Adhesive and Epoxy are designed for flip chip assembly.

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Material GPC-251A/B is silver-filled, electrically conductive, 2-part, room-temperature curing adhesive used to connect bumps on underside of circuit boards. Product cures in 24 hr @ 25°C, 60 min @ 65°C, and 5 min @ 120°C. Material 123-38A/B-187 is thermally conductive underfill epoxy that strengthens chip package, protecting it from moisture and adding mechanical strength. Product releases entrapped air during cure, resulting in smooth, pinhole-free surface.

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Creative Materials Announces Flip Chip Assembly Materials for Automotive Electronics, Cell Phones and Microprocessors

(Boston, MA) -- Creative Materials, Inc, a worldwide supplier of electrically conductive inks, coatings, adhesives and encapsulants, announced today the availability of an electrically conductive adhesive, GPC-251A/B, and a thermally conductive underfill epoxy, 123-38A/B187, designed for flip chip assembly. Flip chip assembly replaces wire bonding as the electrical connection of electronic components onto substrates or circuit boards. A process long used in the automotive industry, flip chip assembly is growing in popularity among makers of cell phones, handheld electronic devices and microprocessors. Flip chip assembly offers many advantages in size, cost and overall performance.

Material GPC-251A/B is a silver filled, electrically conductive, two-part, room-temperature curing adhesive used to connect the bumps on the underside of circuit boards. The product cures in 24 hours at 25 degrees Celsius, 60 minutes at 65 degrees Celsius and in five minutes at 120 degrees Celsius.

Material 123-38A/B-187 is a thermally conductive underfill epoxy that strengthens the chip package, protecting it from moisture while adding mechanical strength. The product is designed to release entrapped air rapidly during cure, resulting in a smooth, pinhole free surface. The low viscosity of this product makes it ideal for underfilling applications.

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