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Adhesives & Sealants

127-41 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is suitable for polymer thick film circuits.

Dec 08, 2017

127-41 UV Curable Conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is suitable for printed and medical electronics, RFID, touch screens and electronic circuitry applications. This high peel strength and 100 percent solid unit offers stability against heat and humidity. Product can be used with pick and place equipment or chip shooters and is ideal for electrical attachment of surface-mounted devices,... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Conductive Medical Electrode Ink/Coating is chemical resistant.

Nov 09, 2015

Intended for sensors as well as ECG, EEG, TENS, and defibrillator electrodes, 113-09(S) consists of single-component, medical-grade, silver-silver chloride (Ag-AgCl) ink and coating. It adheres to polyimide and polyester films as well as other high-energy substrates and exhibits optimal aging characteristics when used with high-salt content hydrogels. Also exhibiting flexibility and crease... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Paints & Coatings

Electrically Conductive Inks and Coatings come in primary colors.

Jul 17, 2015

Resistant to abrasion, scratching, flexing, and creasing, 126-29 series serves applications where electrical conductor is required and appearance of graphics arts is desired. Red, blue, and yellow colors with 5 Ω/sq./mil max sheet resistivity are available and exhibit color stability as well as minimal opportunity for surface transfer of conductive particles. Applied by screen-printing, dipping,... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants, Materials & Material Processing, Printing & Duplicating Equipment

Electrically Conductive Inks suit wearable electronics.

Mar 02, 2015

Adhering to variety of natural and synthetic fibers, 125-19FS consists of flexible, screen-printable, silicone-based conductive ink that offers low-temperature performance to -70°C, and high temperature properties up to 325°C. Screen-printable 120-07 Ink is extremely conductive with optimal creasing resistance and washability features. Adhering to fabric substrates, 124-33 screen-printable... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants

Die-Attach Adhesives offer optimized rheology.

Jan 26, 2015

Intended for microelectronics and semiconductor industries, Electraset™ electrically conductive die attach adhesives conform to Test Method 5011 in MIL-STD-883. Electraset™ 620 couples low cure shrinkage with low coefficient of thermal expansion, minimizing chip or device warping and preventing cracking or delamination. Electraset™ 620-2 has virtually no bleed and minimal spreading,... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants, Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Silicone Adhesive is flexible and electrically conductive.

Jul 18, 2014

With optimized working life and dispensing characteristics, 102-32D is designed for high throughput and automated dispensing processes. Use results in no tailing or stringing and minimal bleeding. Conductivity is 0.0001 Ω-cm, and application methods include spraying, screen-printing, and syringe dispensing. Capable of room temperature and snap cure, elastic adhesive suits delicate and... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants, Materials & Material Processing

Silver Inks, Adhesives offer reduced-conductivity alternative.

Mar 20, 2012

Featuring greater than 85% silver content and volume resistance of 0.0005 ohm-cm upon cure, 125-43A/B119-44 solvent-resistant, 2-component electrically conductive ink is intended for touchscreens and shielding applications. Used for making attachments on electrical and mechanical devices, 125-46A/B,C, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive exhibits volume resistivity of less than 0.01 ohm-cm upon... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants

Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives suit LCD manufacturing.

Oct 11, 2011

Available as paste, film, or pressure-sensitive tape, Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives are conductive in Z-axis and non-conductive in X- and Y-axis. During curing process, particles in adhesive become stacked in vertical configuration, providing conductivity for component that is mounted to surface, while remaining electrically insulating on X and Y axes. Applications include RFID manufacture,... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives for Quartz Oscillators offer low stress, thermal stability.

Jul 05, 2011

Electrically conductive and electrically insulating adhesives for quartz oscillator circuits are suited for bonding leads onto quartz crystals and surface mount lid attachment. Electrically condictive products include flexible, medium- and low-viscosity solutions that can be screen printed or machine dispensed. Lid attachment products are optimized for thermal conductivity, thermal cycling, and... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants

Thermal Epoxy Adhesive serves thermal management applications.

Mar 01, 2011

Formulated for use in manufacture of computer components and LEDs, 109-12 Thermally Conductive Low-Stress Epoxy is resistant to thermal-cycling and exhibits minimal shrinkage during cure. Thermal adhesive, used to interface between heat-producing component and heat-sink in electronics designs, has viscosities of 500,000 cps at room temperature or 60,000 at 50°C. This reduces air entrapment,... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants, Materials & Material Processing

Conductive Tapes and Films utilize acrylic adhesives.

