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EXTRUGLISS GREEN Vegetal Based Cold Heading Oil

Dec 30, 2013

Among a wide range of lubricants dedicated to the requirements of Cold Heading Machinery, CONDAT will present at the WIRE Düsseldorf 2014 Exhibition, its new solution to provide high duty lubrication with optimum safety. With a main objective on improving productivity and tool life, CONDAT has recently developed a new vegetal based cold heading oil:  EXTRUGLISS GREEN. Thanks to the high... Read More

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Wire Drawing Surface Treatment has no Borax or Phosphate.

Dec 03, 2013

Supplied in powder form, VICAFIL TS 7112 is diluted in hot water bath and contains mineral salts classified as non-toxic. Mineral salts and organic-polymers of VICAFIL TS 7112 crystallize quickly on wire, creating optimal coverage and greater deposit weight, ensuring adherence and distribution of lubricant during wiredrawing operation. This results in accelerated wiredrawing speeds, minimized die... Read More


Forging/Dry Film Lubricant protects die and increases life.

Nov 29, 2013

Effective at temperatures up to 750°F and suitable for cryogenic conditions, McLube MoS2-900 chemically and thermally stable, water-based molybdenum disulfide forging lubricant and bonded dry film lubricant is also suited for use as general-purpose dry lubricant as well as run-in lubricant. Dry lubricant coating, after evaporation of water, exhibits durability, 0.035 coefficient of... Read More

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Champion Racing and Performance Products Now Available at

Nov 26, 2013

Champion Oil, a major player in the development and manufacturing of racing and performance products, announced today that Summit Racing Equipment, headquartered in Tallmadge, Ohio, now offers the complete line of Champion Motor Oils, Chemicals, Additives, and Lubricants. For over 40 years, Summit Racing Equipment has set the standard for fast shipping, customer service, and technical expertise.... Read More

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Champion Racing Oil Announces 2014 "ELITE RACER" Program

Nov 25, 2013

Offering one of the most comprehensive racing programs in the motorsports industry, Champion Racing Oil has announced the details for their 2014 "ELITE RACER" Program, providing support for participants in almost every recognized sanctioned racing event in North America and Canada.   Karl Dedolph, Director of Racing Performance Products for Champion Oil, announced today,  "The Champion... Read More

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Quaker Chemical Shines as a Front to Back Supplier for the Tube and Pipe Industry at FABTECH

Nov 25, 2013

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. – In the rapidly changing tube and pipe industry, unique challenges and opportunities present themselves in new materials, new technologies and new global markets.  One specific challenge that tube producers face is the prevention of corrosion.  Some fabricators rely on metalworking fluids to provide both in-process and final corrosion protection, while others use a... Read More

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Kluberbio Gear and Stern Tube Lubricants from Kluber Lubrication Receive European Ecolabel Approval

Nov 21, 2013

Londonderry, NH – Kluber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, announces that its Klüberbio EG 2 gear oil for thrusters and Klüberbio RM 2 stern tube oil now carry the European Ecolabel, signifying compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP). The EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence that... Read More

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Synthetic Transmission/Hydraulic Oil protect in all temperatures.

Oct 25, 2013

Champion 4000® Ultra Synthetic with DYNAVIS® Technology contains additives and shear stable polymer thickeners that promote efficiency and protection in all temperatures. While minimizing pumping losses and startup wear, low temperature pumpability and high temperature shear stability also ensure maximum film strength and minimum internal leakage at any operating temperature. Fluid... Read More

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Lubricating System uses effective, simplified approach.

Oct 14, 2013

Suited for smaller pressrooms and vanishing oil applications, Spra-Rite Alpha Lubricating System controls lubricant application to stamped and drawn material or tooling process. Turnkey solution includes controller, injector manifolds, 5-gal stainless steel tank, nozzles, and tubing. Process control module offers numeric programming for up to 6 injector valves as well as purge/test feature, and... Read More


New Alternative for Swabbing Compounds

Oct 11, 2013

CONDAT will display on next Glasstech Asia Show in Kuala Lumpur its wide range of lubricants for glass industry (Hollow glass and Flat glass). Having a presence in the glass container industry for more than 40 years, CONDAT manufactures a complete range of glass lubricants, including shear sprays, delivery system coatings and mold lacquers. Since 1854, CONDAT has been formulated a range of... Read More

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Boundary Lubricant prevents metal-to-metal contact.

