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Aftermarket Clutches extend service life by decreasing downtime.

February 2, 2016

With high-performance friction material, Meritor® AllFit series serves heavy-/medium-/light-duty and off-road applications. Respective torque ratings are 620–1,400 lb-ft and 1,250–2,250 lb-ft for manual-adjust 14 and 15.5 in. clutch assemblies. Latter includes 7-, 8-, 9-, and 10-spring disc designs. Also available, 15.5 in. easy-pedal effort clutches offer single-motion adjustment. At 15.5 x 2 in., self-adjusting model comes with 7 springs or 9 springs in 4- and 6-paddle options. Read More

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Self-Adjusting Clutch eliminates adjustment-related downtime.

August 11, 2015

Available for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, Euclid® self-adjusting 15.5 in. clutch comes in 15.5 x 2 in. models with 7 springs or 9 springs in 4- and 6-paddle options. Over-adjustment prevention technology is standard, and Actively Expanding Seal (AES) provides anti-contamination enclosure. Self-locking worm gear ensures positive adjustment, and reset procedure, if required, does not require clutch removal. Read More

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In-Line Slip Clutches feature low-backlash operation.

April 17, 2014

Featuring all-mechanical design, Slip-Ease® S98CA7 Multi-Plate Clutches are commonly used for overload protection to prevent injury and machine failure. Slip plates are layered with friction pads, and adjusting nut sets slip torque by squeezing plates together. Outer plates are tabbed to fit into output housing and inner plates are connected to input hub, so that ends disengage from one another upon slipping. Compared to standard clutches, Slip-Ease models offer reduced backlash of about 2°. Read More

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Multi-Plate In-Line Slip Clutches have low-backlash design.

February 19, 2014

Featuring outer plates tabbed to fit into output housing and inner plates connected to input hub, all-mechanical S98CA7-… series is commonly used for overload protection and can also be used in such applications as tension control and positioning retention hinges. Slip plates are layered with friction pads in-between, and adjusting nut sets slip torque. Recesses for tabs of outer slip plates are cut such that tabs lie in plane with housing, promoting tight fit to lower backlash. Read More

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Turning Center Machine Clutch features floating coupling design.

January 13, 2014

Designed for Okuma CNC turning centers, PRECI-FLEX® Compensating Clutch provides floating coupling between turret drive motor tangs and toolholders that self-compensates for misalignment. Resulting precision alignment reduces vibration and tool chatter. Promoting smooth operation, surface finish quality, and extended tool life, clutch offers connection area twice that of standard spindle which lends to optimized torque transfer while eliminating loss of power between motors and tool holders. Read More

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Durable Friction Clutches serve space-constricted applications.

November 27, 2013

Occupying ¾ in. dia footprint, EAO 12 and EAS 12 offer torque ranges up to 10 lb-in. as well as smooth, reliable breakaway and continuous slip. Both of these bi-directional clutches, available in fixed, adjustable, and custom designs, feature life expectancy of 20–30 million revolutions in slip condition and do not require lubrication. Housing design is optimized for durability using tabs and slots. Stainless steel options are available.
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Mechanical Slip Clutches suit vertical applications.

November 25, 2013

With torque capabilities from 10–150 lb-in., V-Series Polyclutch® Mechanical Slip Clutches provide torque control for driving, capping, and other applications where thrust loads are applied. Units feature self-supporting hub design, integrated ball bearing that allows thrust loads of 150–650 lb, and long-life friction materials that allow clutches to slip continuously or intermittently for over 30 million cycles. English, metric, hex, and threaded bore configuration available. Read More

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Compensating Clutch eliminates CNC turning center misalignment.

October 7, 2013

PRECI-FLEX® lets Nakamura CNC turning centers float away misalignment between turret drive motors and toolholders, promoting smooth operation, surface finish quality, and tool life. While resulting precise alignment reduces vibration and tool chatter, other benefits include elimination of wear to turret drive motor connections and elimination of backlash as result of complete fit around drivetrain of motor. Clutch also lessens severity of damage that can occur as result of machine crash. Read More

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Clutch Brake delivers 78,000 lb-in. of mine-duty torque.

February 27, 2013

Able to be operated as clutch only or clutch brake to accommodate varying applications, Size 30 Posidyne® dynamically accelerates or decelerates high-inertia loads without wear on friction discs. Product functions without requiring any regular maintenance intervention during its 40,000,00-cycle design life, while Oil Shear Technology lends to smooth and quiet acceleration/deceleration. Actuation media to move product's piston can be air or hydraulic pressure. Read More

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Micro Clutch has thin-profile, lightweight design.

September 12, 2012

Supplied with lead wire and terminal, MIC-T series is available with customer-specified gear or dog hub output. Latter lets users incorporate different gears for varying needs. To minimize weight, clutches feature construction that utilizes all-plastic and powder metal design. Read More

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Reduced Torque Clutches, Brakes enhance narrow web converters.

