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L.H. Dottie Offers The Widest Range Of Insulated Tools in North America

Jun 19, 2012

Commerce, CA - The L.H. Dottie Company is proud to announce partnership with Wiha Tools in offering the widest range of professional insulated tools in North America. These German-made, 10,000 volt tested, 1000 volt rated products are not only the latest state-of-the-art technology in insulation tools, but truly embody our new partner's motto: they are "Innovations that Work". With an insulated... Read More

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Pneumatic Hacksaw cuts pipe and structural steel up to 24 in.

Sep 05, 2008

With blade stroke of 2 3/8 in., Model 5 1212 0050 will cut 24 in. dia pipe at 90° in one pass. Unit features 1.5 hp air motor that uses 51 cfm air volume at 90 psi air pressure. Certified to ATEX regulations EX 112 GcT5, saw can operate in hazardous atmospheres and environments classified as EX Zone 2. Portable tool uses range of heavy-duty blades from 8-37 in. long, which are available in HSS... Read More

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High-Tension Bi-Metal Hacksaw offers 4-in-1 functionality.

Jun 17, 2005

Nicholson® Pro Series 4-In-1 High Tension Hacksaw features blades and frame that can be configured for general use, making flush cuts, working in tight spaces, and making variety of inside cuts as jab saw. Standard configuration is 90° hacksaw with high tension technology, which lets user tension blade up to 30,000 psi. Along with reciprocal saw blade that can be positioned to 45° angle,... Read More

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Hacksaw folds for carrying or storage.

Jan 06, 2005

Made of high-strength steel and aluminum, FS-303 Fold-A-Saw is comprised of 2 folding blade securing members that nest in U-shaped channel. Space is provided inside channel for storage of two 12 in. hacksaw blades. Quick release mechanism facilitates unfolding saw and attaching blade. Latches keep blade in place while it is tensioned with cam action lever. Blade locking system is fully adjustable... Read More

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Portable Electric Hacksaw performs on-site pipe cutting.

Apr 09, 2004

Model 5 1215 0070, able to cut pipe up to 24 in. OD in one pass, can be used manually or with clamps for pipe or profiles. Weighing 13 lb, saw has 23/8 in. stroke and 100-350 strokes/min variable speed control. It is suited for on-site cutting of pipe, structural steel, or tanks and can be used with heavy-duty saw blades from 8-37 in. long. Saw blade guide holds blade straight, ensuring right... Read More

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Hacksaw offers blade change ability with pre-tensioning.

Mar 10, 2004

FatMax® High Tension Hacksaw features adjustable thumb-dial tension mechanism that provides tension memory and one-piece design that permits tension settings up to 330 lb. Power load sliding tension mechanism increases leverage and provides greater control when releasing blade, while 24 tpi, bi-metal blade allows for flush cutting with 4.75 in. depth cutting capacity. Die-cast, slope-nosed... Read More

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Hacksaw Frame provides precision and comfort.

Jul 22, 2003

Model 319 includes handle-integrated tensioning mechanism that provides high blade tensioning, and blade pins which allow standard 90° cutting or 55° flush cutting. Handle minimizes muscular stress and fatigue. Two-component, orange and dark gray rectangular frame accommodates any BAHCO® brand 12 in. hacksaw blades. Read More

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Air-Powered Hacksaw suits on-site cold cutting applications.

Feb 06, 2003

With stroke of 23/8 in. and operating range from 0-350 strokes/min, pneumatic hacksaw cuts pipe up to 24 in. O.D. in 1 pass. Portable saw can be used manually or with automatic feed device. Safe for use in hazardous environments, unit can attach to accessory clamp to perform 90° cuts. Additional accessories include profile clamp for structural steel, saw blades from 8-37 in. long, and 2 sizes... Read More

Portable Tools

Hacksaw Frame allows cuts in hard-to-reach areas.

Sep 20, 2002

ERGO® Hacksaw Frame provides high blade tension to hold blades in place for straight, accurate cuts. Spring-tensioned blade loader assures that blades are centered firmly inside frame. Setting screw allows for adjustment of blade tension, and secure lever arm locks blade into position. Blades can be installed at 55° angle for flush cutting. Protruding nose helps reach into confined spaces,... Read More