Curing Systems

UV Curing System can be used individually or in groups.

PowerCure(TM) 3, three in., microwave-powered lamp system operates in 250 watts/in. power class. It can be used in focused (10mm) or out-of focused distances, fits into X-Y tables, and requires minimal amounts of air for positive pressure cooling. PowerCure 3 is available with D-bulb, and achieves rapid startup using technology that does not require separate igniter bulb. Full cure width and...

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Ultraviolet Flood cures UV adhesives on benchtop.

ZETA 7411 ultraviolet flood system cures UV adhesives on various sized parts. Medium intensity, modular light system has metal halide lamp that irradiates UVA and UVB ultraviolet light in typical cure area of 8 in. square. Lamp contains glass filter to reduce short and medium wavelength lamp emissions. It can be pedestal mounted or detached from the lamp base assembly for mounting over existing...

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