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EAS Reverse Torque Limiter offers automatic re-engagement.

Dec 19, 2016

Designed in three construction sizes ranging in 80-2500 Nm, EAS Reverse Torque Limiter transmits power with < 0.05° low wear. Providing permanent protection against overload damage, unit features hard functional parts. Featuring disengagement mechanism, unit can separate input and output almost residual torque-free with high switch-off and can be operated in dust, dirt, spray water, heat or... Read More

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Ball Detent Torque Limiters protect equipment, minimize downtime.

Mar 17, 2016

Offered 4 standard sizes and custom configurations, CDWdrives series includes such features as bronze-bushed adapter with tapped bolt circle holes, Over Adjustment safety feature, and hub extension with barring holes. Thru-bore hub configuration, also available, allows long shaft mounting or mounting between bearings. Along with max speed ratings of 200 or 500 rpm, models 211CDW, 221CDW,... Read More

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Regal Introduces Mill-drive Condition Monitoring Program, Including Diagnostics, Solution Consulting and Lifecycle Support for Components

Apr 17, 2015

New program aims to eliminate unplanned downtime, increase throughput, enhance competitiveness, and improve forecasting of spares. FLORENCE, KY – Regal Power Transmission Solutions introduces its new mill-drive condition monitoring program at AISTech with technology that monitors drive dynamics, presents mill operators with a real-time snapshot of system health, and alerts them when vibration... Read More

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Thermocouple Limit Alarm suits food service equipment.

May 12, 2014

To let operator know of potentially dangerous conditions, Series TSF-DF provides visual alarm and 16 A SPST relay output when process has reached high temperature limit. Once temperature has returned to normal, non-alarm condition, unit can reset automatically or be manually reset by user. Buttons on face of control can only be used to reset alarm condition, preventing user from tampering with... Read More

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Temperature/Process Limit Controller is designed for flexibility.

Aug 16, 2013

With universal inputs and accuracy of ±0.5°C temperature or 0.03% reading, CNi-AL series offers flexibility in process measurement and limit alarm applications. Features include 2 relay alarm outputs, programmable color displays, front removable plug connectors, programmable digital filter, and remote reset input. Controller can, with programmable limit alarm setpoints, provide visual... Read More

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Large Torque Limiters handle torque up to 50,000 Nm.

Mar 12, 2012

Available in models capable of handling up to 37,000 foot-pounds (50,000 Nm) of torque, Torque Limiters protect drive trains, gearboxes, and generators from excessive peak loads, minimize risk of breakdowns, and help extend system life. Features include factory preset torque and max bore sizes up to 5½ in. or 140 mm with or without keyway. Operational from -40 to +80°C, maintenance-free... Read More

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Microbarb Low-Carryover Connectors from Diba at Pittcon 2011

Feb 28, 2011

Danbury, CT (February 16, 2011) - Custom fluid path specialist Diba will feature its fluid handling components at the 2011 Pittcon Conference and Expo. Diba's Microbarb(TM) connectors, Click-N-Seal Ultra, Bubble Trap and PEEK chromatography columns will also be on display at the company's booth #3026. The show takes place at the Georgia World Conference Center (Atlanta, Ga.) from March 14-17.... Read More

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Mid-West Instrument has CRN 12564.5C for all Canadian Provinces

Nov 03, 2009

Where ever a CRN (Canadian Registration Number) is required for equipment produced in Canada or shipped into Canada, Mid-West Instrument has products to meet this requirement. A wide variety of models and materials are covered by a CRN for all of Canada. Contact our inside Sales Coordinators to assist you in selecting the most cost effective model and material for your specific CRN requirements.... Read More

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Pneumatic Torque Limiters provide overload protection.

Oct 05, 2009

Using ball/detent interface and proximity sensor, single-position TL Series immediately disengages machine shaft when excessive torque or machine jam occurs, protecting downstream equipment and product from damage. By utilizing pneumatic actuation, units facilitate remote trip-out torque adjustment via air regulator, allowing overload protection while machine is in use. Limiters are available in... Read More

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Panel Mount Controller features basic user interface.

