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Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Ripple Springs provide protection in power generators.

Fiberglass epoxy Ripple Springs, manufactured from molded pre-preg composite material, stabilize and protect contents of generator armature. Cut into narrow strips, they are flattened between wedge and contents of stator slots so that if wedge becomes loose or dislodged, product expands to fill void. Springs hold coils and insulation in place against magnetic field forces of generator and provide...

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Test & Measurement

Temperature Loggers have 8 digital output lines.

Bundled with TracerDAQ(TM) data management and analysis software, USB-5203 logs data from thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, and semiconductor temperature sensors, while USB-5201 only logs data from thermocouples. Both 8-channel devices log data to CompactFlashÂ-® (CF) cards with capacities of 2 Gb max and are suited for remote or stand-alone use. Along with user-configurable temperature...

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Software provides templates for data migration.

Scribe Insight is available with templates that facilitate migration of data from ACT! into Salesforce. Solution comes pre-configured with over 200 data mappings and transformations across accounts, contacts, opportunities, notes history, and attachments. It also provides capabilities for account and contact de-duping, ensuring clean data and enabling migration of any number of ACT! databases...

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Diesel Engine Oil protects heavy-duty engines.
Electrical Equipment & Systems

Diesel Engine Oil protects heavy-duty engines.

Blended with partial synthetic base stock, CastrolÂ-® Hypuron(TM) S protects engines while optimizing component and equipment life, allowing fleets to extend service intervals. In addition to providing dispersancy to manage high soot levels generated by EGR engines, product offers detergency to neutralize high acid levels. Oil is formulated with low ash technology, minimizing oil consumption...

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Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Manual Production Systems facilitate lean manufacturing.

Based on modular aluminum framing components combined with ergonomically tested, manual workplace components, Manual Production Systems consist of workstations and accessories that support lean production principles, including one-piece flow, line-side parts stores, and water-spider inventory replenishment. All systems are configurable and can be adjusted to any workplace requirement. Many...

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Active RFID Reader tracks in-transit military supplies.

Providing real-time supply chain visibility, RFID reader system works with active RFID tags as well as various bar codes. With over 300 MB memory, it incorporates Intermec 700 Series color mobile computer with full alphanumeric keypad and support for batch 802.11-standard wireless LAN and GSM/GPRS wide-area wireless capabilities. It also includes Savi SmartChainÂ-® Mobile Manager software and...

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Machinery & Machining Tools

Presetters have electronic parallel correction function.

Designed to be on shop floor next to machines, benchtop Toolmaster TM10 Presetters produce run-out less than 0.00008 in. with Needle Bearing Basket. Tool taper rides on needle bearings, which allows dust and debris to pass through. With 2% taper contact, debris or scratches in toolholder will not effect measurement. Units are suited for all tool measuring and presetting applications, and do not...

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