Feb 03, 2011

Pressure sensitive, double-sided tapes and adhesive-transfer films are available in thicknesses from 0.002-0.010 in. Anisotropically conductive products are resistant to temperature extremes, humidity, and direct exposure to sunlight. Double-sided, pressure sensitive tape No. 300-01 is 0.009 in. thick and conductive on one side. Metal foil support film transmits electricity down length of tape,... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Printing & Duplicating Equipment

Fine-Line Epoxy Ink suits printed electronics applications.

Nov 23, 2010

Available as 2-component system, 125-26A/B119-44 adheres to variety of substrates, including ITO-coated surfaces and other low surface-energy substrates. Electrically conductive product is resistant to scratching and creasing and is capable of screen printing circuits with fine-line widths and spaces as small as 50-75 microns. With minimal sensitivity to handling, abrasion, and solvents,... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants

Flexible, Conductive Adhesive replaces solder in solar cells.

Sep 30, 2010

Formulated for optimized bond strength and flexibility required for bonding of solar array components, 124-08 electrically conductive epoxy adhesive features coefficient of thermal expansion compatible with composition of thin film PV cells. This 1- or 2-component, pre-catalyzed solution, which can be injected via syringe or jet dispensed, is resistant to humidity, has cure temperature range of... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Printing & Duplicating Equipment

Electrically Conductive Ink resists creasing, solvent attack.

Jun 16, 2010

Suited to needs of printed electronics and electronic paper displays, 118-09C single-component, pre-catalyzed epoxy ink, coating, and adhesive can be screen-printed and is resistant to scratching. Product adheres to various substrates, including polyimide polymer film, polyester film, glass, polycarbonate, and others, as well as transparent conductive oxides such as ITO (indium tin oxide).... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants

Two-Component Epoxy Adhesives are electrically conductive.

Apr 08, 2010

Type 118-15, 123-39, 124-08, and 125-18 are 100% solids silver-filled epoxy systems designed for attachment of electronic components. Featuring 1:1 mix ratio by weight, RoHS-compliant products are fast curing, resistant to thermal shock, and cure in temperatures as low as 80°C. They are dispensible via syringe or high-speed jet dispensing systems in dots or lines as narrow as 1-3 mils. Each type... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Printing & Duplicating Equipment

Silicone Ink is flexible and electrically conductive.

Dec 07, 2009

Formulated to be screen printed, 125-19 High Temperature Ink can be used with Kapton®, Teflon®, and rubber surfaces as well as ceramic, glass, and silicone substrates. Environmentally friendly product can also be syringe-dispensed, dipped, and sprayed. Providing electrical insulation and resistance to water, ink is produced as smooth paste suited for EMI/RFID shielding, polymer thick film... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Paints & Coatings, Printing & Duplicating Equipment

Dielectric Ink is screen-printable and solvent-resistant.

Jul 03, 2009

Optimized for flow and print quality, Type 125-17 has translucent, sky-blue color and is used as protective insulating layer as well as crossover layer for polymer thick-film conductive inks in printed circuit applications. Flexible and UV-curable coating, compatible with range of substrates, is resistant to humidity, temperature fluctuations, and solvents. Low-odor solution delivers printed,... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Conductive Silver Ink is resistant to flexing, creasing.

Mar 06, 2009

Electrically conductive ink, 125-10, has typical sheet resistivity of 15 milliohm/square/mil and adheres to polyester, polyimide, polycarbonate, glass, and various other substrates. Applications include RFID antennas, EMI/RFI shielding, polymer thick film circuitry, and membrane switches. Nominally applied via screen-printing and syringe dispensing, other versions of 125-10 are available for... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Paints & Coatings, Printing & Duplicating Equipment

Translucent Conductive Ink offers 75-90% opacity.

Feb 04, 2009

Providing conductivities as low as 4 W-cm, screen-printable 124-31 Ink and Coating adheres to variety of substrates without prior surface treatments. Optical properties allow end user to print conductive traces with limited opacity at thicknesses up to and over 1 mil. Offering resistance to creasing and scratching, as well as solvents, ink is suited for high-resolution... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants, Materials & Material Processing

Conductive Inks/Adhesives suit thin film photovoltaic cells.

Oct 01, 2008

Adhering to variety of transparent conductive oxides, Silver Conductive Inks and Adhesives operate in high humidity environments and provide optimal environmental aging. Inks are used in grid lines and buss bars printed onto TCO's in thin film solar cells, while adhesives connect multiple solar cells to build arrays. Two-component 118-09A/B187 ink offers 0.0005 W-cm... Read More

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