Apr 16, 2009

Offering 1 universal input and option for up to 2 outputs, EZ-ZONE® PM Express is available in 1/32 or 1/16 DIN panel mount package as PID process controller or dedicated over and under-temperature limit controller. Supported by 2 menus, user interface makes product suited for basic applications and user levels. Standard bus communications provide product configuration via PC communications with... Read More

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Axial Piston Pumps offer torque limiting option.

Mar 03, 2009

Designed for open circuit mobile equipment and industrial applications, P1/PD Variable Displacement Pumps are rated for continuous operation at 2,600 rpm and pressures to 4,060 psi. Torque limiter adjusts flow in circuit to keep prime mover from stalling under heavy loads. Available in 5 configurations, single spring unit monitors pressure and displacement as measured by pump's hanger angle. As... Read More

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Torque Limiter suits 56C to 213TC NEMA motor frames.

Nov 25, 2008

Featuring keyed input bore and output shaft, NEMA C-Face Friction Torque Limiter provides overload protection in 4 sizes for 56C to 213TC NEMA motor frames. Multiple facings are spring engaged to drive output shaft until pre-set torque range is exceeded. Torque limiter will then slip under load until jam is cleared or manual or sensor-triggered shutdown occurs. Enclosed in aluminum housing,... Read More

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Temperature Limit Controller shuts down thermal processes.

Jul 31, 2008

Offering independent shutdown for thermal processes, Series CN63500 temperature limit controller has dual 4-digit displays that allow simultaneous viewing of process temperature and limit setpoint. Unit has plastic case with tinted front panel that meets NEMA 4X (IP65) specifications and accepts signals from variety of temperature sensors. Comprehensive programming allows it to meet wide variety... Read More

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Athena Limit Controllers Provide an Economical Solution for Simple On/Off "Limit" Applications

Apr 30, 2008

Athena Controls, Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of temperature/process controllers, temperature sensors, and related accessories, is now offering their Series 86 and 88 Limit Controllers as an economical solution for On/Off "Limit" Applications. Designed for quick and easy installation via fast-on lugs or terminal strips, Series 86 Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers and Series 88... Read More

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Watlow On-Off Temperature and Limit Controllers Now RoHS Compliant

Mar 25, 2008

St. Louis, MO - Watlow®, a leading designer and manufacturer of heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, today announced that Watlow's on-off temperature and limit controllers are now compliant with the European Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive (2002-95-EC). Watlow's on-off line of products include the SERIES CV, LV, CF, LF and TM controllers. These economically priced... Read More

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Torque Limiter Solution Significantly Reduces Downtime Problems

Nov 09, 2007

Mach III was contacted by a power generation facility in which large, manually-operated control valves are utilized. The quarter-turn valves, located 16 feet in the air, are driven through right angle worm reducers. In as much as human beings are not equipped with torque sensors in their muscles, costly downtime failures were occurring when workers applied excess force to the worm reducer via the... Read More

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Thermocouple Limit Control provides audible alarm status.

May 09, 2007

Offering 15 A relay alarm output, FM approved Series TSF can be used as high or low limit alarm. Unit allows user to select automatic or manual reset along with 10 other parameters. Control includes built-in reset button on front panel or can accept external reset. Read More

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Controller integrates safety limit and temperature control.

Aug 04, 2006

EHG SL10 process controller and safety limit combines heater with temperature controller, 2 thermocouple sensors, power switching device and alert lights for at-temperature notification, and power and out-of-range (high/low temperature) alert. Controller is upgradeable and field adjustable. With display only, communications, and combined modules available, device is suited for foodservice, life... Read More

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Magnetic Slip Clutches feature custom shafts.

Mar 03, 2006

Suited for office automation equipment, torque-limiting Series OPL includes 9 different models with torques ranging from .17-3.52 lb-in. Units create torque magnetically, so there is minimal amount of stick slip. Sealed design prevents wear particles from contaminating machine and particles from machine contaminating slip clutch. Customers can order any length shaft they need with any snap ring... Read More

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Torque Limiter delivers zero backlash operation.

Feb 22, 2006

Mechanical Torque Limiter isolates driving from driven elements within milliseconds. While offering precise overload protection, rotary motion control product is torsionally rigid and provides double bearing support of pulley/sprocket. Product is factory-set to lowest torque within range and can be adjusted without being removed from application. Areas of use include machine tools, automation... Read More