Sep 09, 2013

Suitable for high-end manual chucks or power chucks, HPG500 Lubricant prevents metal-to-metal contact under high load and slow speed conditions. NLDI Grade 2 lubricating grease offers optimized water and moisture resistance, with water washout rating of less than 3%. Formula also provides rust and corrosion resistance, even in presence of synthetic and oil-based coolant environment.... Read More

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Metalworking Fluid maintains environmental health and safety.

Aug 29, 2013

Providing bio-chemical stability and long sump life without use of bactericides, chlorine-free Blasocut® BC935SW offers extended tool life in cast iron, steel, aluminum, and exotic alloys. Product delivers optimized washing action and low misting properties for machine and shop cleanliness. Formulated for use in water with max hardness of 140 ppm, Blasocut® BC935SW provides foam control in... Read More

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Electric Reciprocating Pumps meet lubrication needs.

Aug 16, 2013

Designed to supply grease to injector-based, series progressive, and dual line metering systems, Dyna-Star HP is capable of 5,000 psi with max output of 18 in.³/min, while Dyna-Star HF is capable of 3,400 psi with max output of 25 in.³/min. HP model features vent and fill path design that converts drum into injector-based system without extra hoses or drilling holes. Both 24 Vdc pumps... Read More

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6R Supply Shifts to Biobased Industrial Supply Product Line

Aug 08, 2013

DENVER, CO -- 6R Supply Inc. has announced the transition to a wholly biobased industrial supply product line. This product line offers clients additional options for industrial hydraulic fluids, lubricants and solvents that are readily biodegradable, non-hazardous and do not use petroleum or its derivatives as base ingredients. "This shift opens 2 new markets in Colorado: Federal BioPreferred... Read More

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Curbell Plastics Announces New High Performance Sliding Material for the Conveyor, Material Handling, and Automation Industries

Aug 06, 2013

Orchard Park, NY – Curbell Plastics announces LubX® C, a new high performance UHMW-PE sliding material created by Röchling Engineering Plastics. It will be showcased in their Booth #5562 at the upcoming EASTEC Show. This high performance polymer was designed specifically for the conveyor, material handling, and automation industries. LubX® C is UHMW-PE combined with a proprietary... Read More

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Clariant Presents the EcoTain® Life Cycle for Safer, Long Lasting Lubricants

Aug 05, 2013

•Â EcoTain product label assures "sustainable excellence at every step" for customers • Resource-efficient, safe handling and biodegradable: Clariant's Performance.People.Planet values in action • 15 EcoTain products for the industrial lubricants sector showcased at the 4th Lubgrax Meeting 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil Muttenz – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, unveils its... Read More


Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant does not leave residue.

Jul 26, 2013

Solvent-free, water-based, and non-hazardous P-80® RediLube provides temporary lubrication to aid assembly of tight-fitting parts. Offering ample lubrication when wet, this biodegradable and non-toxic solution improves assembly operations by making rubber easier to install, remove, or otherwise manipulate. It does not leave interfering residue; once dry, slipping action goes away.... Read More

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EcoPower® Engine Oil is Selected by the Nestle USA Private Fleet

Jul 17, 2013

RICHARDSON, Texas – Safety-Kleen announced today that Nestle USA has switched to EcoPower® Engine Oil in its private fleet of Class 8 tractors. The move will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment, while it protects engines. More than 1.4 billion gallons of engine oil are generated every year in the U.S. Unfortunately, a majority of that volume is burned for one-time... Read More

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International Products Corporation Receives Award

Jul 16, 2013

International Products Corporation Receives Award for Demonstrating Environmental Innovation in the Manufacturing Process with P-80® Lubricants Burlington, New Jersey, USA – International Products Corporation (IPC) received the SP Award for Demonstrating Environmental Innovation in the Manufacturing Process for its environmentally friendly P-80® Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricants, which... Read More

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Diesel Motor Oil helps achieve fuel economy goals.

Jul 15, 2013

Formulated with patented friction modifier system, SAE 5W-30 UltraFleet® API-CJ4 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Motor Oil minimizes internal drag, engine wear, and corrosion while maintaining viscometric properties. Oil has 50% faster time to pressurization than traditional SAE 15W-40, leading to accelerated lubrication of critical valve train hardware and emissions system components. Read More