Carell Corporation Offers UNI70C with New HC Hydraulic Upgrade

Our UNI 70/C tube and pipe-bending machine uses a rotating former about which the tube/pipe is bent. Quality bends on a maximum of 2" schedule 40 pipe, as well as thin walled tubes, are produced swiftly and efficiently without using an internal mandrel. Bends requiring a mandrel can be accomplished with the optional mandrel attachments. Our New UNI-70HC is a mandrel type tube/pipe bender that uses an internal mandrel for high quality bends with excellent results. The mandrel bend utilizes a follow type pressure and wiper die. Mandrel insertion and extraction as well as clamping of the former jaw and pressure die are all hydraulic speeding up the bending cycle. Bends without mandrel are also possible. Bend angle is electronically set through the Microprocessor Control for precise bends. Software allows for storage of 50 bend sequences consisting of 9 bends each. These machines will satisfy most needs of the plumbing, nautical, hydraulic and industrial fields. Please visit for more detailed information or call 251-9377-0948.

Ray Redlich, Art Manager
Carell Corporation Professional Grade Equipment P. O. Box 850, Stapleton, AL 36578 TEL: 251.937.0948 FAX: 251.937.0957

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