SDK adds voice commands to Palm software titles.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring database layer that handles up to 65,000 voice commands, VoiceLib(TM) v2.0 Voice Recognition SDK can be integrated to work with PalmOS(TM) powered devices. It supports Palm® Treo(TM) 700p smartphone and addresses hardware id and memory latency issues. SDK provides updated user documentation along with internal parameters for accuracy and utilizes current volume setting for playback API calls.

Original Press Release:

VoiceIt Technologies(TM) Releases New VoiceLib(TM) SDK 2.0 for PalmOS

Easy-to-use VoiceLib(TM) SDK solution enhances Palm software titles by including the ability to add voice commands

Minneapolis, MN August 21, 2006 -- VoiceIt(TM) Technologies LLC, is pleased to announce the release of "VoiceLib(TM) SDK 2.0 for PalmOS." VoiceIt(TM) Technologies, a world-class solutions provider for smartphones, provides a simple to use Voice Recognition SDK for the Palm Operating System, and is ready to support the newly released Palm® Treo(TM) 700p smartphone. After extensive quality assurance, device testing, and developer feedback, the VoiceIt Technologies "VoiceLib(TM) SDK 2.0 for PalmOS" is now available to all Palm software developers. Our value added partners can now take advantage of the newest features and enhancements.

What's new in "VoiceLib SDK 2.0 for PalmOS"?

o Improvement of internal parameters for greater accuracy.
o Improvement of the database layer that handles up to 65,000 voice commands.
o Addressed the new Treo 700p memory latency issues.
o Addressed the new Treo 700p hardware id.
o Resolution of the callback issue with PNO modules.
o Improvement of the playback API calls to utilize the current volume setting.
o Updated user documentation.

Interested developers should visit VoiceIt Technologies' Developer Only section at to download the "VoiceLib(TM) SDK 2.0 for PalmOS" and learn more about creating voice enabled applications. Software developers and publishers can now integrate our award winning Voice Recognition Technology with their own applications for most PalmOS(TM) Powered devices.

The addition of voice enabled capabilities using our "VoiceLib(TM) SDK 2.0 for PalmOS" is a valuable feature to promote greater sales and enhanced user options. By adding speech capabilities, the developers who utilize the "VoiceLib(TM) SDK 2.0 for PalmOS(TM)" can capitalize on the vast amount of Treo Smartphones currently on the market.

About VoiceIt Technologies, LLC.
VoiceIt(TM) Technologies (formerly Grover Industries, Inc.) was started 1998 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since then, they have grown to be a world-class technology solutions provider. They specialize in core technologies that harness the power of voice biometrics and voice navigation, enabling third party publishers the ability to develop enterprise and end-consumer solutions. In addition to their core technologies, they offer core applications that provide security and navigation on PC, handheld, and embedded devices. Their core applications offer a dramatic step forward in accuracy, reliability, and portability. For more information, visit

Press Contact:
Noel Grover

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