Ethernet Gateway delivers power management functionality.
Network Equipment

Ethernet Gateway delivers power management functionality.

Using Modbus® TCP/IP protocol, PowerLogic® EGX100 provides Ethernet-to-serial-line connectivity between intelligent meters, sensors, and other remote instruments. It extends Ethernet access within one building or throughout multi-site enterprise to help monitor, program, or control multiple devices. Equipped with TCP/IP-filtering security feature, PoE-enabled device hosts built-in web...

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Linear Positioners withstand factory environments.

For industrial positioning applications, HD Series is designed with deep-channel extruded body and solid carriage that provide beam strength and carriage stiffness suitable for cantilevered or other unsupported installations. Products employ self-lubricating linear bearings and ballscrews as well as IP30-rated belt seals. Positioners are offered with options such as screw lead, home and limit...

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RFID System helps optimize logistical processes.

Able to be integrated into existing automation and IT systems, SIMATIC RF600 consists of coordinated system of matched hardware and software components utilizing UHF technology from 860-956 MHz. It includes stationary and mobile read/write devices and antennas, data carriers including smart labels and tags, as well as RFID software linking RFID devices to Manufacturing Execution Systems and...

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Video Encoders

MPEG Encoder suits rugged and military applications.

Employing IBBP GOP video frame encoding mode at full D1 resolution with stereo MPEG layer 2 audio, Model M503 enables in-the-field video and audio compression and transmission. It features pause and resume encoding as well as dynamic, user-defined encoder and video parameter adjustment. Unit provides refiltering and color format conversion of 4:2:2 to 4:2:0. Consuming 5 W, encoder includes 12 MB...

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Multiplexer and DMM/Switch help expand PXI capabilities.

Designed for automated test systems, PXI-2527 electromechanical switch module is 300 V, 32-channel multiplexer that offers switching capacity up to 300 Vdc/Vac CAT I or up to 2 A. It has scan rate of 140 channels/sec and integrates cold-junction compensation sensor. DMM/Switch Express VI for NI LabVIEW extends LabVIEW Express technology to facilitate multipoint DMM operations and synchronization...

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Incremental Encoder monitors speed and slip on wheels.

Suited for use on wheels of trains, transit vehicles, and heavy equipment, MagRes Magnetic Incremental Encoder provides single-turn solution for monitoring safety and maintenance issues such as traction control and antilock braking. Encoder mounts directly onto wheel hub and features cast iron and graphite housing. With speed range from 0-1,500 rpm, encoder withstands shock and vibration and has...

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Signal Receivers

Monitoring Receivers suit digital radio applications.

Combining DAB receiver and field strength measurement device functionality, portable DAB/DMB Field Monitoring Receiver is used to plan new or expanded DAB/DMB network, diagnose problems in existing networks, and simulate reception of data services such as DMB and EPM. To keep track of remote, unmanned transmitters, DAB/DMB Transmitter Monitor supports local and remote operation. It features audio...

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Process Monitor delivers remote alarm notification.

Suited for monitoring critical processes, WebAlert instantly notifies users of out-of-range conditions via email, cell phone text message, or local alarm enunciator. Data logs, which can be stored and sent via email as spreadsheet attachment, monitor all inputs and facilitate troubleshooting and reporting. Powered by ShoulderTap® Technology, product is only online when needed and supports...

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PC Mount helps make space on desktop.

Featuring one-piece design, ThinkCentre® Ultra Small Under Desk Mount can be installed under desk to give user more desktop and floor space. Unit is constructed of high-grade steel, mounts with 4 screws, and facilitates access to media drives and control buttons of PC.

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Embedded Device Server has PoE pass-through feature.

Featuring Evolution Network Operating System (ENOS), XPort Architect (AR) embedded processor module delivers programmable networking platform for building intelligent, secure devices. It brings data-center grade information exchange capabilities to embedded devices arrayed throughout private networks and Internet. Module includes software platform, embedded computer, Ethernet 10/100 interface,...

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