Face Recognition Systems

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Facial Recognition Software works on crowds in real-time.

May 16, 2013

Providing facial recognition for video surveillance applications, BioSurveillance Next™ can process, in real-time, live or recorded HD video at 150 fps using GPU technology. This scalable solution, capable of simultaneously identifying multiple faces in movement, is suited for crowd scenarios and can integrate with CCTV and Video Management Systems (VMS) or operate stand alone. Areas of use include crime mitigation in retail, critical infrastructure, banking, gaming, and law enforcement. Read More

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Drive-Up Authentication System captures iris, face images.

April 22, 2013

Iris on the Move® PassThru™ system captures face and iris images for identity authentication at perimeter of any location. Used for drive-up applications, this multimodal biometric product can process up to 10 drivers/min and operates outdoors in all lighting conditions regardless of time of day, sun position, or shadows. Automated system, able to replace RFID cards, passcodes, or security guards, does not require drivers to remove gloves, headgear, and eyewear or exit their vehicles. Read More

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Authentication Software includes facial recognition technology.

May 30, 2012

Using DigitalPersona® Pro Enterprise, healthcare, financial, and government organizations can control access to applications and sensitive information. Program supports range of authentication methods, including passwords, PINs, fingerprint biometrics, proximity cards, smart cards, OATH tokens, and facial recognition. With multi-factor, multi-credential support for Citrix XenApp(TM), organizations can deliver strong authentication to follow-me desktops in kiosk environments. Read More

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Face Recognition Terminal uses adaptive IR illumination.

April 16, 2012

Featuring dual-CPU processing up to 1.7 GHz and 4.3 in. WVGA touchscreen LCD, FaceStation identifies individuals from facial image features. IP-based biometric access control terminal achieves matching speed of 1:1,000 in less than 1 sec. With advanced algorithm and adaptive IR illumination technology, system overcomes weak points brought by lighting intensity and pose variation. For time attendance functions, device provides auto detection mode with proximity sensor and customizable hot keys. Read More

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Video Surveillance Software supports access control applications.

December 22, 2010

Cardax integration module allows video to be viewed within FT Command Centre access control management tool. Live video, streamed across IP network, can be viewed by selecting specific camera feeds or in response to event or alarm. Video can also be used for intercom applications or identification purposes within Cardax FT Challenge module. This provides ability to double-check identity of cardholders passing through entry point by comparing cardholder's image to picture from live video feed. Read More

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Face Recognition System suits time and attendance applications.

September 9, 2010

Using 3D imaging technology to identify employees, wall-mounted FaceIN(TM) Model FR700 eliminates buddy punching while offering hygienic touch-free alternative to hand and fingerprint readers. FaceIN uses standard Ethernet connection to existing computer network, providing support for 100 employees, which can be expanded to 500 employees per device. Desktop software automates payroll calculations and allows for editing and running reports as well as exporting to payroll software programs. Read More

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Face Recognition Middleware suits surveillance market.

July 31, 2008

Including API for expandability, FSE(TM) (Face Sensing Engine(TM)) v4 for embedded systems can detect faces and identify specific human beings from surveillance videos. FSE Ver.4 can detect and capture faces from broad range of angles to enable face detection from cameras that are mounted at ceiling level. This reduces network load as system can select only relevant videos or images to be transmitted over network. Read More

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Face Identification Software offers smartcard add-on.

November 21, 2007

Available for VeriLook and MegaMatcher, Smartcard Face-Match stores and verifies biometric facial information on smartcard, allowing individuals to maintain and protect their own information. Microprocessor embedded in card does matching of face templates so that biometric information does not transfer to external computer. When coupled with face template generation algorithms, add-on provides facial identification for secured entry, computer user authentication, and financial transactions. Read More