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Excelitas Technologies to Feature New UV LED Curing Solutions at RadTech UV+EB 2016

May 9, 2016

Mike Kay Presenting “Improving Surface Cure with UVC LEDs” WHO: Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, will highlight its new UV LED curing products at RadTech UV+EB 2016 (Booth # 713). WHAT: Excelitas’ solutions meet the lighting, detection, optics and other technology needs of OEMs across a wide... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

UV LED Curing Systems suit small area applications.

April 14, 2016

Combining high output LEDs and custom optics, air-cooled OmniCure® AC550/P and AC575/P provide high irradiance of 14 W/cm² for curing inks, adhesives, and coatings in industrial and electronics manufacturing applications as well as printing applications such as labels and barcodes. Systems can be integrated into any workstation with no additional venting, ozone extraction, or chillers required. Print versions are equipped with replaceable outer winder or custom lenses. Read More

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Versum Materials(TM) Makes Debut; will Showcase Broad Range of Additives that Enable High-Performance Coatings at 2016 American Coatings Show

April 13, 2016

Expo Will Mark First Appearance of New Brand for Air Products' Materials Technologies Business LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. - Attendees looking for the distinctive green Air Products (NYSE: APD) logo at the 2016 American Coatings Show (ACS), April 11-14, Indianapolis, Ind., will instead find the company's market-leading portfolio of epoxy curatives, resins and diluents, and additives for... Read More

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UV Spot and Flood Light Curing Systems enhance 3D printing.

March 22, 2016

UV light-curing flood-lamp systems, designed for area curing or for curing multiple assemblies at once, use lamp rated up to 225 mW/cm² for accelerated curing over 5 x 5 in. area. For rework or repair, BlueWave® 200, 3.0 spot-lamp system employs high-intensity lamp emitting energy in UVA and visible (300–450 nm) spectrum. Suited for manual or automated processes, this model features integral shutter (actuated by foot pedal or PLC) and universal power input. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

UV LED Curing Systems accelerate line speeds.

February 10, 2016

Featuring small form factor, air-cooled design, OmniCure® AC9 UV LED Curing Systems are suitable for curing inks, adhesives, and coatings in industrial manufacturing and printing. Systems have advanced front-end optics and deliver 14 W/cm² peak irradiance for fast curing at varying working distances. For repeatable curing process, precise control of UV irradiance level and time allows correct dose of UV energy to be provided on every exposure. Read More

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UV LED offers energy-saving replacement for mercury lamps.

November 18, 2015

Built on InGaN technology, Model VLMU5200-385-140 features typical radiant power of 2,500 mW at 500 mA and 3,600 mW at 700 mA in 380–390 nm wavelength range. Ceramic-based unit with silicone lens offers wide emission angle of 140° and provides radiant intensity of 1,054 mW/sr at 700 mA. Housed in 5.2 x 5.2 x 3.1 mm surface-mount package, RoHS-compliant LED is suited for UV curing in dental and poster printing applications, blood and counterfeit money detection, and photocatalytic purification. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

UV LED Curing System cures fiber optic coatings.

October 7, 2015

With advanced front-end optics, OmniCure® AC8225-F delivers 12 W/cm² peak irradiance and optimized uniformity at 10–18 mm working distance for fast, even curing. System utilizes air-cooled LED technology in compact design that eliminates need for retooling, external cooling, or ozone extraction. OmniCure® AC8225-F can be mounted in any orientation and multiple UV LED heads can be adjoined while maintaining optical uniformity between each system. Read More

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UV LED Lamp features stackable design.

September 16, 2015

Available in range of wavelengths including 365, 385, 395, and 405 nm, fan-cooled COBRA Cure FX features stackable form factor that produces uniform line with peak irradiance of 4 W/cm² and peak energy density of 3 J/cm². Lamp has field-replaceable exit window and IntelliSense™ technology, which provides precise output control, operational intelligence, and Plug & Play integration. Sensing features include real-time thermal monitoring, intensity monitoring, and lifetime prediction of lamp. Read More

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Printing Press utilizes hybrid LED UV system.

August 6, 2015

Integrating with narrow web presses, GEW ArcLED Hybrid LED UV System can consistently cure heavy inks with optimized adhesion. Conventional arc lamps can be combined and interchanged with LED curing at every print station. Same lamphead casing is used with interchangeable pull-out cassettes for arc and LED, including same power supply and control. Associated RHINO-ArcLED power supply automatically recognizes type of cassette being used and adapts all parameters accordingly. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Hybrid UV Curing System features future-proof design.

June 19, 2015

With ArcLED, investment in arc technology can be upgraded later with LEDs using same lamphead casing and same power supply and control. User adds LED cassettes required, fits water cooling system, and RHINO ArcLED power supply does the rest. System automatically recognizes which type of cassette is installed in machine and adjusts RHINO control accordingly. Combination of quick-swap lampheads, reactive detection of required power, and automatic switching maximizes machine productivity. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

UV LED Curing Systems suit inkjet printing, component assembly.