April 4, 2012

Driven at constant speed by primary drive of machine, SensiFlex® tension control clutches and brakes include 19 models with proprietary ULOW (ultra-low coefficient) friction facings. These single-surface, air-actuated friction devices maintain tension on roll of material - paper, film, foil, wire - as it is being unwound/rewound. Span of air pressure traversed to deliver torque required at core up to torque required at full roll (and vice versa) allows precise web tension control. Read More

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Marine Clutches are available in 2 styles.

September 27, 2011

Available in EWA versions for oil-immersed application or EDA units that run as dry friction clutches, Model HC/CH features key seal that allows for use of standard O-rings and facilitates installation in current configurations using double keyway and single drilled actuation hole. Forced oil-cooling provisions accommodate high-energy engagements, and Disc-Pac cores are designed using extra heavy plate thicknesses. Hubs, manufactured from alloy steel, include induction-hardened teeth. Read More

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Spring-Engaged Clutches operate when power fails.

August 11, 2011

Available in 10 sizes from 10-960 lb-ft, SMC series engages any time power is released. Power is only required when clutch needs to disengage, and series can also be used as standby or creep drives. Standard coil voltage is 24, but modified voltages are available. Also, bore sizes can be modified to meet application requirements. Areas of use include construction elevator, machine tool, and industrial machinery applications or when manual backup system/override is required. Read More

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Industrial Clutch and Brake employ sound dampening technique.

June 1, 2011

Industrial clutch and brake V series, available with silent armature, accommodates applications in medical and entertainment industries, where extraneous noise is problematic. Attached to back side of armature, dampening material absorbs clicking sound from clutch or brake engagement. Clutches and brakes come in 6 sizes, from 4.5-150 lb-ft torque, and have standard operating voltage of 24 Vdc. Various DC coils can be made available, and bore sizes are offered in metric or inch. Read More

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Torque Limiting Clutch is designed for heavy duty use.

May 16, 2011

Intended for torques up to 280,000 Nm, EAS®-element large disengaging torque limiting clutches are designed with curved tooth couplings for connection of 2 shafts. Products transfer torque using positive locking during normal operation. On overload, they separate input and output nearly free of residual torque. Kinetic energy from rotating masses stored in system can slow down freely, eliminating possibility of automatic re-engagement. Read More

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Spring Engaged Friction Clutches work in absence of pressure.

March 2, 2011

Comprising 9 models, Mach III industrial clutches ensure torque transmission in absence of air pressure or during power-off conditions. Regular- and heavy-duty models offer fixed torque transmission from 506-24,375 lb-in. and release when air pressure is applied to overcome spring pressure. Mounted at end of shaft, clutches include finished pilot to facilitate mounting of sprocket or pulley and are made to order with bore and keyway sizes specified by end-user for 0.625-3.5 in. shafts. Read More

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One-Way Clutches feature ball bearings on both ends.

February 16, 2011

Available in 11 sizes ranging from 10-42 mm in diameter by 15-30 mm long, BHFL One-Way Clutches support torques from 1.76-121 Nm. Designed to operate on end of shaft, units feature ball bearings on both ends to provide support for radial loads. Clutches allow free spinning in one direction, while locking in other direction to prevent reverse rotation. Providing smooth, frictionless operation, clutches are used in assembly of products, machinery, and other motor-driven devices. Read More

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Multiturn Precision Potentiometers offer slip clutch option.

November 15, 2010

Available on Models 3547, 3548, and 3549, slip clutch option is designed as safety feature that helps prevent damage to potentiometer in applications where full travel is used. Internal design does not alter physical dimensions of component and allows potentiometer to idle at extreme clockwise or counter-clockwise ends without damage to stops. Potentiometers with slip clutch offer solution for mechanized or machine-to-machine applications such as linear actuators and mechanical position sensors. Read More

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Mineral Processing Clutch reduces component wear, power draw.

August 31, 2010

Offered in 24 sizes, Airflex® 76VC2000 dual clutch system transmits rotary torque from high-speed electric motors that drive gearboxes or low-speed synchronous motors to high-performing mills up to 14,750 hp per pinion. Friction drum, which has 76 in. dia, enables transmission of adequate torque for large grinding mill-drive applications. Custom-built to specific motor and mill configuration requirements, this motion-control solution has performed 500,000 cycles in-field testing. Read More

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Safety Clutch features integrated signal transmitter.

June 25, 2010

Adjusted in factory for proper operation, EAS®-Sensor Safety Clutch features integrated limit switch that detects disengagement motion of clutch in case of overload and transmits signal wirelessly to base station connected to machine controller. Transmitter of unit, including power supply, is entirely contained in torque adjustment nut, and reports operating state of clutch at regular intervals, along with information on supply voltage level. Read More