Bulk Grignard Reagents and Deriviatives for Pharmaceutical Development

Grignard Reagents and Derivatives Now Available in Bulk from GFS Chemicals

Ohio-based chemical manufacturer expands vertical integration capabilities for Grignards.

Columbus, Ohio – GFS Chemicals, Inc., a specialty chemical manufacturer located in Columbus, Ohio, has expanded their Grignard manufacturing capabilities to make Grignard reagents and derivatives available in bulk. They now have the ability to produce Grignard reagents in multi-ton batches, and to take the next step to produce Grignard derivatives used in pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing.

"Grignard chemistry is the foundation for many cutting-edge applications for organic synthesis, including development of lifesaving new pharmaceutical products," says J. Steel Hutchinson, the third-generation owner and president of GFS Chemicals. "We now have the capacity to offer our clients a consistent, price-competitive domestic source for bulk Grignards or Grignard derivatives. And we have complete vertical integration of our Grignard production, so we can make new Grignard precursors as well as help them take the next step in the development process."

Grignard reagents are typically added to an aldehyde, ketone, ester or lactone to form a secondary or tertiary alcohol.  Grignard reagents are also used in the synthesis of organometalic compounds and catalysts. These derivatives are widely used for pharmaceutical synthesis, and in industrial applications ranging from manufacture of synthetic materials to petrochemical applications, agriculture, polymer, and electronics industries.

In addition to producing the Grignard reagents in bulk, GFS Chemicals works with clients to take the next step in chemical processing to produce intermediate derivatives needed for their specific process or application. "Grignard reagents are expensive to ship, because they are considered hazardous materials and are very flammable," explains David Baust, General Manager for the Organics division at GFS Chemicals. "If what our customers really need is the next-step derivative, it's often cheaper and easier for them to have us run that reaction at our production facilities here, and then just ship the derivative. That cuts down on shipping weight and cost dramatically, and reduces safety, storage and waste management issues for our clients."

GFS recycles the waste from Grignard reactions to recover usable products.  "We've set up our manufacturing facilities to keep production costs low and minimize any environmental risks," says Mr. Baust. "Those are benefits we can pass along to our clients."

Bulk Grignard reagents and derivative compounds are available immediately from GFS for manufacturers, developers and researchers. They are already working with pharmaceutical and industrial clients who need specialty derivatives for custom applications.  Mr. Hutchinson says, "Our long-term clients know we are more than a distribution house. We work hand-in-hand with our clients in the development process, to help them find—or develop—the best organic compounds to meet their needs."

About GFS Chemicals, Inc.

GFS Chemicals, Inc. was established in 1928 and is a 3rd-generation, privately held business with facilities in Columbus and Powell, Ohio. GFS has three strategic business units: Inorganic Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing (high purity & anhydrous materials for critical applications), Organic Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing (acetylenes, olefins and specialty Grignards, silanes, alcohols, halogenated compounds and others) and Research and Analytical Reagents (branded reagent laboratory chemicals). GFS has over 100 employees located at three separate manufacturing facilities and their administrative offices.

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