March 16, 2015

Respectively available in 75 and 110 mm lengths, OmniCure® AC275 and AC2110 supply irradiance from LED system sized for applications where space constraints restrict access to substrate. Adjoining of multiple systems addresses any length application or working distance. Custom optics reduce output angle of light while promoting irradiance and flexibility at various working distances, and air-cooled design allows seamless integration into new or existing production lines. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

UV LED Curing Systems suit space-constrained applications.

March 12, 2015

Available in 75 mm and 110 mm lengths, respectively, OmniCure® AC275 and AC2110 are small enough to be included in applications where space constraints restrict access to substrate and quality cannot be compromised. Air-cooled products provide curing uniformity and feature custom optics that minimize output angle of light while maximizing irradiance at various working distances. Systems are suited for pinning, edge bonding, cable assembly, and other small component assembly. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

LED Spot-Curing System features multi-head design.

February 26, 2015

Activated by foot pedal or PLC interface, BlueWave® QX4™ comprises controller and up to 4 LED heads, which are available in 365, 385, and 405 nm and can be outfitted with 3, 5, or 8 mm diameter focusing lenses. LED heads and lenses can be used in any combination and can be controlled through variable mode feature that allows each head to be individually programmed for intensity and cycle times. Exposure times and intensity settings can be set in 1% increments for each LED head. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

LED UV Lab Unit targets ink manufacturers.

December 9, 2014

With max curing power of 18 W/cm² and speeds up to 100 m/min, Magic Carpet System facilitates task of developing and testing new UV LED ink formulations. Sample tray, driven by linear actuator, is passed under UV array in precise, controlled, and repeatable manner. UV output and sample tray speed can be separately adjusted by set increments as required. Height adjustable from 5-25 mm, system can accommodate EIT radiometer for precise UV power measurement. Read More

Adhesives & Sealants, Materials & Material Processing

Air Products to Showcase Its Epoxy Curing Agents for Adhesives and Composites Industries at CAMX 2014

October 14, 2014

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. – For more than 30 years, Air Products (NYSE: APD) has been a leading supplier of epoxy curing agents and accelerators to the adhesives and composites industries. Air Products will feature these products at next week's CAMX, the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, in Orlando, Fla., October 13-16. Air Products' experience with high-performance epoxy curatives... Read More

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Deep UV Emitters are offered in diverse package options.

September 29, 2014

Suitable for applications in air and water sanitation as well as curing, MTE280xxx series features 280 nm wavelength and typical power output that ranges, depending on model, from 0.6–1.5 MW. Available viewing angles, also depending on model, are 6°, 40°, 113°,114°, and 115°. In addition to SMD, metal can (TO-5/18/39/46), and metal can flat (TO-18) packages, these deep UV emitters can be supplied in bare die form for placement in custom packages and assemblies. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

UV LED Curing Systems produce consistent and reliable results.

September 23, 2014

Engineered for optical uniformity and process control, OmniCure® AC8 Series includes air-cooled systems for curing inks, adhesives, and coatings in medical, industrial, and electronics manufacturing applications. Scalability allows for adjoining of multiple LED heads in order to achieve larger curing areas, supporting customization and flexibility without compromising output uniformity. Precise control of UV irradiance level ensures correct amount of UV light is provided on every exposure. Read More

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Controller and Optical Adapter complement UV LED systems.

August 26, 2014

When connected to OmniCure AC Series UV LED head, OmniCure PLC2000 enables integration with system to intelligently manage, monitor, and control curing solution. Unit can dynamically adjust output intensity, exposure time, and on/off capabilities while providing system information and error monitoring. Used with OmniCure AC4 and AC7 Series UV LED systems, AC Optical Adaptor creates evenly distributed irradiance across output areas of 100 x 100 mm, 100 x 150 mm, 70 x 70 mm, and other custom sizes. Read More

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LED Flood System accelerates curing process.

May 13, 2014

Along with 5 x 5 in. active area, BlueWave® LED Flood System is available with 365, 385, and 405 nm irradiator heads to optimize curing process between light-curable material and curing system. Intensity and uniformity contribute to accelerated and repeatable cure times, while instant on/off capability eliminates mechanical shutter components and warm-up time requirements. CE-certified and RoHS-compliant system suits manufacturers looking to complement their green initiatives. Read More

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LED Curing Lamps provide up to 20 W/cm² UV output.

May 9, 2014

Offering 12, 16, and 20 W/cm² peak irradiance, FirePower™ Series provides advanced capability for applications in flexographic and wide-format digital printing. Environmentally friendly, water-cooled units feature 4 curing length options of 150 x 20 mm, 225 x 20 mm, 300 x 20 mm, and 350 x 20 mm. Read More