Press Brakes

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Portable 40-Ton Press Brake is suited for small parts.

November 6, 2015

Designed for full tonnage with minimal deflection, all-electric GOFORM is suited for parts up to 0.25 in. thick and <50 lb and has 10 in. stroke and 17 in. open height for jobs requiring tall tools and adapters. Heavy-duty, stress-relieved frame is ready for multi-shift operation, and 6-axis backgage suited for basic and complex part shapes. Drive system uses satellite roller screw actuators, and brake can be configured to use 3 tooling styles: American, WT/New Standard, and European. Read More

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Press Brake Tooling features laser hardened design.

October 9, 2015

Available to North American market, LVD Style Press Brake Tooling includes punches and dies that are laser hardened for durability and extended life. In addition, dies are Nitrex® treated for optimal performance. Patented STONE® radius die design assures accurate bend angles along full length of bend and minimizes friction between material and die, especially when used with LVD Easy-Form® system. Read More

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Press Brake Tool bends delicate materials.

August 21, 2015

Available in both European Precision Style and Wila Trumpf Style tooling, CleanBend™ Forming Tool can be adapted to American Precision Style tooling. Product has 2 opposing spring-loaded half-moon rollers that rotate as force is applied in middle of die, resulting in clean bend with minimal to no marking of sheet metal. Primary applications include bending: short flanges, sensitive materials, highly polished materials, painted or coated surfaces, and materials with foil or plastic coverings. Read More

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Portable Electric Press Brakes offer 24-ton capacity.

May 29, 2015

Suitable for small parts, Dyna-Press 24/12 can handle bend lengths up to 1,250 mm. Rapid acceleration and deceleration of electrical servo-driven ram delivers bending speeds up to 25 mm/s. Coupling of ram and servomotors is realized through 2 heavy-duty ball screws to distribute force and tonnage evenly. Featuring 1,140 x 1,760 mm footprint, Standard model has 12 in. touchscreen, while Plus model offers TOUCH-B Lite control that lets user create and simulate 2D designs on 15 in. touchscreen. Read More

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High-Speed Press Brake features integrated tool storage.

May 21, 2015

Serving applications where space is limited and capacities vary, portable, Xpert 40 combines entire setup and production from one station. Production capabilities of 1,028 bends per hr can keep pace with Fiber laser cutting machines. While back gauge and ram optimize production efficiency, back gauge system, with up to 6-axes, also enables production of complex sheet metal shapes. Flexible tool selection, press capacity of up to 44 US tons, and process-controlled drive unit are standard. Read More

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Press Brake features active hydraulic crowning capabilities.

December 16, 2013

Designed for American tool integration, CNC-synchronized Xact Press Brake can accommodate all types of punches and dies with appropriate adapters. Standard active hydraulic crowning capabilities deliver exact bend angles across entire bed length, while independently mounted precision linear scale encoders monitor ram position. Parallelism and ram movement are controlled to within ±0.0004 in. accuracy. Equipped with graphics-based DNC controller, Xact offers 2-D visualization of part processing. Read More

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Touchscreen Control retrofits existing press brakes.

July 23, 2013

Available for Autoform, Formaster, Formaster II, CB, CBII, and AutoShape press brakes, Touchscreen Control and optional Bend Simulation Software enable 3D rotational viewing of part shape and gage fingers. Control aids operators with automatic bend simulations, graphic displays of parts before and after bend, part orientation, setup notes, and tool library. Allowing for off-line programming, software includes CAD file import, 3D forming simulations, and automatic flat blank calculation. Read More

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Press Brake includes digital encoders.

June 17, 2013

Available in 90–350 ton capacities and 8–16 ft overall bed lengths, Proform+ is equipped with dual pressure transducers on hydraulic cylinders for optimized tonnage accuracy, and digital encoders for ±0.0004 in. ram repeatability. PC-based control is bed-mounted to machine with swinging pendent arm mount and includes trackball and keyboard. Optional Wila crowning system compensates for bed and ram deflections during bending, and eliminates trial-and-error approach used in die shimming. Read More

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CNC Press Brake has large, open height and stroke.

June 12, 2013

Ranging from 150 ton x 10 ft to 363 ton x 13 ft, DIAMOND ULTRA has up to 7.87 ips approach speed and up to 5.9 ips bending speed to foster quick operations. Features include 25.6 in. back gauge stroke with max second and third programmable stops to 42.6 in.; 13.8 in. standard stroke (175 ton model); Fiessler safety PLC; Siemens electronics; and Hoerbiger valves. Heavy-duty, adjustable solid steel front linear-guided support arms come with mm/in. scales, ball transfers, and front gauge stops. Read More

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Automated Tool Changing Press Brake has 220 ton capacity.

April 26, 2013

Along with bend length configuration of 160 in., ToolCell 220/40 hydraulic press brake features rigid frame, tooling storage, 19 in. touchscreen control, and tool changer unit. Latter reduces setup time, maximizing throughput and efficiency in small to medium batch production. Tools are precisely and automatically placed, eliminating manual tooling adjustments. Machine holds up to 2 complete lengths of self-seating top tooling (punches) and 5 complete lengths of bottom tooling (Vee dies). Read More

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Press Brake offers offline programming option.

