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Batch Processing Controller automates dosing and dispensing.

Aug 22, 2014

By automating batch-out processing, Model 1020-B™ eliminates need for operator to visually monitor dosing and dispensing processes. Controller monitors single channel using loop-powered, programmable output of 4-20 mA. Overall system accuracy is 0.1–0.25% FS capacity. Recommended for use with drum, tank, platform, and stainless steel platform scale bases, controller operates using 6-button... Read More

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Transmitter supports batch controller capabilities.

Apr 02, 2013

Signet 9900 Transmitter (Generation II) supports multiple parameters, including flow, pH/ORP, conductivity/resistivity, salinity, temperature, pressure, level, and 4–20 mA signals, and batch systems. In addition to saving up to 10 batch sizes, capabilities include customizable batch names, entry of K-factors for each batch, confirmation for preventing accidental batch starts, manual batch... Read More

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Batch Controller ensures exact dispensing.

May 17, 2011

Designed to provide precise sensing and dispensing of liquids into container or process vessel, Model RA33 monitors flow, temperature, and density; controls valves and pumps; and dispenses exact amount requested by programmed recipe. Unit can work with single valve and pump in automatic or manual mode, or with 2 valves for 2-stage batching. Error diagnostics detect leakage, fill deviation, and... Read More

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Automatic Sampler Controller consolidates plant operations.

Jun 09, 2010

Consolidating 50+ controller designs, Model SBC can control every automatic sampler in Sentry's product line. Stand-alone sampler controller offers intuitive operator interface as well as local and remote operating modes. This dedicated logic control system, designed for use with Sentry samplers in general-purpose environment, installs with few connections and offer Quick Start screen to guide... Read More

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Controller measures vapor recovered from light hydrocarbons.

Aug 19, 2009

Coupled with Micro Motion® Coriolis meter, DL8000 Preset Controller measures vapor recovery mass as well as delivered mass, and computes net value for delivery of product. This enables terminal to charge customers only for product received, resolving batch control requirements for liquid custody transfer applications. Housed in explosion-proof enclosure with optical signal isolation, DL8000... Read More

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Whitehall Specialties Selects ESE's Q5L Near Infrared Analyzer for Batch Process Control

Jul 22, 2009

Marshfield, WI - July 13, 2009 - ESE, Inc., the Engineering Solutions Experts, today announced that process cheese producer Whitehall Specialties has selected ESE's Q5L Near Infrared Analyzer (NIR) to improve batch quality and reduce rework in its cheese production processes. This will be the third plant that Whitehall has chosen ESE, Inc. and the Q5L NIR Analyzer. The Q5L is part of the Q5 NIR... Read More

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Preset Controller measures flow of hydrocarbon liquids.

Jan 10, 2008

DL8000 microprocessor-based batch delivery controller calculates flow for custody transfer using average measured product flow rates, measured temperature, pressure, and density to achieve measurement of flow at standard conditions. Double-precision math computations are enabled by Fisher® ROC-Series remote operations controller technology. Unit can be configured for different batch loading... Read More

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Closed-Loop Ratio Controller regulates 2-stream blending.

Nov 08, 2007

InSpec 3-term PID controller offers flexible solution for 2-stream controlled rate, or wildstream, blending and analyzer trim applications. Designed with self-tuning algorithm to optimize blending performance at fastest achievable rate, product provides user interface with operator prompting and hot keys to display key parameters or alarms. Up to 20 user-defined recipes can be configured and... Read More

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Length/Process Control System has built-in batch control.

May 23, 2007

Used for time-based cutting, LC-2000 can measure products using encoder with measuring wheel and can also be wired to stop existing Puller when batch is completed or activate visual/audible alarm when batch is done. Internal batch control system lets operator preset batch quantity and repeat batch either automatically or via pushbutton actuation. Able to be used with any extrusion/profile cutter,... Read More

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Flow Indicators suit analog signal applications.

Nov 21, 2006

Accepting all standard process signals such as 4-20 mA, 1-5 V, and 0-5 V, Series FIV flow rate/totalizer/batch controllers feature 7-segement LED display that provides 4½ digits of flow rate and 6 digits of total. For applications requiring more than display of rate or total, meters can be equipped with 2 relays and 4-20 mA retransmission output. Relays can also be used for alarming based on... Read More

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Weigh Batch Controller System delivers accurate dosing.

