Concentrate Rust Remover features non-toxic formula.

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Non-hazardous and safe to use, water-based Rust911 removes rust and oxidation from steel, iron, and copper. Technology uses specifically designed molecule that grabs hold of rust, pulls it off metal, and keeps it from re-depositing. Typically, rust is removed in 10 min to 8 hr at room temperature and same rust can be removed in 5-30 min at elevated temperatures, depending on degree of rusting. In addition, product only removes rust and does not affect rubber seals, plastics, or paints.

Original Press Release:

How to Stop Rust from Dissolving Your Car Away While Saving the Environment. Finally a Safe, Non-toxic & Non-Hazardous Alternative That is Economical to Use

Enviro-Safe Services, Inc. introduces a super safe, non-toxic and economical Rust911 Concentrate Rust Remover. It is a powerful and extremely effective water-based rust remover that is non-hazardous and safe to use. The product uses new unique technology to safely remove rust and oxidation from steel, iron and copper.

Traditional technology relies on acids/caustics or mechanically grinding away of metal and rust to remove oxides from steels or cast irons. Using acids to remove rust requires the use of chemical resistant gloves, eye and face protection, in addition to proper disposal considerations. Acids can be extremely hazardous to use, especially if it splashes into your eyes or onto other body parts. Rust911 Concentrate Rust Remover is non-hazardous and has a pH similar to water.

Our technology utilizes a specifically designed molecule that "grabs" hold of rust, pulls it off the metal and keeps it from re-depositing back as rust. Because of the chemical mechanism, Rust911 Concentrate Rust Remover can remove an unprecedented amount of rust before it requires disposal. In addition, Rust911 only removes rust and does not affect rubber seals, plastics or paints.

This technology works well at room temperature or if time is critical, the product can be heated up to 150°F for a faster rust removal rate. Typically, rust is removed in 10 minutes to 8 hours at room temperature and the same rust can be removed in 5-30 minutes at elevated temperatures, depending on the degree of rusting.

Purchasing concentrate saves in shipping costs and it's more easily stored. A single gallon of our 10x concentrate makes up to 10-gallons of ready-to-use solution for use on light to heavy rust applications. We also offer Ultra 16x Concentrate to qualified companies that will make up to 16 gallons of powerful rust removing solution using only 1-gallon of our Ultra Concentrate.

Rust911 Concentrate Rust Remover is typically used on automotive parts, tractors, trailer hitches, cast iron engine blocks, rusty tools, nuts and bolts, intricate steel parts, antiques, steel wire wheels, inside of gas tanks, compressor tanks, scuba tanks, brass ornaments, car frames, industrial applications, military applications, sprinkler systems and many more

Our rust remover is environmentally safe and can be recycled by pouring back into the container and reused over and over. One gallon of industrial concentrate makes 10-gallons of powerful rust removing solution sells for $59.50/gallon or $5.95/gallon mixed as compared to $15/gallon offered by various competitors. Our product makes it economical and safe to remove your rust. NOTE: Most of our competitors do not offer concentrate; their solutions are ready-to-use (RTU) and you are going to pay to ship water.

For more information about the Rust911 Industrial Concentrate Rust Remover, see us at , call (607) 425-2882, or email: .

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