Ripple Springs provide protection in power generators.

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Fiberglass epoxy Ripple Springs, manufactured from molded pre-preg composite material, stabilize and protect contents of generator armature. Cut into narrow strips, they are flattened between wedge and contents of stator slots so that if wedge becomes loose or dislodged, product expands to fill void. Springs hold coils and insulation in place against magnetic field forces of generator and provide Class F insulation properties, withstanding continuous temperatures to 150°C.

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Norplex-Micarta Ripple Springs Provide Vital Protection in Power Generators

POSTVILLE, IA - Norplex-Micarta announces their complete line of fiberglass epoxy ripple springs for a vital layer of protection inside power generators. Ripple springs are manufactured from a very thin, but extremely strong, molded pre-preg composite material that stabilizes and protects the contents of a generator armature. Cut into narrow strips and loaded into stator slots, ripple springs are placed on top of layers of copper coils and insulation. Wedges are then hammered into the stator - flattening the ripple springs between the wedge and the contents of the stator slots. Should a wedge become loose or dislodged, the ripple springs expand to fill the void. This fail-safe system holds coils and insulation in place against extreme magnetic field forces of the generator. Customers with major gas turbines and hydroelectric generators have depended on Norplex-Micarta ripple springs for the last 30 years. Building on three decades of ripple spring technology, Norplex-Micarta materials provide superior spring compression and dependable Class F insulation properties for the life of the generator withstanding up to 150°C in continuous operating environments. Additionally, Norplex-Micarta manufactures its ripple springs with a low-cost, high quality resin system, giving customers a superior product at a competitive price. In addition to performance and reliability, Norplex-Micarta can supply ripple springs to customers with the shortest lead times in the industry, giving customers access to the material in as little as 24-hours. This on-demand availability is crucial to reducing downtime in the repair or rebuild of power generators. About Norplex-Micarta Norplex-Micarta is the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composites. Norplex-Micarta's vast product line serves power generation, military/aerospace, oil & gas, medical devices, electrical devices, electronics assembly, construction, heavy industry, and transportation markets throughout Europe, Asia/Pacific, and The Americas. Norplex-Micarta is located at 665 Lybrand Street, Postville, IA 52162; Tel: 563-864-7321; Fax: 563-864-4231; E-mail:; Web:

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