Gestamp Wind Steel Chooses IDPSA to Robotize the Processes for Applying Coatings on Turbine Tower Sections in Its Production Plants

Thanks to this framework agreement, the manufacturer of wind turbine towers will achieve an increase and optimization of production at its plants through the automation using robots for the processes of application and curing of coatings for wind turbine tower sections.

Madrid, Spain - Gestamp Wind Steel, a division of Gonvarri Steel Industries (Gestamp Corporation) chose IDPSA to robotize its production plants worldwide. The agreement will have three-years duration and provides for the automation of all Gestamps plants.

IDPSA will supply its RACTA robot (robot system for application and curing of coatings for wind turbine towers) for Gestamp factories worldwide. The RACTA is a polyvalent robot, which performs the application of coatings and the subsequent curing process of the wind turbine tower sections, both on the exterior and interior of the towers.

The RACTA performs the coating application and curing tasks for the towers with a consistent finish, allowing an increase and an optimization of the production while reducing labor costs.

About Gestamp Renewable Industries

Gestamp Renewable Industries started in the business of towers manufacturing in 2009 and has consolidated its position as the leading industrial supplier in key renewable energy markets.

Gestamp Renewable Industries has two business lines:

Gestamp Wind Steel, which operates several plants worldwide and integrates the manufacturing process of wind towers and flanges for major OEMs from the wind energy market. In addition to the manufacture of wind turbines, it is also responsible for the equipment and towers logistics according to the specifications requested by each customer.

Gestamp Solar Steel, specializes in the development and industrialization of solar metal structures, both photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal (CSP), globally managing the supply chain up to the final installation.


IDPSA is an engineering company specialized in design, development and manufacture of automation systems for industrial processes.

IDPSA's activity ranges from automation projects based on classic electromechanics, up to the present time, where 80% of its business is based on the development of robotic systems and specific computer vision systems for industrial processes.

IDPSA has always been committed to renewable energy, especially with wind energy in which it has over 10 years of experience in robotic systems specifically designed for the finishing processes of wind turbine blades and wind towers.

The range of services is wide and integrated, comprising engineering, supply, installation, commissioning, integration, operator training and maintenance of systems developed worldwide.

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