PHOS-CHEK Wildfire Home Defense Chemical Protects Homeowners from Wildfire

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  • Qualified by the USDA Forest Service and is colorless, pet and people friendly and odorless
  • Chemical comes in liquid concentrate that is mixed with water and can be applied with a garden sprayer
  • Provides insulating char to protect the wood and water to cool the fire

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Perimeter Solutions Launches PHOS-CHEK® WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE

New product brings professional wildfire protection to homeowners.

CLAYTON, Mo., July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Perimeter Solutions announces the launch of PHOS-CHEK® WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE, an effective solution for protecting your home and possessions against wildfires.

"For years, there was little a homeowner could do to keep what's important to them safe during wildfires. This new product changes that," said Edward Goldberg, Perimeter Solutions CEO. "We're bringing professional-level fire protection to everyone, giving homeowners a fighting chance against the threat of wildfires."

PHOS-CHEK® is one of the most important weapons in CalFire's and the USDA Forest Service's arsenal in the battle against wildfires — it's the red liquid you see dropped from planes during active fires. Now this product can be applied to residential landscapes to help stop fire from spreading. The product is effective immediately and can protect your property for months.

"We believe homeowners should add applying PHOS-CHEK® as one of the steps taken each year to help protect their property against wildfire embers spreading fire to their homes," Goldberg said. Adding PHOS-CHEK® to NFPA Firewise USA® measures can significantly increase the chances of avoiding property destruction from wildfires.

The core of PHOS-CHEK is a basic, natural element: phosphate salt. When heated, wood treated with phosphate salt becomes non-flammable. Instead of decomposing into flammable gases, wood converts to carbon and water. This provides both an insulating char to protect the wood and water to cool the fire.

PHOS-CHECK®, which is qualified by the USDA Forest Service, is colorless, odorless; safe around vegetation and wildlife; and pet and people-friendly.

"Without PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE®, our home would not be standing today," said Sandra Kossacoff, whose Malibu property was in the path of the 2018 Woolsey Fire that burned 80,000 acres and destroyed more than 150 homes.

PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE® is sold in a liquid concentrate that is mixed with water and applied with a common garden sprayer. The product will be available in select Home Depot and Tractor Supply Company stores in July, and can be ordered online at

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