May 31, 2006

Featuring RL 920i(TM) technology, Weigh Batch Controller System incorporates soft-touch keyboard with back-lit LCD display, with 10 user-defined and 14 pre-set functions. Unit can operate in both gain-in-weight and loss-in-weight modes and provides automatic refill or bag change functions in loss-in-weight mode. With rugged SS enclosure, it automatically transfers in multi-speed batch processing,... Read More

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Batch Controller uses multifunctional system architecture.

Jul 29, 2004

Nova-Flow Batch Controller provides local display and transmits flow data for control capability. Plug-n-flow computer also provides for single and dual stage batching processes for use on liquids and gases requiring temperature, pressure, and compressibility compensation. Unit features LED backlit display, capable of showing 4 parameters simultaneously, and 8 expansion slots that accommodate... Read More

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Flow Monitor/Batch Controllers work with flow meters.

Jan 30, 2004

Model HPD-FEM provides flow rate, total, or ratios. Outputs can be programmed to perform limit, warning, or alarm functions. Model HPD-FEMA has 4-20 mA output to track data remotely, while Model HPD FEM A2 has 2 channels to monitor dual flows. Model HPD-BAC features 9 programmable batch amounts, batch counter and totalizer, and batch error compensator. Two relays for solenoid VA control are... Read More

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Formula Batch Controller does not require use of PLC.

Jul 21, 2002

Model F805-F runs multiple formulas with multiple ingredients. Each of 200 stored formulas can have 30-step sequences to control 5 ingredient supply bins. Two-speed filling with jog feature controls each ingredient. Ingredients and formulas are identified alpha-numerically. Data acquisition features A/D conversion with rolling average calculations for 200 weighing results per second. Color touch... Read More

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Flow Instruments can work without external power.

May 29, 2002

Compact Access® Series includes BA200 rate totalizer, BA212 heat calculator, and intrinsically safe BA214 batch controller. Suitable for remote locations, models include battery, loop, and dc powered versions. All models interface with turbine, positive-displacement, and paddlewheel flowmeters, making them suitable for pipeline and irrigation applications. Each has large LCD, front panel... Read More

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Batching Controller has fieldbus interface capabilities.

May 06, 2002

AD-4402 can be used as stand-alone batching unit or part of multi-function system. RS-485 interface allows up to 32 controllers to be networked to PLC, PC, or equipment supporting Modbus. Eleven outputs and 11 inputs can be set up using one of 50 pre-programmed function codes. Controller has internal resolution of 1,000,000 counts, maximum display resolution of 16,000 counts, and A/D conversion... Read More

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Batch Controller works with pulse-producing flow meters.

May 01, 2002

Ecobatch IP66 operates with PD, turbine, mass, and magnetic style flow meters. Ac/dc-powered controller can be field or panel mounted. Two control relays provide staged control of batch, PIN protection, missing pulse detection, multi-controller networking, logging of accumulative total, and totalization of number of batches. Scrolling prompts display operation, alarm, and error conditions.... Read More

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Batch Controller handles liquids and gases.

Apr 10, 2002

Nova-Flow provides local display, transmits flow data for control, and provides for both single and dual stage batching processes on liquids and gases requiring temperature, pressure, and compressibility compensation. Batching methods available include manual, auto, auto-continue and remote batching using standard Modbus protocol. Manual, timed, compensated, and auto prewarn methods are available... Read More

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Mass Flow Meters offer integral batch control.

Feb 05, 2002

FlexCOR(TM) CMF Series features ASIC design and processes multi-parameter information including mass flow, volumetric flow, density, temperature and fraction-flow. Series comes in 5 flow sizes ranging from 1/16 to 2 in. Measuring range can be as low as 0.1 lbs/min with CMF-A to over 1900 lbs/min with CMF-F. Designed with continuous, seamless tube, CMF units withstand pressure loads up to 6760... Read More

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Weigh Batch Controller has up to 100 groups of set points.

Jan 28, 2002

F805 Weigh Batch Controller with 100 gate control outputs is offered with full color touch screen displays to allow setup, calibration, and clear messaging. Displays have adjustable contrast and backlight settings. F805 provides speeds of 200 updates per second and selectable resolution to 40,000. Power supply can excite/power up to four 350 ohm load cells (or eight 1000 ohm). There are two (5.0... Read More