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Printpack’s Polyethylene Pouches feature recyclability.

Nov 11, 2016

With combination of coatings, barriers and closures, Printpack’s Pouch helps to combat food waste and preserves product flavor, color and aroma to maximize shelf life. Featured with reverse-printed laminated structure, pouch protects graphics ensuring pristine presentation of product’s lifespan. Suitable for multi-or single-serve snacks like nuts, cookies, crackers and chips, unit offers... Read More

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Wax Modifiers optimize asphalt roofing production.

Sep 14, 2016

Able to optimize heat stability and reduce mixing time necessary to completely blend polymer, Ceranovus™ Polyethylene and Polypropylene Waxes are valuable additives in both SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) and APP (atactic polypropylene) modified bitumen roofing systems. Products decrease viscosities at process temperature and minimize bleeding of higher oil formulations through oil scavenging.... Read More

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Interstate Plastics Provides Broad Range of Mechanical Plastics to Machine Shops Nationwide

Aug 21, 2015

SACRAMENTO, Calif., – Interstate Plastics offers mechanical plastics to machine shops for engineering, commercial and retail markets. With a large network of exceptional machine shops and manufacturers, Interstate Plastics works to provide solutions for a wide variety of machining applications. Interstate Plastics assists customers in finding solutions for custom components and parts,... Read More

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Raven Industries' Engineered Films Division Launches New Geomembrane Product Line

May 27, 2015

Sioux Falls, SD – Raven Industries’ Engineered Films Division (NASDAQ:RAVN), an innovative manufacturer of specialty plastic film and sheeting, has announced the launch of a new flexible geomembrane product line designed to provide effective containment solutions for the energy and environmental sectors. HydraFlex™ Containment Solutions is the newest addition to the Raven product line... Read More

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DuroMaxx® SRPE Receives FDOT Approval

Apr 10, 2015

100-Year Pipe Applications Contech Engineered Solutions LLC (Contech) recently received approval from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for 100-Year pipe applications of steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE). DuroMaxx® SRPE represents a revolution in pipe construction that was pioneered internationally and recognized by Contech Engineered Solutions as combining the strength of... Read More

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Recycled PET withstands bulk handling and transport.

Mar 02, 2015

Engineered to withstand bulk handling and transport while still providing desired color found in original compacted formulation, LNO™ c Melt-Formed Pellet supports commercialization of rPET bottles and containers for food and beverage applications. Resin is formed by compacting fine grind powder and is FDA-approved for conditions of use A-J. For applications such as water bottles, LNO™ c... Read More

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DuraSurf(TM) STS Ultra Low-friction UHMW for Slider Beds and Sidepans

May 27, 2014

DuraSurf™ STS is a UHMW product that ships in a continuous roll. This innovative, ultra low-friction product can reduce energy consumption, protect slider beds, and extend belt life. The package handling industry, specifically baggage transport, is incredibly abrasive. Heavy conveyed materials and belt lacing cause continuous high-friction contact on sidewalls and slider beds during operation.... Read More

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HDPE Grade reduces weight, materials for caps and closures.

Apr 04, 2014

Based on Borstar polyethylene technology, BorPure™ MB5568 high density polyethylene (HDPE) supports beverage industry's trend towards lightweight caps and closures for carbonated soft drinks, juices, teas, and bottled water. PE mechanical and processing properties can be tailored to application. Exhibiting stiffness and Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) as well as optimized... Read More

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Porvair Filtration Group's Enhanced Capabilities for Media Treatment

Mar 14, 2014

Porvair Filtration Group demonstrates its commitment to the development of technically advanced, cost-effective solutions to meet the increasingly challenging requirements of the industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and life science industries. Porvair Filtration Group has enhanced its range of sintered porous materials, both in metals and polymers, with specialist chemical surface modifications... Read More

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Thermally Conductive Plastics target LED applications.

