UV Light Curing Conveyors handle large parts.

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Available with 18 or 25 in. wide UV curing lamps, WIDECURE(TM) conveyors can be outfitted with longwave or shortwave bulb. Lamp height can be adjusted to accept parts from 5-12 in. high, and tightly controlled line speeds are adjustable in 0.1 fpm increments from 1-50 fpm; faster conveyors are also available. Integral shielding eliminates stray UV light that might otherwise reach operator. Uses include UV sealing, curing, and bonding applications.

Original Press Release:

New 18" and 25" WIDECURE(TM) UV Light Curing Conveyors Offer Fast UV Bonding, Sealing, and Coating of Large Parts

WIDECURE(TM) conveyors are the latest addition to DYMAX's complete line of UV light curing spots lamps, floods lamps, conveyor systems, and UV curing materials. These conveyors offer fast, safe, and consistent UV curing of large parts. DYMAX WIDECURE(TM) conveyors are versatile and can be outfitted with either a longwave bulb (preferred for most DYMAX materials) or a shortwave bulb (preferred for UV inks and cationic epoxies).

DYMAX WIDECURE(TM) conveyors are available with 18" or 25" wide UV curing lamps. Lamp height can be quickly and easily adjusted to accept parts from 5" to 12" in height. Line speeds are tightly controlled and are adjustable in 0.1 ft/min increments from 1 to 50 ft/min (faster conveyors are also available). Bulbs are warranted to degrade less than 20% over the life of a bulb. Consistent lamp height, line speed, and intensity ensure a complete cure of every part.

In addition to powerful and consistent curing, these conveyors were designed with safety in mind. The integral shielding on DYMAX WIDECURE(TM) conveyors eliminates stray UV light that might otherwise reach operators.

DYMAX WIDECURE(TM) conveyors are ideal for UV curing in a wide variety of applications, including sealing clamshell packages, curing conformal coatings, UV inks and UV hard coats, and bonding various medical assemblies.

DYMAX Corporation is a technology-based company specializing in the formulation, manufacture and service of advanced assembly adhesives, coatings, masks, and light curing systems.

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