M&S Centerless Grinding Manufacturers Precision Firing Pins for the DOD

Feb 09, 2017

In preparation for a rapid deployment of troops for a broad-based military engagement a primary DOD supplier was contracted to manufacture firing pins for machine guns. The features of the pins were complex and the time frame for completion was extremely tight. Material: Tool Steel HT 50-55Rc. Part geometry was fairly complex - but the project HAD to have highest priority - grinding needed to... Read More

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806 Series Spring Loaded Pins come with closed flat top.

Feb 03, 2017

Available in 806-22-001-30-0XX191 and 806-22-001-10-00X191 models, 806 series Spring Loaded Pins feature four finger designs for easy removal of caps. 806-22-001-30-0XX191 series are available in nine surface mount options using 0900-X and 0907-X spring pins. 806-22-001-10-00X191 are designed in four through-hole style springs 0906-X. Rated to 2 A continuous current, product comes in 13 in.... Read More

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FastSet™ King Ream Pin Kit allows grease to permeate high-wear areas.

Jan 27, 2017

FastSet™ King Pin Ream offers 45 no-ream kits and provides fleets with faster solution for pin replacement. King pin bushings are not reamed after installation into steering knuckle. Eliminating need for reamers, special tools, and presses when replacing kingpins, pins feature groove design and are used in axle applications.

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Press-Fit PCB Pins offer high mechanical strength.

Jan 24, 2017

Suitable for solderless PCB terminations on to board, Press-Fit PCB Pins feature multi-faceted geometries. Available in square and hexagon press-fit shapes with diameters ranging in 0.040 in. to 0.80 in., pins allow remainder of the plated through hole barrel to remain intact with board. Pins are used in high current applications, pins are made of brass material.

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PEM® Self-Clinching Pilot Pins in Several Variations Provide Solutions for Precise Positioning, Alignment, or Pivot Applications

Aug 11, 2016

PEM® self-clinching pilot pins from PennEngineering® are offered in a variety of designs to provide ideal hardware solutions for positioning, alignment, or pivot applications. All install in thin metal sheets and become permanent parts of an assembly. All install easily into thin metal sheets by pressing them into a pre-punched mounting hole of the proper size. After installation they become... Read More

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Murphy Highlights Local Connecticut Manufacturer, Holo-Krome As "Murphy's Monday Manufacturer"

Apr 13, 2016

Murphy Highlights Local Connecticut Manufacturer, Holo-Krome As “Murphy's Monday Manufacturer” WALLINGFORD – U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) announced that Holo-Krome is this week’s “Murphy’s Monday Manufacturer.” Holo-Krome, which was founded in West Hartford in 1929, manufactures a wide range of fastener products – like socket head cap screws, dowel pins, pressure plugs,... Read More

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Type MPP(TM) microPEM® Self-Clinching Pins for Compact Electronics

Mar 02, 2016

Provide Reliable Solutions for Micro Positioning and Alignment Applications Type MPP™ microPEM® self-clinching pins from PennEngineering® provide reliable solutions for demanding micro positioning and alignment applications in compact electronic assemblies.  These pins clinch permanently where designed into stainless or other metal sheets as thin as 0.5mm / .020”.  The chamfered end of... Read More

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What Keeps America Moving Forward? Industry

Dec 10, 2015

Here are some suggestions… Agricultural Industry: Popular VFS Pins used in tractors, combines, and tillers include Inch Pins — Coiled Slotted (1/2", 5/8", 3/4" dia.), Metric Slotted Pins (m12 – m35 dia.) and Metric Coiled Pins (m12, m14, m16, m18 dia.). Mining Industry: For surface, sub-surface and underground mining equipment, VFS customers typically choose Inch Pins — Coiled Slotted... Read More

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VFS Has Lowered Minimum Order Requirement to Just $50!

Dec 09, 2015

Because we value our clients and work hard to provide the best customer service, we have taken our clients' requests to lower our minimum order requirement. Effective immediately, orders can be placed as low as $50 on our extensive line of stock Rollpins® and stock Coiled Spring Pins, with same-day shipment available on orders received weekdays before 1:00pm EST. Orders received weekdays... Read More

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Lifting Pins are designed for accelerated, facilitated use.

Dec 02, 2015

Offered in metric sizes, GN 1130 Steel Lifting Pins are carrier elements designed for usability and facilitated handling. Red aluminum button releases locking effect of locking balls, allowing load pin to be moved in or out of holding bore hole. Shackle rotates by at least 180°, with safety flange fitted as safeguard against inadvertent operation. Depending on pull direction, ball load pin may... Read More

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G.L. Huyett Rolls Out Dowel Pins Line Expansion

Oct 23, 2015

G.L. Huyett, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, master distributor, and importer of non-threaded fasteners and grease fittings, has expanded their lines of hardened and unhardened ASME, DIN, and MS precision ground dowel pins. Minneapolis, Kansas – G.L. Huyett, a manufacturer, master distributor, and importer of non-threaded fasteners and grease fittings, is proud to offer a larger selection... Read More

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Locating Pins meet NAAMS standard.

Aug 19, 2015

Offered in large, small, and retractable sizes, Configurable NAAMS Standard Locating Pins are available with TiN surface finishing and are laser etched with part number for NAAMS standardization practices. With Configurable NAAMS, there are CAD models for all components and users can order and reorder with part number. No more detail drawing is required. Read More