Dec 13, 2013

While meeting UL94 V-0 flame resistance requirement, LUVOCOM® thermally conductive and electrically insulative materials are characterized by thermal conductivity from 0.6–1.5 W/mK, impact strength up to 14 lb ft/in.², and tensile strength up to 8,000 psi. Typical materials use base polymers PET and PA 6, which meet application requirements, extend component service life, and exhibit... Read More

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AXION Recycled Plastics Signs $42,000,000 Contract

Dec 09, 2013

Recently launched recycled plastics subsidiary is awarded a multi-year contract with one of the largest thermoplastics companies in the US NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. — In a major deal adding $42 million of new revenues, AXION International Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:AXIH), a leader in recycled plastic and plastic composite, today announced that its subsidiary, AXION Recycled Plastics Incorporated, signed... Read More

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Freudenberg at the Specialties Fabrics Expo

Oct 22, 2013

Eco-friendly nonwoven products on display confirm Freudenberg's commitment to environmental sustainability PLYMOUTH, Mich. -- Freudenberg Nonwovens, leading global manufacturer of nonwoven products, is exhibiting its latest eco-friendly products in the Advanced Textiles Section of the IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo and the Advanced Textiles Conference Trade Show. This year's IFAI Expo will be... Read More

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UHMW Polyethylene enhances separators for Li-ion batteries.

Oct 18, 2013

Next generation GUR® ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) enhances performance for separators used in Lithium-ion batteries, which improves membrane puncture strength and promotes design flexibility. Gelation can provide fiber and membrane manufacturers such processing advantages as increased throughput, while abrasion resistance helps extend life of machined parts while... Read More

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Interstate Plastics Provides Superior Plastic Solutions throughout the Pacific Northwest

Oct 14, 2013

Kent, Washington, located near Seattle, is one of Interstate Plastics' eight nation-wide branches that offer a full line of cut-to-size sheets, rods and tubes as well as semi-finished plastics. Kent specializes in mechanical plastics as well as cut-to-size distribution and manufacturing of agriculture and food processing industries in the region. For boating and marine industries throughout the... Read More

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Conversion to Lightweight PET Delivers Unique Style and Easy Handling for McCormick Distilling's Eco Friendly 360 Vodka

Sep 23, 2013

Custom 1.75L Bottle from Amcor Is Industry's First PET Container to Use Swing Top Closure MANCHESTER, Mich. – McCormick Distilling Co. Inc., a Weston, Mo. based manufacturer and distributor of premium spirits, has converted its Eco Friendly 360 Vodka 1.75L line from glass to lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles from Amcor Rigid Plastics, the world's leading producer of rigid... Read More

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Curbell Plastics Announces New High Performance Sliding Material for the Conveyor, Material Handling, and Automation Industries

Aug 06, 2013

Orchard Park, NY – Curbell Plastics announces LubX® C, a new high performance UHMW-PE sliding material created by Röchling Engineering Plastics. It will be showcased in their Booth #5562 at the upcoming EASTEC Show. This high performance polymer was designed specifically for the conveyor, material handling, and automation industries. LubX® C is UHMW-PE combined with a proprietary... Read More

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Metal Detectable Plastics Available at Emco Plastics!

Jul 30, 2013

If you are involved with food processing or packaging, Emco can help with right material to suite your needs. The first is a metal detectable grade metal detectable of Acetal. Acetal (POM) polymer has superb inherent mechanical properties in respect of dimensional stability, strength, stiffness and low wear characteristics. Acetal is suitable for replacing metal parts that are currently... Read More

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Rotational Molding Utilized Increasingly for Product Conversion

Jul 29, 2013

Rotational molding is being utilized to convert products made out of other materials into polyethylene. Fiberglass, metals such as aluminum and steel, as well as other types of plastic applications are all being redesigned to be rotomolded. Rotationally molded products have a variety of advantages including longer lifespan, durability, lower maintenance costs and ease of repair. Polyethylene's... Read More

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Ticona to Exhibit High-Temperature Polymers at ITB Automotive Engine Air and Cooling 2013

Jun 10, 2013

Ticona, the engineering polymers business of Celanese Corporation, will showcase its high-temperature polymers for under-hood and powertrain applications during the ITB Group Automotive Engine Air and Cooling 2013 conference on Thursday, June 6, at the Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel in Michigan. The Ticona exhibit will highlight the newest Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) material development... Read More

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Multidirectional Stretching Foam resists tearing and zippering.

May 28, 2013

With attributes that benefit wrapping, surface protection, and interleaving applications, Microfoam® Stretchfoam™ is polyethylene (PE) resin blend sheet foam intended for use as protective packaging material for products with irregular edges. Soft-to-the-touch product has coefficient of friction that makes foam cling to item it is protecting to help prevent abrasion. No curing... Read More