Biocatalyst Panels target phamaceutical industry.

Codex(TM) Biocatalyst Panels include Acylases for producing chiral amines or alcohols via resolution of amides or esters; ERED for alpha and/or beta chiral ketones, esters, and nitriles; TA for chiral amines; and HHDH for chiral halohydrins, cyanohydrins, amino alcohols, epoxides, and diols. Sets of enzyme panels are provided in 96-well format to determine if biocatalytic solution is available...

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Silicon Dioxide

MPE Introduces the Silica Gran-U-Lizer(TM)

Silica grinding is a demanding application because it requires precise control of the ground product size and the silica cannot be contaminated by the grinding media itself. With the new IMD 79 DP Silica Gran-U-Lizer(TM), Modern Process Equipment (Chicago, IL) has solved both of these challenges. Please contact MPE for more details. About MPE Modern Process Equipment Corp. (MPE) is the world's...

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Audio Visual (AV) Equipment

Multimedia Extenders deliver video/audio for digital signs.

AdderLink AV200 Series modular audiovisual extenders deliver video as well as CD quality audio across installations up to 300 m/1,000 ft. With full RS232 support to control/manipulate remote video display panels, units support resolutions up to HD1080p and communicate with up to 64 screens individually or collectively from single RS232 interface. Adder DM (Display Manager) software allows for...

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Coating Equipment

Emulsion Release Coating System offers stable performance.

Suited for water-based coating operations, Syl-Off® Advantage consists of Syl-Off® EM 7990 Emulsion Coating and its concentrated platinum catalyst (Syl-Off® EM 7975 Catalyst Emulsion). Product is suited for pressure sensitive laminate/label stock applications and can be applied on traditional coating lines or directly on paper making machine. Properties that lend to processing...

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Process-Stable Hydrophilic Softener suits textile finishing.

Imparting silky-velvety hand, WETSOFT® NE 580 silicone softener emulsion is designed for hydrophilic finishing of textiles. Self-dispersing microemulsion concentrate imparts absorbency and stability in alkaline solutions. Used on its own or together with other finishing agents, it is suited for use in finishing natural, mixed, and synthetic fibers. Solution remains stable when exposed to...

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Miscellaneous Analyzers

Malvern® Instruments Shows Latest Developments for Zetasizer® Nano at L.A.B.

7 September 2007, Malvern, UK: Malvern® Instruments will exhibit the Zetasizer® Nano particle and molecular characterization system at L.A.B. (2-4 October 2007, ExCeL, London, UK) and will also introduce visitors to the latest additions to the company's range of particle characterization, rheology and chemical imaging systems. Just introduced is a new low volume disposable polystyrene...

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Cleaning Compounds and Chemicals

Acid Etch Cleaner preps for coating, anodizing, and welding.

Designed to clean and deoxidize aluminum as well as wrought and cast aluminum alloys, Diverclean AC Aluminum Cleaner Activator removes light soils, extruding oils, and machining oils. Concentrated, water-based liquid features low drag-out, low foaming, and free rinsing. It is usable at low temperatures, typically 100-150°F. Offering alternative to alkaline cleaners, Diverclean AC produces...

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Alloys offer alternative to lead shielding.

Bismuth RT (Radiation therapy) alloys are offered in cadmium-free, low-melting versions (down to 158°F) that can be formed into custom-shaped shielding blocks and eliminate danger of lead's high melting point/toxicity. Materials can also be used as substitute for lead as heat-transfer medium, protecting melting pot from zinc's corrosive effects during galvanizing process. Other uses include...

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Rohm and Haas Places a Green Focus on Coatings R & D Efforts; Avanse(TM) MV-100 the Latest High-Performance Product for Industrial Coatings

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 22 / / -- Gary Calabrese, Ph.D., vice president and chief technology officer at Rohm and Haas (NYSE:ROH), says the company continues to take an innovative approach to creating technology for environmentally advanced coatings products. Calabrese emphasizes the company's long history of developing key ingredients -- binders and additives -- enabled the creation of high-performing...

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Utility Pole Extensions will not rust, rot, or corrode.
Restoration Products

Utility Pole Extensions will not rust, rot, or corrode.

Impervious to elements and unpalatable to insects and woodpeckers, Tuff-Top products extend height of utility poles by up to 20 ft. Solution utilizes section of company's square composite Tuff-Pole®, permanently bonded to galvanized steel adjustable bracket, which can be mounted on wood or composite poles. Offered in customer-specified lengths, pole extensions are available in Standard,...

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