IR Transceivers target mobile phones and PDAs.

Models HSDL-3020 and HSDL-3021 low-power IR transceivers offer IrDA-compliant data transmission at up to 4 Mb/s and enable mobile phones and PDAs to function as universal IR remote controls for televisions, VCRs, DVDs, and other home appliances. Transceivers can transfer 640 x 480 pixel photo in approximately 0.7 sec, and 329 Mb 1280 x 960 pixel image in approximately 2.3 sec. HSDL-3021 provides...

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Communication Networks

Communications Appliance addresses corporate blogging.

BlogUnit(TM) allows corporate web loggers to author, manage, measure, deliver, and syndicate blogging communication. It integrates built-in security through profiles that can be tuned to control access to features and content. All blog content resides in company's data center, enabling tight control of editing, publishing, approval, content viewing, broadcasting, and statistics. BlogUnit offers...

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Management Systems

Web Relay enables universal application access.

Suited for enterprises using SSL VPNs for complex web applications, Caymas 220, 318, and 525 Identity-Driven Access Gateways are offered with Web Relay that creates secure connection between authorized users and applications. Relay provides clientless access to any web application without requiring URL rewrite or client software. Gateways utilize Identity Tagging Architecture and support hundreds...

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Network Appliance provides intrusion protection.

Equipped with Threat Remediation Dashboard and Central Management System, self-tuning ipAngel X3V incorporates anti-virus capabilities as well as ability to eliminate spyware and adware. It integrates intrusion prevention technology with vulnerability assessment, transparent firewalling, and multi-vector correlation in one interoperable platform. Series is comprised of AVS-100/400/1000 models...

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Wireless Headset offers cell phone users cord-free comfort.

Weighing 0.286 lb, Bluetooth Wireless Headset includes secure ear hook, volume control, and built-in rechargeable battery for up to 100 hr stand-by and 4.5 hr talk time. Device works anywhere up to 33 ft away from Bluetooth cell phone. Hanging attachable string, charging power adapter, and USB charging cable are included.

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Fulfillment Services

Messaging Service offers global interoperability.

Multimedia Messaging Service transfers video, images, sounds, and text from one mobile device to another, in any combination. It provides interoperator transcoding capabilities, multi-lingual delivery support, international routing capabilities, and reporting capabilities that show message transit and media details. Operators can monitor traffic volume, view individual message statistics, and...

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Cell Phone operates over 900 and 1,800 MHz frequencies.

Customizable with user's choice of ring tones or pictures, Model 1803 dual-band GSM cell phone is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch languages. Candy-bar style phone, powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery, includes features such as SMS messaging and 4 games in addition to memory for 50 phone book entries and 15 ring tones.

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Identity-Driven Access Gateway suits SMBs.

Caymas 220 provides single source for SSL VPN-based remote access, business partner extranets, and wire-speed internal access control for small and medium businesses. It supports up to 100 concurrent users and delivers 100 Mbps throughput, along with behavior monitoring and control to facilitate compliance with privacy and security mandates. Identity Tagging Architecture ties all access control...

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Multiplexer provides Gigabit Ethernet and PDH transport.

ETHOS Ethernet Over SDH/SONET device is a fully integrated, single chip, add-drop multiplexer that provides full-rate Gigabit Ethernet and E1/DS1 access in Metro and Access networks. Four line ports at STM-4/OC-12 or STM-1/OC-3 are provided, each supporting direct connection to SFP modules. There are 4 E1/DS1 ports, and 4 Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet ports on access side, as well as higher and...

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Electric Wire, Cable and Cable Assemblies

Networking Systems offer pre-packaged IT solution.

InfraStruXure(TM) Systems provide turnkey solution for IT managers addressing disaster recovery and converged voice and data applications. Single-rack configurations for wiring closets and computer rooms feature base unit with UPS, PDU, network management card, blanking panels, cable management, data partitions, and expansion racks. Multi-rack configurations for data centers include N+1 power and...

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Dies & Stamping Services with Over 25 Years of Experience

Dies & Stamping Services with Over 25 Years of Experience

PDS is an established leader in progressive die stamping, with a reputation for providing precision and value that dates back more than half a century. Through extensive capabilities and a staff of seasoned professionals, we set the standard for quality, delivering flexible services that can meet the needs of the most challenging requirements. See our video to learn more.

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