Product Opportunities Available for Jobbers, Installers, Engine Builders, Distributors, WD's, and Manufacturers

Domestic, International and also Private Label

From the lowrider scene to construction to agriculture to race tracks, Champion is a true top-tier industry manufacturer of performance and specialty lubricants and has been for over 57 years. Champion produces and blends over 370 products including motor oils, additives, lubricants, greases, aerosols, and chemicals.

Champion Top Sellers

- Racing Motor Oils

- Performance Diesel Motor Oils

- Engine Builder Motor Oils

- Passenger Car Motor Oils

- Chemicals, Additives, and Lubricants

- Diesel Fleet Oils

- Hydraulic Oils

- Commercial Industrial Lubricants

With top tier synthetic products, competitive pricing, extensive product offering, liberal shipping program, ample co-op, press releases, social media, plus pull thru advertising; Champion has a program with you in mind. Be sure to check us out more on the web at

We look forward to hearing from you soon and explaining our complete program that is available to you.

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