March 28, 2013

Available in 90 and 175 ton models, Baseform Press Brake features microcrowned bed and ±0.0004 in. repeatability. PC-based control combines 3D graphics interface with 15.1 in. LCD touchscreen. To minimize setup and handling time, Baseform comes with backgauge. Operator can program backgauge positions to form multiple flanges in one handling. New part programs can be generated through manual data entry or by drawing part in cross-section or flat pattern, and selecting tooling and bend sequence. Read More

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Electric Press Brake provides 88 tons of bending force.

December 17, 2012

Powered by dual electric motors, Xcite 80 E offers seamless speed transitions without lag times. Fast Bend+ safety system enables upper tool to be positioned very close to metal sheet without placing operator in any danger. Providing speed, power, and constant pressure along entire bending length, Force Dynamic Drive ensures that minimal deflections occur in both upper and lower beam, enabling Xcite to bend within tolerance of ±25 arc min, and with repeatability of ±0.000098 in. Read More

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Press Brake integrates automated tool changer unit.

November 21, 2012

Intended for small to medium batch production, ToolCell Hydraulic Press Brake features 10 ft configuration with bending force of 150 tons. Library of top and bottom tooling is housed within tooling stadium located under machine’s backgauge. Gripper design, built into machine’s backgauge finger, allows backgauge to serve as tool changer mechanism. Equipped with Touch-B 19 in. touchscreen control, press brake uses Easy-Form® Laser angle monitoring and correction technology to ensure part consistency. Read More

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Hydraulic Press Brakes are offered in 350-700 ton models.

February 6, 2012

PPEC Series is offered in 350-700 ton models with 2-axis (X, R) or 4-axis back gauge (X, R, Z1, Z2), 2 gauging fingers with 4 in. width, as well as choice of vertical load, North American. or Euro-style tooling. CADMAN Lite control offers 2D graphic programming with automatic collision detection, direct angle input or Quick Bend programming, and connection with CADMANB offline programming software. Read More

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Robotic Press Brake Systems can automate standard cells.

December 16, 2011

Standard robotic press brake systems include all components, less press brake, and can accommodate common sizes and weights of typical parts. Providing robotic automation of press brake operation, most press brake equipment is capable of integration into Wolf standard cells. Components include virtual station offline programming, squaring tables, regrip stations, gripper racks, incoming/outgoing pallet stations and quick-change grippers. Read More

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Programmable Crowning V-axis System ensures complete bend accuracy.

July 8, 2011

Smart Crowning, available for PPEB-H Series and Easy-Form® Series press brakes, provides additional independent crowning axis on top of conventional V-axis to automatically compensate for asymmetric variations in material thickness and material properties. Ensuring bending accuracy over entire length of a work piece, this programmable crowning V-axis system uses Smart Segments and Smart Actuators that operate individually to provide independent asymmetric compensation. Read More

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Press Brakes come in 35-50 ton configurations.

September 9, 2010

Achieve bending speeds to 47 ipm, mid-range press brakes of PPEC series include 30-50 ton versions that have ruggedized design and are designed for fast, accurate bending of smaller piece parts. Brakes are equipped with Energy Reduction System (ERS) as well as LVD's CADMAN® Lite control, which offers 2D graphic programming with automatic collision detection as well as direct angle or quick bend programming. These models also include 2- or 4-axis back gauge. Read More

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Press Brakes feature 4-7 CNC controlled axes.

August 20, 2009

Featuring welded, one-piece frame, PPEC Press Brakes provide capacities from 80 tons, 2 m to 220 tons, 4.2 m. Backgauge fingers allow gauging to 39.4 in. and also serve as material supports. To ensure optimal control of bending process, microprocessor technology is linked to servo-controlled hydraulics and electronics. All models are equipped with CADMAN® Lite control, which offers 2D graphic programming with automatic collision detection and direct angle or Quick Bend programming. Read More

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Hydraulic Press Brake handles materials from 48-240 in.

June 26, 2009

Featuring automatic lower bed crowning and adjustable ramp clamps for bend angle consistency, AHK A can handle ton force of 110-355 on multiaxis machines and 44-660 tons on CNC models with 8 axis color graphics. Digital readout controls ram depth and power back gauge positioning, while Dwell timer is included to hold ram at bottom of stroke. Unit also has power back gauge with fine adjustment handle in front and flip fingers with micro adjustments for both depth and height. Read More

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Press Brake is suited for production of small bent parts.

May 21, 2009

Designed for parts no larger than 12 x 12 in., ergonomically designed, compact TruBend Series 7000 is suited for sheet metal parts used in production of vending machines and electrical equipment as well as in telecom and aerospace industries. Bending speed can be increased by adjusting back gauge and beam, while gas spring supported pedals enable height and foot rest angle adjustment. Back gauge is made with lightweight carbon fiber with hardened steel contact surfaces on fingers. Read More